Series appearancesEdit

Final Fantasy XIVEdit


FFXIV Zidane Outfit

The Tantalus set.

Zidane's outfit is a veteran reward for players who subscribed the game over 1,080 days. The equipment set is named "Tantalus" set.

Triple TriadEdit

Zidane appears as a legendary (5-stars) Triple Triad card.

Zidane Tribal Card
FFXIV TT Zidane Tribal
Card No. 76
Totaltotal stats of the card 29
Type None
Obtain Random from Gold Triad Card.

Dissidia Final Fantasy (2008)Edit

Dissidia Zidane


Zidane is one of the warriors summoned by Cosmos to oppose Chaos, and stands as the hero representing Final Fantasy IX, opposing Kuja.

Traveling with Bartz, Zidane turns their quest for the Crystals into a treasure hunt, which ends abruptly when Bartz falls into a trap and is captured. Blaming himself, Zidane meets up with Squall and reunites with Bartz, only to be captured himself. These traps have been set in place by Kuja who desires to break Zidane's spirit with hopelessness and loneliness.

His alternate form is a palette swap based on his Yoshitaka Amano artwork.

Dissidia 012 Final FantasyEdit

Dissidia012 Zidane returns in the prequel to the first Dissidia along with the other characters from the game. Having been through several cycles of war and recovered all his memories, he is on good terms with Kuja, who seeks to betray Chaos and lead Zidane and his friends to Chaos's throne so they can defeat him together.

Kefka derails Kuja's scheme and summons manikins to attack Zidane, Bartz and Squall. To save face with the warriors of Chaos so as not to be persecuted for his betrayal, Kuja feigns having deceived the warriors of Cosmos, and reluctantly defeats the three but allow them to escape. Zidane is later incapacitated by Kain, who wishes to save him from defeat by the manikins.

Zidane's second alternate outfit is the armor he wore while disguised as a Knight of Pluto in Final Fantasy IX. As a bonus fourth outfit available for download, Zidane wears the hooded black cloak he wore to disguise himself in the ending of Final Fantasy IX.

Dissidia Final Fantasy (2015)Edit


DFF2015 Thief of Tantalus A

Zidane is a playable character for the Arcade system, as a representative of Final Fantasy IX. He is classed as a Speed-type character.

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Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera OmniaEdit

DFFOO Zidane Tribal

Zidane is set to appear as an obtainable character.

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Theatrhythm Final FantasyEdit


Theatrhythm Zidane
A quick-witted member of Tantalus, that famous group of part-time theatre players and full-time thieves, Zidane has never been able to say no to a pretty face. In the midst of a play, he kidnaps Princess Garnet of Alexandria and soon finds himself embroiled in political plays between great nations on her behalf. What began as a scripted tale on a small theater ship will evolve into a sprawling epic which will decide the survival of an entire planet.
—Online description

Zidane is a default playable character, and wears his main attire in Dissidia Final Fantasy.

Zidane is one of the fastest party members, and has a great number of useful abilities, being one of three characters to possess Hero's Rime, which increases all stats for the party. This comes at a high CP cost, however, and players must decide whether to use either his useful augment skills or item drop abilities.

His Limit, Grand Lethal, deals damage to boss-type enemies in direct proportion to Strength and Level.

Type: Agility
Ability Slots: 4 (1 Reactive, 2 Proactive, 1 Omni)

Level HP CP Strength Magic Agility Luck
1 203 8 15 12 21 15
10 808 14 35 27 47 34
20 1,481 20 57 44 76 55
30 2,154 26 79 61 106 76
40 2,827 33 100 78 135 97
50 3,500 38 122 95 165 118
60 4,173 44 144 112 194 138
70 4,846 50 166 129 223 159
80 5,032 50 172 134 232 166
90 5,217 50 179 139 240 172
99 5,384 50 184 144 248 177
iOS stats
Level HP Strength Magic Agility Luck
1 203 B B SSS A
99 5384 B B SSS A
Reactive Abilities
Ability Level
Escape (Lv1) Initial
Steal (Lv1) Level 25
Escape (Lv2) Level 35
Grand Lethal Level 40
Escape (Lv3) Level 60
Steal (Lv2) Level 70
Steal (Lv3) Level 90
Proactive Abilities
Ability Level
Earth Blues (Lv1) Initial
Sinewy Etude (Lv1) Level 5
Earth Blues (Lv2) Level 10
Treasure Hunter (Lv1) Level 15
Luck Up (Lv1) Level 20
Hero's Rime (Lv1) Level 30
Treasure Hunter (Lv2) Level 45
Sinewy Etude (Lv2) Level 50
Hero's Rime (Lv2) Level 55
Earth Blues (Lv3) Level 65
Treasure Hunter (Lv3) Level 75
Sinewy Etude (Lv3) Level 80
Hero's Rime (Lv3) Level 85

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain CallEdit


The tailed thief Zidane traveled the world with his Tantalus brothers until the eve when he came to kidnap the crown princess of Alexandria. Their meeting set in motion a great journey of peril and discovery...

Zidane returns as a default playable character. If the player did not select him among their party of four, he can later be unlocked by collecting Red Crystal Shards.

He is a Speed, Treasure, and Support oriented character. His Limit, Grand Lethal, functions the same as before, dealing damage in proportion to his Strength and Level.

Level CP HP Strength Magic Agility Luck Stamina Spirit
1 9 209 12 11 21 15 11 10
50 38 3606 92 91 165 119 89 80
99 50 5547 138 137 249 180 134 121
Reactive Abilities
Ability CP Level Learned
Escape (Lv1) 2 Initial
Escape (Lv2) 3 Level 15
Steal (Lv1) 16 Level 20
Dash (Lv2) 12 Level 30
Escape (Lv3) 4 Level 35
Grand Lethal 18 Level 40
Steal (Lv2) 20 Level 55
Dash (Lv3) 16 Level 75
Auto Potion 15 Level 85
Steal (Lv3) 24 Level 95
Proactive Abilities
Ability CP Level Learned
Earth Blues (Lv1) 5 Initial
Hastemarch (Lv1) 7 Level 5
Treasure Hunter (Lv1) 12 Level 10
Earth Blues (Lv2) 10 Level 25
Hastemarch (Lv2) 10 Level 45
Treasure Hunter (Lv2) 16 Level 50
Item Lore 14 Level 60
Earth Blues (Lv3) 16 Level 65
Move-HP Up 13 Level 70
Hastemarch (Lv3) 15 Level 80
Treasure Hunter (Lv3) 20 Level 90

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy All-Star CarnivalEdit


TFFASC Zidane Portrait
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Pictlogica Final FantasyEdit

PFF Zidane appears in Pictlogica Final Fantasy as a playable character.

Final Fantasy Airborne BrigadeEdit

FFAB Zidane is an ally and a summonable Legend in Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade.

Ability Cards
Legend Cards

Final Fantasy ArtniksEdit


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Final Fantasy All the BravestEdit


Zidane Tribal ATB
This Tantalus Theatre Troupe member really knows how to touch—er, treat a lady.

Zidane is an exclusive character only available from the Premium Character Shop as a random downloadable content. He uses the Thievery ability during battle.

Final Fantasy Record KeeperEdit


FFRK Zidane Sprite
A member of Tantalus, a traveling troupe of entertainers who moonlight as a band of thieves. Zidane is virtuous at heart, and he knows how to entertain a crowd, but he does have a weakness for the ladies.
—Character profile.

Zidane is a playable character who could be recruited during the Challenge Event A Place to Call Home as the First Time Reward for completing the event's stage Conde Petie Mountain Path on the Classic difficulty. He has also appeared in Someone to Protect, A Summoner Reborn, Angel of Death, and Show of Resolve as a supporting character.


Zidane is a Tantalus Player, whose combat role is Physical Speed.

As most of the characters known to be Thieves, Zidane possesses aptitudes in a broad variety of weapons and skills, and he has a strong enough Attack stat to use all of them well. Being a Speed fighter, his HP and Defense are somewhat low if not average for the class. That being the case, he will need a good piece of light armor to keep him from taking too much damage in battle. Zidane is a master of both the Thief and Celerity skill groups, which places him ahead of Tidus in his ability to cripple an attacking enemy party.

Level HP Attack Defense Magic Resistance Mind Accuracy Evasion Speed
1 211 12 8 7 8 8 20 26 115
10 821 29 20 17 19 19 20 26 124
20 1,499 49 33 28 32 32 21 27 132
30 2,177 69 47 40 45 45 21 28 140
40 2,856 89 61 51 58 58 22 29 147
50 3,534 109 75 63 71 71 22 29 154
60 4,212 128 88 75 84 84 23 30 161
65 4,551 138 95 80 90 90 23 30 164
70 4,890 148 102 86 97 97 23 31 168
80 5,568 168 116 98 110 110 24 31 174
90 6,247 188 129 109 123 123 24 32 181
RankMax: 5 4 4 2 1 2 2 3 3 5

Zidane can use Combat abilities up to rarity rank 4, Support abilities up to rarity rank 3, Celerity abilities up to rarity rank 5, Thief abilities up to rarity rank 5, and Knight abilities up to rarity rank 3.

His default Soul Break is What's That!? which at the expense of one Soul Gauge segment has 50% chance to inflict Stop on all targets. The sword Butterfly Sword (IX) allows Zidane to use Scoop Art which at the expense of one Soul Gauge segment deals three consecutive non-elemental physical attacks to one target.


Zidane can equip the following weapon types: daggers, swords, katanas, and thrown. The sword Butterfly Sword (IX) allows Zidane to use Scoop Art.

He can equip the following armor types: hats, light armor, and bracers.

He can equip accessories.

Final Fantasy World Wide WordsEdit


FFWWW Zidane
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Final Fantasy Brave ExviusEdit

FFBE Zidane appears as a vision obtainable through summoning. His job is Bandit. His trust mastery reward is Dual Wield. He possesses the special abilities Steal, Analyze, Chivalry, Escape, Steal Gil, Eye for an Eye, Counter, Mug and Bandit. His limit bursts are Meo Twister, Solution 9 and Grand Lethal.

No. 143: "A young man who appears in tales of Gaia, a world foreign to this one. He is a lone orphan, adopted as a small child by the troupe of theatrical thieves known as Tantalus, and their leader, Baku. He was raised by Tantalus and considers the group his family, but even having such a home cannot erase his longing to discover his true roots. He has a bright and cheery disposition, and a strong sense of justice for a thief, but his womanizing tendencies keep the shine off of this diamond in the rough. The moment he spots a cute girl, he will pull out every trick in his bag to try to pick her up."
No. 144: "A young man who appears in tales of Gaia, a world foreign to this one. He is a member of the Tantalus Theater Troupe, a band of traveling thieves who attempt to kidnap Princess Garnet of Alexandria. Finding himself captivated by Garnet, who is troubled by the changes in her beloved mother's behavior, he pledges himself to her cause. As they set out on a journey together with the young black mage Vivi and an Alexandrian knight named Steiner, he comes closer to the truth about the two moons in Gaia's night sky, and the roots he has searched for all his life."
No. 145: "A young man who appears in tales of Gaia, a world foreign to this one. On a quest to help Princess Garnet of Alexandria save her kingdom, he learns of the existence of Terra, a foreign planet trying to take over Gaia and replace its people. Confronted with the knowledge that he is not, in fact, human, but a tool create by Terrans to take over Gaia, he is overwhelmed by a self-destructive despair. But the friends and allies who have traveled with him so long draw him from his shell and help him to accept himself as he is, lending him the courage he needs to fight his fate."
—Entries for different versions of Zidane.

Mobius Final FantasyEdit

Mobius Zidane's attire appears as a costume for Wol.

Final Fantasy Trading Card GameEdit

TCG Zidane appears in the Final Fantasy Trading Card Game and is represented in numerous cards: some of the Wind element and some of the Shine element. His Wind cards depict him in his Dissidia artwork and Yoshitaka Amano artwork. His Shine cards depict him in a screenshot from a Final Fantasy IX FMV as well as his render and his Theatrhythm Final Fantasy artwork.

Triple TriadEdit

Zidane appears as an opponent and on Triple Triad cards in the version available via the Final Fantasy Portal App. On Easy he uses Plus. On Normal he uses Plus and Swap. On Hard he uses Three Open, Same, Chaos and Swap, and the rare five star cards of himself can be won from him, among other cards. He uses the trading rule One.

Guest appearancesEdit

Itadaki StreetEdit


Zidane has appeared in Dragon Quest & Final Fantasy in Itadaki Street Portable as a playable character and he is set to appear in Itadaki Street: Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary.

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Puzzle & DragonsEdit

PAD Zidane Vivi artwork

Promotional artwork featuring Zidane and Vivi.

Zidane appeared in Puzzle & Dragons as part of the Final Fantasy Collaboration. The collaboration event happened in the North American version of the game from 2 to 15 November 2015.