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Zeromus EG is a secret boss in the new Lunar Ruins dungeon of the Game Boy Advance and PlayStation Portable ports of Final Fantasy IV. Zeromus EG is stronger than the original Zeromus fought at the Lunar Core. Once the party reaches the 50th and final floor of the dungeon, they get a chance to fight him. After telling the party it's been a while since he's seen humans, the battle begins.


Zeromus EG is based on the version of Zeromus fought in the Easy Type release of Final Fantasy IV exclusive to Japan, and had different stats and abilities in that version. Their sprites are identical. The EG is a pun of sorts, as "EG" and "Easy" (as in, Easy Type) have identical spellings and pronunciations in Japanese katakana (イージー).


Battle Edit

Zeromus EG's opening is Big Bang. He follows with Toad and Mini in a combo. He is likely to cast these spells on Kain and Cecil. Zeromus EG also doublecasts Osmose and Drain, although they are weak, and he also uses Whirl. He can combine various elemental attacks, like Earthquake, Tidal Wave, Tornado, Flame, and Lightning.

Unlike the original Zeromus, when Zeromus EG is low on HP, he casts Absorb on himself every turn to cure himself. This ignores Reflect and heals based upon his current HP. He also begins using strong physicals as opposed to magic as his primary offense, throwing five in a row, although he still uses magic.

Some of the Grimoires have effect in this battle. For example, using Grimoire LD against him will turn EG into a Toad, which reduces his Attack and Defense to 1, and renders him unable to use his skills. This means he will not be able to damage the player during the fight save for a physical that deals 1 damage. Also, Grimoire LA can poison him, but the effect is negligible. The effects caused by Grimoires wear off after some time. Grimoire LT can mini him and deliver the final blow.

After defeating him, Zeromus EG tells the party he was unaware of the existence of those who could defeat him. He vanishes and grants the party access to the exit of the Lunar Ruins, and unlocks his entry for the bestiary. There is no other prize for defeating him.

Strategy Edit

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AI script Edit

  • Phase 1: Big Bang, Toad/Mini combo, Tornado, Flare, Drain, Osmose, Earthquake/Lightning/Flame combo, loop.
  • Phase 2 (switches to this when low on HP): Tidal Wave/Tornado combo, 2-hit physical attack, 5-hit physical attack, Fira/Blizzara/Thundara combo, Black Hole, loop.
  • If hit by Black or White Magic and in phase 1: Target self: Reflect (always)
  • If hit by anything and in phase 2: Target self: Absorb (always)
  • When HP is nearly depleted: If the player is not quick enough in reducing his last 10,000 or so hit points, he may begin a 10-hit physical combo. Zeromus EG will likely target Cecil with most, if not all, of these attacks, dealing upwards of 8,000 - 9,000 damage to him.

The Tornado used in the Tidal Wave/Tornado is simply a non-elemental spell whose power is comparable with that of Fira and other such spells, not the single-digit HP inducing version (though he will use that version in phase 1).

Black Hole nullifies all stat effects (eg. Haste, Shell, Protect).

Zeromus EG sometimes skips his 5-hit attack combo.

Other appearances Edit

Pictlogica Final Fantasy Edit

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Final Fantasy Record Keeper Edit

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Zeromus is an extended version of Zemus, which is Amharic for "Prayer". Perhaps because of the added 'Zero', it means "No Prayer".

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