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Zirconiade is the final boss of Before Crisis -Final Fantasy VII-, and has three phases.

First PhaseEdit

During the first phase, the player must constantly switch between their respective Player Turk and other Turks, each one taking a turn at fighting Zirconiade. The characters are fully healed when they return to battle, so this makes this phase easier. Zirconiade uses two attacks. The first is a giant beam that can only be fired directly in front of himself, and since he never turns or moves from the center, standing in left or right thirds of the screen will enable you to dodge it completely.

When using a close-range combat Turk though, it could get difficult, since his weak point is the very thing that fires this beam. His second attack is a series of ground blasts that automatically target your current position. He can do this any number of times in succession, but running back and forth in a circle is the easiest way to dodge it.

Second PhaseEdit

During the second phase, the other Turks will get knocked out, and the Player Turk must fight alone. Other than the lack of character-switching, this phase, plays no differently, though he does seem to attack more often.

Last PhaseEdit

The third and final phase is again the same as before, only now he gets a new attack. Two of his appendages detach from his body, and scroll back and forth along the bottom and right edges of the screen. The bottom one shoots vertically, and the right one shoots horizontally. They each fire only about once per second, so if you can stand in the position where its last shot was fired, you can easily dodge the next one.

After damaging Zirconiade enough, the player Turk will learn the Limit Break ability. All the player must do is survive long enough for the gauge to fill, and select it from the command menu to win the battle.