Today's you!

So, should we get started now?

Let's get on with it!

Let the show begin!

Hehe...I can handle this.
when HP is low

It's just not my day.
when HP is low

Maybe this isn't a good idea.
when opponent is stronger

I just might have a chance.
when opponent is stronger

You'll be sorry.
when opponent is weaker

Sure, I'll take you on!
when opponent is weaker

Dissidia 012Edit

Don't overdo it.

This is gonna be quick!

So, shall we get started?

I'm going all in!

Stay sharp now!

Fine by me, I'll take you on!
when opponent is stronger

I don't feel like losing!
when opponent is stronger

I can't, I can't run off.
when HP is low

Can't kick the bucket yet!
when HP is low

Come on!

I'll take you on!

Gotta put my best foot forward.
when fighting an opponent in a tournament battle.

Two against one, is fine by me!
when fighting a second straight opponent in a tournament battle.

I'm gonna steal a win!
when fighting an opponent in a round-robin party battle

Alright, now for the clincher!
when last to fight in a round-robin battle

Dissidia NTEdit

They won't even see me coming!

We gotta be thick as thieves to win!

Come on! We can take these goons down!

We'll take both this fight and your pride!

Gotta strut my stuff.

This is your last chance! Just walk away.

Encounters: Character SpecificEdit


I've always wanted to fight you.
Warrior of Light

This is gonna be your grave.

I'm not gonna go easy on you!

A royal pain is what you are.
The Emperor

Sorry if I make you cry!
Onion Knight

Well, she is a lady, I guess...
Cloud of Darkness

Give it everything you've got!

If you're in, give it your all.

Hey Bartz, let's have some fun!

Do you think you can catch me?

Fight a girl? This'll be tricky...

This is gonna be easy.

You should try smiling more, you know?

I'd better take this one seriously.

If I win, that sword's mine!

What a scary-looking lady.

A fake me? Bring it on!
Zidane's time to settle this.

Here I come, Kuja!

Let's settle this once and for all.

Can you keep up with me?

I won't lose to an old man!

If I win, you owe me a date!

Are you gonna judge me, too?

Now THIS is a production.

Dissidia 012Edit

This is gonna be a flashy show.
Warrior of Light

I'm tired of your song and dance!

Can't steal their hearts if you don't take the initiative.

You're not fit to be a ruler.
The Emperor

Wisdom and quibbling are two different things.
Onion Knight

You sure are impressive, in more ways than one.
Cloud of Darkness

Holding back isn't really kindness, ya know.

How long can you keep up the cool-guy act?

I think you're a good brother, old man.

I'll steal this win from under your nose.

Little flamboyant to be talking about the Void.

Hehe, which one should I take first?

I'm not feeling this, but I won't hold back.

Jesters can't play the lead role!

Fighting without thinking's fun, ya know.

Headstrong and skimpy, I like it!

Think you're going overboard with the whole mysterious bit.

If you have something to say, spit it out!

No stopping for your leg cramps!

You should take things nice and slow.

It's what's on the inside that counts!

I won't let you run a one-man show!

Don't get nervous and drop the ball.

Turn that frown upside down!

You are some childish geezer!

Think I'll pass on the "test subject" offer.

A foul mouth's a part of the charm.

Just how easy-going can you get?

Try going easy on yourself.

Hey Light, would you go easy on me?

Oh, this is going to take forever...

We're not going home "someday." We're going now!
Feral Chaos

Encounters: Story Specific Edit

Side Story: Singer of the End -2-
Zidane: "You can't be serious about this!"
Kuja: "You should probably run before you no longer can."

Light to All: Trust
Kefka: "Ohhh, I'm not in the mood."
Zidane: "Don't get cheeky with me!"

Light to All: Trust
Garland: "Know your limits, boy!"
Zidane: "Hey, I'd look bad if I lost, right?"

Light to All: Trust
Kuja: "This is a tragedy, you know?"
Zidane: "Then I'm gonna rewrite the script!"

Light to All: Conclusion of the Cycle
Exdeath: "Prepare to disappear into the Void!"
Zidane: "Like hell if I take a curtain call here!"

Light to All: Conclusion of the Cycle
Kuja: "Now for the final act!"
Zidane: "No encores for this show!"

Light to All: Conclusion of the Cycle
The Emperor: "Grovel before my unrivaled power!"
Zidane: "I won't let you rule over us!"

Light to All: Conclusion of the Cycle
Garland: "There is no escaping the cycle!"
Zidane: "Those are the words of a coward!"


Too slow!
when dodging

I'm right here!
when dodging upward

when using Rumble Rush

Stings, huh?
when using Booster 8

...One more!
when using Vortex or Storm Impulse

Dodge this!
when using Solution 9 or using HP attack during chase

Burn it up!
when using Tidal Flame

This is it! Fly awaaaaay!
when using Stellar Circle 5

Take that!
when using Shift Break

You're not getting away!
when using Grand Lethal

I gotcha now!
when using Meo Twister

Time to get serious!
when activating EX Mode

It's not over yet!
when EX Burst begins

And for the final touch, fly awaaaaay!
when EX Burst is performed

I'm getting pumped up!
when activating EX Revenge

Just leave it to me!
when used as Assist

What? This can't be...
final blow


Burn this place down! That'll scare 'em away!

Bury your ice shards deep in their stomachs!

Show'em you mean business with a couple of lightning bolts!

Swing that blade and chop 'em in half!

Why don't you shower these rejects with a tidal wave!

Do unto these creeps as they did unto us!

Kick some butt and take some names!

Sample VoicesEdit

Picked the wrong guy to mess with!

Are you ready?

You missed!

Too bad!

Come and get some!



How do you like that?

Yup, that's how you do it.

All right! Feelin' good!

I just can't afford to lose.
when HP is low

Made it out alive.
when HP is low

All you gotta do is try.
when opponent is stronger

That was close!
when opponent is stronger

when opponent is weaker

You did alright.
when opponent is weaker

Just as I expected.
when opponent is weaker

I think you put up in a good fight.
when opponent is weaker

Dissidia 012Edit

Just as I expected.

I think you put up a good fight.

Whatsa matter? Not feelin' it?

And that's the ball game!

Alright! Feelin' good!

Still waters! Or whatever they say.

I'm at my best when it counts for real.

Like I'm gonna roll over!

Dissidia NTEdit

Heh, I haven't had that much fun in a while.

Awww, over so soon?

Looks like I'm doing all the right things.



There's a place...I have to go back to.

I guess that's it.

Ugh...I knew it.

A loss is a loss.

I'm not gonna lose next time!
when opponent is stronger

(Growls) I'll remember this!
when opponent is stronger

I messed up bad.
when opponent is weaker

Give me one more chance!
when opponent is weaker

Dissidia 012Edit

I held back too much.

(Scoffs) You're not half bad.

Aw, geez! I've done it this time.

How can this be?

I'm not all that strong.

This is the end?

Guys, I'm sorry.

Dissidia NTEdit

Mark my words... we will win next time!