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Virtue - You don't need a reason to help people.
—Zidane's quote

Zidane Tribal [ziˈdɑːnDFF and D012 pronunciation.] is the main protagonist of Final Fantasy IX. He is a thief who works for the Tantalus Theater Troupe set to kidnap the princess of Alexandria, an event that escalates to a quest to protect the planet of Gaia.

Zidane possesses little of the sullenness associated with previous Final Fantasy protagonists, Cloud Strife and Squall Leonhart; he enjoys making new friends and is always on the lookout to help those in need.



Yoshitaka Amano Zidane FFIX

Zidane has layered blond hair tied into a short ponytail. He has blue eyes and a prehensile monkey-like tail. He wears a white sleeveless shirt under a short teal vest topped with leather accents at the shoulders and back, while the front has a lacy white jabot topped with a green ribbon tied in a bow. He wears blue jodhpur pants, a tan belt, light green gloves with large blue cuffs, and a pair of light green and white cuffed ankle boots with a low heel. He sports a brown sheath on his left hip for his dagger. In Trance, Zidane's hair turns pink and grows longer, and his clothing is replaced by pink fur.

Zidane's weaponry is atypical to the traditional thief class in the Final Fantasy series in that he dual-wields daggers or short swords, and a short double-bladed naginata, commonly referred to as a "swallow blade" or "thief sword". This type of weapon bears some resemblance to two short swords merged at the handle, though with the handle being an arm's length. He can combine his two blades into a "swallow blade" as well.

In Dissidia Final Fantasy where Zidane is portrayed in realistic proportions, he is short even when compared to those close to his age, but maintains his lean yet muscular build.



Ruby voices her opinion on Zidane.

The sly eagle doesn't kill at whim.

Zidane is a bit of a skirt-chaser. Despite accusations that all he ever thinks about is girls, Zidane can be serious when the situation calls for it. He advises the party on several aspects of life and is overall laid-back and casual in his actions and speech. Though he is confident in his abilities, Zidane harbors insecurities about his past and concealed loneliness. While usually cheerful, Zidane sometimes gets depressed, lonely, and questions why he should exist. Though he values friendship he tries to keep his problems to himself and fight them alone. Zidane develops feelings for Garnet and acts like an older brother to Vivi. Towards other party members, even Steiner and Amarant who dislike him, Zidane is generally friendly.


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Birth under a blue lightEdit

Yes, my angel of death. But only until you came of age.
Zidane 6

Zidane began his life as an "Angel of Death" created by Garland, the ruler of the dead planet Terra. Long ago, the people of a dying planet of Terra planned to save their civilization by assimilating another planet. Unable to find a newly-born planet to fuse with, they settled on assimilating the young planet of Gaia. The Terrans left their physical bodies and locked their souls in Pandemonium to be watched over by Garland until the Fusion's completion. The Fusion was a disastrous failure, leaving Gaia's surface in ruin and ending up with Terra shifting inside the planet of Gaia.

Garland was tasked with removing the souls of Gaia's "cycle of souls" and replacing them with Terra's. Garland synthesized humanoid vessels called Genomes to eventually host the Terran souls. To expedite the draining of Gaian souls Garland gave a soul to a new Genome and named him Kuja who would be Garland's "Angel of Death" sent to Gaia to cause unrest and death, but Garland deemed him a failure.

Although not mentioned in the game, the Final Fantasy IX Ultimania[3] elaborates that Garland had made the mistake of creating Kuja as an adult, which meant he never experienced a childhood and thus never developed capacity for complex emotions, meaning Kuja would never be able to enter a Trance on his own. The dangerous mix of power and undeveloped emotions, which allowed Kuja feel no remorse for his actions, was too much for Garland; he placed a limit on Kuja's life, and created another Genome to replace him: Zidane.

Zidane was experimental in that he would live through a full life, growing up as a child before developing into Garland's "Angel of Death." Growth and learning through childhood would allow Zidane to feel complex emotions and grant him the power to enter Trance, thus making him superior to Kuja.[3]

Kuja, infuriated by Garland's decision to create another Genome, deposited Zidane on Gaia and abandoned him. Young Zidane, unaware of his mission, ended up being found by Baku at the age of four,[4] and was raised by him as a member of the Tantalus Theater Troupe in Lindblum only remembering one thing of his previous life: a blue light.

Though a theater troupe on the surface, the group is more akin to a band of thieves, and Zidane was raised in their ways. At 13 years old, Zidane departed on a journey to seek out his origins, and spent two years traveling.[4] During this time he met a Burmecian dragon knight, Freya. Although Zidane never discovered anything about his past, he came to realize that a "home is where the heart is" and a place where can return to any time,[4] and thus returned to Baku and Tantalus in February 1798.[4]

In April 1798,[4] while Zidane was pilfering the King's mansion in Treno, he unknowingly framed the king's bodyguard, Amarant, as the culprit. When Zidane later meets Amarant during his adventures he no longer remembers the encounter.


Listen, Vivi. You gotta do something next time. You should try—screaming back or whatever. Like... 'Get off me, you scumbag!'
—Zidane to Vivi

Twelve years after Zidane was adopted into Tantalus, the troupe arrives at Alexandria on a mission appointed by Lindblum's Regent Cid to kidnap Princess Garnet. Although the mission is a success, the theater ship is damaged during the escape and crashes into the Evil Forest. Baku wants to leave the forest, but Zidane insists on finding the missing Garnet first. He beats Baku in a sparring match to quit Tantalus and sets out to rescue the princess, bringing the black mage Vivi and an Alexandrian Knight of Pluto, Steiner—who had accidentally become embroiled in the kidnapping scheme—along with him.

Wall IX 33

Zidane after narrowly escaping the Evil Forest.

Saving the princess from the Evil Forest, Zidane and his companions escape with Blank's help, another member of Tantalus, who is petrified along with the forest. The crew travels through the Ice Cavern where Black Waltz 1, sent by Queen Brahne to retrieve Garnet and her royal pendant, casts a sleeping spell upon them. Zidane alone resists and defeats the Black Waltz, reviving the others.

Outside he suggests Garnet abandon the formal mannerisms she grew up with and adopt an alias to shield her identity from the villagers of the nearby Dali. Garnet, inspecting Zidane's weapon, decides to use the name "Dagger." Upon discovering Dali is manufacturing black mage soldiers and delivering them to Alexandria, the group commandeers a cargo ship to Lindblum.

Many concerns have arisen surrounding Alexandria and its queen. Zidane participates in the Festival of the Hunt in Lindblum, reuniting with his old friend Freya. Before the hunt begins Zidane follows a singing voice to the Lindblum Castle observatory, finding Garnet who is preoccupied about her mother and her inability to steer her country away from war. Zidane attempts to cheer her up, promising a date with her if he lands first place in the festival.

The festivities are short-lived as a dying Burmecian soldier alerts Regent Cid to an Alexandrian military force moving against Burmecia. Zidane tries to stop Garnet from returning to Alexandria to speak with her mother, but she sprinkles sleeping weed in the group's cuisine and absconds with Steiner to return to Alexandria.

Intent on saving Burmecia, Zidane, Freya, and Vivi encounter Quina Quen while traveling through Qu's Marsh and arrive at Gizamaluke's Grotto as it is lying under siege from the Alexandrian black mages, commanded by the queen's jesters Zorn and Thorn. In Burmecia Zidane attempts to help Freya find the king. They discover Queen Brahne, General Beatrix and a mysterious man named Kuja in the royal palace, and upon overhearing the king has escaped to Cleyra, the four challenge Beatrix. She bests them and Zidane and his friends are left behind as the villains make haste to Cleyra.

Zidane helps defend Cleyra, but Brahne summons the eidolon Odin, decimating the settlement. Zidane and company barely escape as they follow Beatrix's army through their own teleport spells. Reappearing aboard Brahne's airship, the Red Rose, they overhear Beatrix voicing her doubts about her queen. They overhear Brahne's plans to execute Garnet, who now lies captive in Alexandria, her eidolons extracted from her. Using teleportation magic they arrive in Alexandria ahead of Brahne and, with Steiner and Tantalus member Marcus's help, defeat Zorn and Thorn and find Garnet.

FFIX Virtue


As Freya, Steiner, and a reformed Beatrix hold off the guards, Zidane, Garnet, and Vivi escape through the underground tunnels to Pinnacle Rocks where they watch Brahne invade Lindblum. Sneaking into the city, the group reunites with Cid and discusses their options. Deciding to go after Kuja, the source of Brahne's weapons, they use a tunnel called Fossil Roo to cross to the Outer Continent.

Encountering the Black Mage Village on their travels they stay for a while for Vivi. Zidane tells Garnet what he knows about his past and where he came from. They learn of Kuja's possible abode, the Iifa Tree, and along the way meet Eiko, a young summoner girl who develops a crush on Zidane. When she realizes he is oblivious to her attempts at romantic overtones, she questions him about his relationship with Garnet.

Zidane and Garnet share a moment in a boat on the shores of Madain Sari, the abandoned village of the summoners, from where Garnet was born before she was inadvertently adopted into the royal family and given a new identity. Garnet asks Zidane about his reason for helping her upon which he is reminded of a parable about an adventurer named Ipsen who had asked his traveling companion the same question, and Zidane responds in the same manner: "Because I wanted to."

At Iifa Tree's core the party defeats SoulCage to stop the production of Mist back in Mist Continent, halting Alexandria's manufacturing of black mages. Upon returning to Madain Sari they meet the bounty hunters Amarant and Lani who have been sent by Brahne to collect Garnet's pendant that unbeknownst to her houses a powerful summoning gem. The former ends up joining the party, puzzled by Zidane's outlook on life as Zidane refuses to kill him after besting him in a duel.

Brahne has turned against Kuja and tracks him down at the Iifa Tree, summoning Bahamut. Kuja enslaves the dragon and commands it to destroy Brahne's fleet and kill her. Zidane and the rest return to Alexandria where Garnet is to become the new queen.


Go on, Vivi. Don't worry about me. Someday, you'll probably do the same thing for someone who's really important to you. Dagger is more important to me than anything else.
Zidane and Garnet 2

As Garnet is to stay in Alexandria Zidane is heartbroken at the prospect of losing her, though unable to express his feelings. Frustrated and unwilling to accept she must remain isolated as Alexandria's monarch, Zidane and his friends head to participate in a card tournament in Treno to get his mind off things. Zidane makes it to the final round where he is challenged by Cid, but when Alexandria Castle comes under attack from Kuja the group hurries back to Alexandria on Cid's new airship, the Hilda Garde II. Garnet and Eiko summon Alexander whom Kuja attempts to enslave, but Garland interferes.

Flying in on the Hilda Garde II, Zidane leads the group up onto the castle's apex and saves Garnet and Eiko as Garland destroys both Alexander and Alexandria. The party departs to Lindblum where the town is being rebuilt and, as the party discusses their next strategy, they learn Garnet has lost her voice in response to the tragic events. Zidane decides to bring the party to pursue Kuja, but the Hilda Garde II is failure as an airship and is dismantled and they depart on the sailing ship Blue Narciss instead.

When they arrive at Kuja's home, the Desert Palace, the group is imprisoned and Zidane is blackmailed into helping Kuja retrieve the Gulug Stone from the ancient ruins of Oeilvert on the Forgotten Continent. While there, Zidane and his companions are astonished to find Oeilvert a haven of lost technological works from a long-gone civilization. Though Zidane does not know it, the artifacts were left by the people of his homeland, the Terrans. Zidane is the only one to decipher the writings on the Terran holograms, though he is unable to conclude what the predictions of Terran downfall truly mean.

The party retrieves the Gulug Stone and returns to Kuja, who kidnaps Eiko and flees to the Lost Continent. Zidane and his friends follow and witness Eiko's pet moogle enter Trance and save her, sparking Kuja's interest in the power of Trance. Kuja departs and the party finds the airship he has been using, the Hilda Garde I, and its owner, Queen Hilda herself, whom Kuja had kidnapped. The party returns to Lindblum and Hilda and Cid are reunited. Garnet goes missing and Zidane ventures alone to Alexandria to find her at her mother's grave. Garnet asks for Zidane's dagger and cuts her hair with it, regaining her speech.

They return to Lindblum to reunite with everyone else and learn from Hilda that Kuja hails from another world. Cid completes his newest airship, the Hilda Garde III, and the party ventures to Ipsen's Castle to unlock the portal to Terra. Zidane earns Amarant's respect when he uses teamwork to retrieve the four elemental mirrors from the castle, saving Amarant from his arrogant attempt at the spoils.

Where the heart isEdit

Regrettable... I thought your soul would be perfect for a new angel of death..."
"I AM the new angel of death! Yours!!!
—Garland and Zidane
I... am merely a vessel... For what purpose was I given life...? Should I even exist...?
—Zidane questioning his existence

With the mirrors collected and the Elemental Shrines cleared of guardians, Zidane directs Hilda Garde III to the Shimmering Island that reveals itself as the portal to Terra. The party jumps from the airship into a portal of shining light and emerges in Terra where Zidane is led to the village of Bran Bal by a girl who resembles him. He is shocked to discover the town is inhabited by blond-haired humanoids with tails, the other Genomes Garland had created. A perplexed Zidane is given the basic details of his young years in Terra by the girl named Mikoto and he resolves to meet Garland, his creator, and determine the truth to his life.

Drained by Garland's revelations, Zidane confronts him. Garland explains Zidane is to be his "Angel of Death" to deprive Gaia of its souls so Terra can assimilate it, but Zidane refuses to play any part in this plot. Garland attempts to remove Zidane's soul and make him into a regular Genome, and when Zidane wakes up in Pandemonium's depths he falls into despair, believing everything he knew was a lie and that his only purpose is to assist in Gaia's destruction. When his friends come to his aid, Zidane shuns them. Remembering the times he helped her find the strength to carry on, Garnet pleads with him to let his friends believe in him as he believed in them. Zidane realizes he has the power to determine his own purpose in life: protecting everyone he cares for.

When the group faces Garland Kuja appears and uses the souls within the airship Invincible to ascend to Trance. He kills Garland, but after learning of the limit placed on his life and his impending death, he flies into a rage and decimates Terra. Zidane and company commandeer the Invincible to evacuate Terra of the Genomes and return to Gaia. Surmising Kuja would soon destroy Gaia as well, Zidane resolves to pursue him into Memoria, an abyss of the planet's memories that has manifested above the Iifa Tree.

Wall IX 29

Zidane stays behind to save Kuja.

Memoria's fathomless reaches contain memories from every age of Gaia, as well as memories of its people. Traveling through Memoria takes Zidane and his friends back in time all way to the root of all life, the Crystal in the Crystal World, where they face Trance Kuja. Upon his defeat Kuja blasts the party with a powerful Ultima spell, and they are transported to the Hill of Despair where the omniscient harbinger of death, Necron, seeks to return everything to a "zero world," believing non-existence is the only means of expunging the fear of death from the living that is making their existence perpetual suffering. Zidane expresses hope for the future and trust in his friends, and together they defeat Necron.

Necron senses the strong will to live in Zidane and his friends and dissipates. A dying Kuja teleports the group out of the Hill of Despair and returns them to the outside of the Iifa Tree. As his friends say their goodbyes and depart with Cid on the Hilda Garde III, Zidane stays behind to try to save Kuja. Evading Iifa Tree's crazed roots as the dying tree is writhing, Zidane makes it to the tree's core where he finds Kuja near death. Kuja, his Trance gone, apologizes to Zidane for all he has done before the tree consumes them both.

With Zidane thought dead, time passes until Tantalus returns to Alexandria to perform I Want to Be Your Canary for Queen Garnet. At the play's climax the character Marcus casts off his cloak, revealing Zidane. Garnet runs out of the castle, leaps into his arms and the couple embraces as their friends and the audience cheer on.

Spoilers end here.




At level 1, Zidane has 105 HP, 36 MP, 18 Magic Stones, 23 Speed, 21 Strength, 18 Magic and 23 Vitality.


Zidane wields daggers and thief swords in battle. Zidane wields his weapons in the "icepick grip" style, as opposed to the traditional "hammer grip". Whenever Zidane equips a dagger he holds it in his right hand during battle, as the left hand wields his unique weapon, the Orichalcum. The Elite Mark Gilgamesh recognizes this as Zidane's trademark weapon, having a fake version of his own in Final Fantasy XII, which is far longer than Zidane's. Zidane's other trademark weapon is the Mage Masher, which he wields in Dissidia Final Fantasy and Theatrhythm Final Fantasy.

He can equip light armor which consist of vests and hats.

Zidane starts out equipping Dagger, Leather Hat, Wrist and Leather Shirt.


Support abilitiesEdit

Zidane, being a melee character, learns most of the Killer abilities as well as MP Attack and Counter. The flee and thief abilities are unique to him, as well as the Protect Girls ability.

Name Learned From AP
Auto-Reflect Reflect Ring 95
Auto-Float Feather Boots 20
Auto-Haste Running Shoes 55
Auto-Regen Golden Hairpin, Brave Suit 25
Auto-Life Rebirth Ring 130
HP+20% Mantra Band, Adaman Hat, Black Belt, Battle Boots 40
Accuracy+ Power Wrist, Black Hood, Lapis Lazuli 30
Distract Judo Uniform, Reflect Ring, Diamond 30
Long Reach Thief's Hat, Protect Ring 170
MP Attack Red Hat, Battle Boots, Power Belt 45
Bird Killer Adaman Vest, Yellow Scarf 20
Bug Killer Mythril Armlet 35
Stone Killer Adaman Vest, Power Vest 30
Undead Killer N-Kai Armlet, Headgear, Ritual Hat 45
Devil Killer Chain Plate, Demon's Vest 25
Beast Killer Leather Wrist, Egoist's Armlet, Flash Hat, Black Belt, Moonstone 30
Man Eater Bandana, Coronet, Coral Ring 25
Master Thief Thief Gloves 50
Steal Gil Glass Armlet, Yellow Scarf 40
Add Status Bone Wrist, Chimera Armlet, Bracer, Feather Hat, Twist Headband, Glass Buckle 35
Gamble Defense Twist Headband, Adaman Hat, Power Vest 20
High Tide Jade Armlet, Dark Hat, Gaia Gear, Sapphire 35
Counter Ritual Hat, Power Vest, Power Belt 70
Protect Girls Butterfly Sword, Leather Shirt 35
Eye 4 Eye Flash Hat, Ninja Gear 60
Body Temp Jade Armlet, Madain's Ring, Fairy Earrings, Diamond 25
Alert Ninja Gear, Germinas Boots 40
Level Up Egoist's Armlet, Rosetta Ring, Fairy Earrings 75
Ability Up Green Beret, Brigandine, Ribbon, Lapis Lazuli 95
Flee-Gil Wrist, Desert Boots, Gold Choker 45
Insomniac Bandana, Gaia Gear, Coral Ring 30
Antibody Glass Armlet, Mantra Band, Survival Vest, Glass Buckle 20
Restore HP Brave Suit, Promist Ring 85
Bright Eyes Feather Hat, Ritual Hat 35
Jelly Dragon Wrist, Dark Hat, Circlet, Bronze Vest, Dark Gear 35
Auto-Potion Mythril Vest, Demon's Vest, Running Shoes, Gold Choker 30
Locomotion Black Hood, Golden Skullcap, Survival Vest, Demon's Vest, Ninja Gear 30
Clear Headed Green Beret, Circlet, Dark Gear, Magician Shoes 25
Mug Chimera Armlet, Thief's Hat, Survival Vest 65
Bandit Mythril Dagger, N-Kai Armlet 40


The Steal ability allows players to steal items from an enemy. Some items can only be obtained by stealing, and sometimes, players only get one shot at stealing it. Steal can be augmented with the abilities Flee Gil, Steal Gil, Master Thief, Mug, and Bandit. Zidane's Thievery skill is directly linked to the number of successful steals performed times half of his speed; with enough steals, the player can power it up to deal 9,999 damage.



The Skill command is Zidane's unique battle skillset. When learning a Skill he also learns the adjoining Dyne attack (see further down) used in Trance. If Zidane equips multiple items that teach the same ability, the rate the ability is learned is multiplied by the amount of items (e.g. equipping a Dagger and Germinas Boots simultaneously teaches Zidane the ability Flee at twice the speed).


When in Trance, Zidane's Skill command changes to Dyne. Dyne raises his physical attack power and offers attacks that can damage single or multiple enemies. Zidane's Dyne and Skill abilities are connected, as he needs to learn a Skill to unlock the corresponding Dyne.

Musical themesEdit

"Zidane's Theme" from Final Fantasy IX
FFIX Zidane's Theme
Trouble with the audio sample?

"Zidane's Theme" plays only twice in Final Fantasy IX: when the party boards the cargo ship at Dali and again briefly when Zidane takes control of the cargo ship's steering. It starts out quickly, becomes slower by the middle section, then reverts to the faster beginning. "Unrequited Love" (also known as "Unfathomable Reminiscence") is a slower, more melancholy variation of the middle section of "Zidane's Theme". "Not Alone" plays when Zidane learns the truth about his existence and refuses his friends' help.

Other appearancesEdit

Final Fantasy XIVEdit

FFXIV Zidane Outfit

The Tantalus set.

Zidane's outfit is a veteran reward for players who subscribed the game over 1,080 days. The equipment set is named "Tantalus" set.

Triple TriadEdit

Zidane appears as a legendary (5-stars) Triple Triad card.

Zidane Tribal Card
FFXIV TT Zidane Tribal
Card No. 76
Totaltotal stats of the card 29
Type None
Obtain Random from Gold Triad Card.

Dissidia Final FantasyEdit

Dissidia Zidane

Zidane is one of the warriors summoned by Cosmos to oppose Chaos, and stands as the hero representing Final Fantasy IX, opposing Kuja.

Traveling with Bartz, Zidane turns their quest for the Crystals into a treasure hunt, which ends abruptly when Bartz falls into a trap and is captured. Blaming himself, Zidane meets up with Squall and reunites with Bartz, only to be captured himself. These traps have been set in place by Kuja who desires to break Zidane's spirit with hopelessness and loneliness.

His alternate form is a palette swap based on his Yoshitaka Amano artwork.

Dissidia 012 Final FantasyEdit

Zidane returns in the prequel to the first Dissidia along with the other characters from the game. Having been through several cycles of war and recovered all his memories, he is on good terms with Kuja, who seeks to betray Chaos and lead Zidane and his friends to Chaos's throne so they can defeat him together.

Kefka derails Kuja's scheme and summons manikins to attack Zidane, Bartz and Squall. To save face with the warriors of Chaos so as not to be persecuted for his betrayal, Kuja feigns having deceived the warriors of Cosmos, and reluctantly defeats the three but allow them to escape. Zidane is later incapacitated by Kain, who wishes to save him from defeat by the manikins.

Zidane's second alternate outfit is the armor he wore while disguised as a Knight of Pluto in Final Fantasy IX. As a bonus fourth outfit available for download, Zidane wears the hooded black cloak he wore to disguise himself in the ending of Final Fantasy IX.

Dissidia Final Fantasy (2015)Edit

Zidane is set to return in the arcade reboot of Dissidia. He is classed as a Speed-type character.

Theatrhythm Final FantasyEdit

Theatrhythm Zidane
A quick-witted member of Tantalus, that famous group of part-time theatre players and full-time thieves, Zidane has never been able to say no to a pretty face. In the midst of a play, he kidnaps Princess Garnet of Alexandria and soon finds himself embroiled in political plays between great nations on her behalf. What began as a scripted tale on a small theater ship will evolve into a sprawling epic which will decide the survival of an entire planet.
—Online description

Zidane is a default playable character in Theatrhythm Final Fantasy.

He is a Speed and Treasure oriented character. His Limit, Grand Lethal, deals damage in direct proportion to his Strength and Level.


Level HP CP Strength Magic Agility Luck
1 203 8 15 12 21 15
10 808 14 35 27 47 34
20 1,481 20 57 44 76 55
30 2,154 26 79 61 106 76
40 2,827 33 100 78 135 97
50 3,500 38 122 95 165 118
60 4,173 44 144 112 194 138
70 4,846 50 166 129 223 159
80 5,032 50 172 134 232 166
90 5,217 50 179 139 240 172
99 5,384 50 184 144 248 177

iOS statsEdit

Level HP Strength Magic Agility Luck
1 203 B B SSS A
99 5384 B B SSS A


Reactive Abilities
Ability Level
Escape (Lv1) Initial
Steal (Lv1) Level 25
Escape (Lv2) Level 35
Grand Lethal Level 40
Escape (Lv3) Level 60
Steal (Lv2) Level 70
Steal (Lv3) Level 90
Proactive Abilities
Ability Level
Earth Blues (Lv1) Initial
Sinewy Etude (Lv1) Level 5
Earth Blues (Lv2) Level 10
Treasure Hunter (Lv1) Level 15
Luck Up (Lv1) Level 20
Hero's Rime (Lv1) Level 30
Treasure Hunter (Lv2) Level 45
Sinewy Etude (Lv2) Level 50
Hero's Rime (Lv2) Level 55
Earth Blues (Lv3) Level 65
Treasure Hunter (Lv3) Level 75
Sinewy Etude (Lv3) Level 80
Hero's Rime (Lv3) Level 85

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain CallEdit

Zidane returns as a default playable character. If the player did not select him among their party of four, he can later be unlocked by collecting Red Crystal Shards.

He is a Speed, Treasure, and Support oriented character. His Limit, Grand Lethal, functions the same as before, dealing damage in proportion to his Strength and Level.


Level CP HP Strength Magic Agility Luck Stamina Spirit
1 9 209 12 11 21 15 11 10
50 38 3606 92 91 165 119 89 80
99 50 5547 138 137 249 180 134 121

Abilities Edit

Reactive Abilities
Ability CP Level Learned
Escape (Lv1) 2 Initial
Escape (Lv2) 3 Level 15
Steal (Lv1) 16 Level 20
Dash (Lv2) 12 Level 30
Escape (Lv3) 4 Level 35
Grand Lethal 18 Level 40
Steal (Lv2) 20 Level 55
Dash (Lv3) 16 Level 75
Auto Potion 15 Level 85
Steal (Lv3) 24 Level 95
Proactive Abilities
Ability CP Level Learned
Earth Blues (Lv1) 5 Initial
Hastemarch (Lv1) 7 Level 5
Treasure Hunter (Lv1) 12 Level 10
Earth Blues (Lv2) 10 Level 25
Hastemarch (Lv2) 10 Level 45
Treasure Hunter (Lv2) 16 Level 50
Item Lore 14 Level 60
Earth Blues (Lv3) 16 Level 65
Move-HP Up 13 Level 70
Hastemarch (Lv3) 15 Level 80
Treasure Hunter (Lv3) 20 Level 90

Pictlogica Final FantasyEdit

Zidane appears in Pictlogica Final Fantasy as a playable character.

Final Fantasy Airborne BrigadeEdit

Zidane is an ally and a summonable Legend in Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade.

Final Fantasy ArtniksEdit

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Final Fantasy All the BravestEdit

Zidane Tribal ATB
This Tantalus Theatre Troupe member really knows how to touch—er, treat a lady.

Zidane is an exclusive character only available from the Premium Character Shop as a random downloadable content. He uses the Thievery ability during battle.

Final Fantasy Record KeeperEdit

FFRK Zidane Sprite
A member of Tantalus, a traveling troupe of entertainers who moonlight as a band of thieves. Zidane is virtuous at heart, and he knows how to entertain a crowd, but he does have a weakness for the ladies.
—Character profile.

Zidane is a playable character who could be recruited during the Challenge Event A Place to Call Home as the First Time Reward for completing the event's stage Conde Petie Mountain Path on the Classic difficulty. He has also appeared in A Summoner Reborn, where he was recruited on the Conde Petie - Cliff Road stage in Part 1, a placement almost identical story-wise.


Zidane's story role is Tantalus Player. His combat role is Physical Speed.

As most of the characters known to be Thieves, Zidane possesses aptitudes in a broad variety of weapons and skills, and he has a strong enough Attack stat to use all of them well. Being a Speed fighter, his HP and Defense are somewhat low if not average for the class. That being the case, he will need a good piece of light armor to keep him from taking too much damage in battle. Zidane is a master of both the Thief and Celerity skill groups, which places him ahead of Tidus in his ability to cripple an attacking enemy party.

Level HP Attack Defense Magic Resistance Mind Accuracy Evasion Speed
1 211 12 8 7 8 8 20 26 115
10 821 29 20 17 19 19 20 26 124
20 1,499 49 33 28 32 32 21 27 132
30 2,177 69 47 40 45 45 21 28 140
40 2,856 89 61 51 58 58 22 29 147
50 3,534 109 75 63 71 71 22 29 154

Zidane can use Physical/Combat abilities up to rarity rank 4, Physical/Support abilities up to rarity rank 3, Physical/Celerity abilities up to rarity rank 5, Other/Thief abilities up to rarity rank 5, and Other/Knight abilities up to rarity rank 3.

His default Soul Break is What's That!? which at the expense of one Soul Gauge segment has 50% chance to inflict Stop on all targets. The sword Butterfly Sword (IX) allows Zidane to use Scoop Art which at the expense of one Soul Gauge segment deals three consecutive non-elemental physical attacks to one target.


Zidane can equip the following weapon types: daggers, swords, katanas, and thrown. The sword Butterfly Sword (IX) allows Zidane to use Scoop Art.

He can equip the following armor types: hats, light armor, and bracers.

He can equip accessories.

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Final Fantasy World Wide WordsEdit

FFWWW Zidane
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Final Fantasy Brave ExviusEdit

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Final Fantasy Trading Card GameEdit

Zidane appears in the Final Fantasy Trading Card Game and is represented in numerous cards: some of the Wind element and some of the Shine element. His Wind cards depict him in his Dissidia artwork and Yoshitaka Amano artwork. His Shine cards depict him in a screenshot from a Final Fantasy IX FMV as well as his render and his Theatrhythm Final Fantasy artwork.

Triple TriadEdit

Zidane appears as an opponent and on Triple Triad cards in the version available via Final Fantasy Portal App. On Easy he uses Plus. On Normal he uses Plus and Swap. On Hard he uses Three Open, Same, Chaos and Swap, and the rare five star cards of himself can be won from him, among other cards. He uses the trading rule One.

Non-Final Fantasy guest appearancesEdit

Itadaki StreetEdit


Zidane has appeared in Dragon Quest & Final Fantasy in Itadaki Street Portable as a playable character.

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Puzzle & DragonsEdit

Zidane appeared in Puzzle & Dragons as part of the Final Fantasy Collaboration. The collaboration event happened in the North American version of the game from 2 to 15 November 2015.



Zidane is a European variant of the Arabic name Zeydan, meaning "increases the faith." His name has varied in spelling according to the game's localization as Yitán (Spanish), Gidan (Italian) and Djidane (French).

All spellings of Zidane's name are somewhat phonetically close to the French word gitane, which means "gypsy", although this word is used for women. Vincent Zouzoulkovsky, lead translator of the French version of Final Fantasy IX, revealed in an interview the change from the official spelling "Zidane" to the French spelling "Djidane" was done to avoid misplaced association between the character and the French footballer Zinedine Zidane.

Long before Final Fantasy IX, Hironobu Sakaguchi had already used the name ジタン (Jitan); it was in the first game he ever made, The Death Trap. ジタン is romanized "Gitanes" in The Death Trap and "Zidane" in Final Fantasy IX, but it is the same word in Japanese.

In-game, Zidane may have received his name from the character in Lord Avon's I Want To Be Your Canary, as he was presumably named by Baku.

His name is commonly mispronounced "zih-DAYNE", but Dissidia Final Fantasy and Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy have confirmed the pronunciation as "zih-DAHN".

The surname Tribal may come from the word "tribe".


  • The only time Zidane uses his prehensile tail is when he evades Steiner on the cargo ship.
  • The Tantalus logo seems to symbolize Zidane—it is blue and bears a heart, a dagger, and a pair of angel wings.
  • Zidane's birthday is in September, the ninth month of the year, appropriate for the protagonist of the ninth installment of the Final Fantasy main series.
  • Despite being officially listed as 1.73 m tall (the same height as Cloud and a little shorter than Squall), in Dissidia, Zidane is much shorter than the other two, and is in fact one of the shortest fighters in the game.


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