Zirnitra is a powerful enemy in Final Fantasy XIII fought during the Cie'th Stone Missions 46, 52, 53, and 59. The reward for defeating it in mission 46 is access to the Retail Network Gilgamesh, Inc., and the Dragoon Lance.

Battle Edit

It is a flying enemy, and can cause various status ailments on the party, including Daze. Its Feeding Stoop attack in particular is extremely powerful and can easily kill anything short of a full-health Sentinel.

Strategy Edit

Zirnitra is not immune to Death; the player can make up a team of Attrition (SAB/SEN/MED) with Vanille as the Saboteur and party leader, and also bring a Sentinel and a Medic. One should debuff Zirnitra then use Death until it falls.

Even without using Death the party should debuff the Zirnitra with Deshell, Deprotect and Imperil. This can be done while a Commando is attacking and Sentinel defends. COM/RAV/SEN or RAV/RAV/SEN can be used to stagger it while the Sentinel draws its attention. Once Zirnitra has been staggered the battle is easily won.

If Lightning has learned Elude, she can equip Nimbletoe Boots making her effectively immune to physical attacks. She can then use Provoke and spam Elude.

Etymology Edit

In Wendish mythology Zirnitra, or Zir, is a black Slavic dragon and the god of sorcery. The image of Zirnitra was employed on a Wendish flag when the Wends fought the invading Saxons. Zirnitra literally means magically empowered.

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