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Father Zuke is a former summoner in Final Fantasy X who was guarded by Lulu and Wakka before he quit his pilgrimage at the Calm Lands, half a year prior to Yuna's journey.


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Father Zuke

Father Zuke in-game render.

Lulu and Wakka accompanied Zuke on his pilgrimage, but he decided to terminate it upon reaching the Calm Lands for unknown reasons. Lulu and Wakka returned to Besaid Village where they became guardians to Yuna, who had almost completed her summoner's apprenticeship.

During Yuna's pilgrimage Zuke approaches the party when they stop at the rest area of the Calm Lands, near the shop. He informs them that they are wanted for the murder of Maester Kinoc and orders have been given to kill the renegade summoner and guardians on sight. He, however, is merely curious about Yuna, and wishes her luck on the remainder of her pilgrimage.

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  • In the International and PAL versions of Final Fantasy X, the summoner who summons Dark Valefor upon the party's return to Besaid Village after obtaining the airship, resembles Zuke, but his voice and the details of his robe are different.
  • In Final Fantasy X-2, a man who strikingly resembles Zuke can be seen at the Calm Lands during a CommSphere side-mission. He only talks with one of the agency owners, and the dialogue is never heard.


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