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The Zurvan is an enemy in the Advance, mobile and Steam versions of Final Fantasy VI, fought at the Dragons' Den.


It attacks using a variety of high-level spells. Because of its low MP and the high cost of its spells, it will quickly run out. Rasp can kill if the character's magic power is high enough, as the Zurvan dies when its MP reaches 0.

AI scriptEdit

Attack Turns:
1st Turn: Gravity (33%) or Drain (33%) or Osmose (33%)
2nd Turn: Firaga (33%) or Blizzaga (33%) or Thundaga (33%)
3rd Turn: Dispel (33%) or Rasp (33%) or Drain Touch (33%)

If attacked by "Magic":

If Zurvan does NOT have Reflect status:
Target: Self
Reflect (100%)
If Zurvan has Reflect status:
Reflect ??? (100%)



In Zurvanism, Zurvan is the god of infinite time (and space) and is Aka Manah ("one", "alone") deity of matter.


  • In the original concept artwork by Tetsuya Nomura, the Warring Triad are given names beyond their basic titles. Demon was named Zurvan.

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