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Honoring the law more than any other, a scion of holy order and condemner of criminals. Created in opposition to Knight-Star Pashtarot, scion of light. He turns his deep, abiding hatred for those who break the law into living darkness, therein to plunge the guilty in fell judgment. Over time, he came to care less for upholding the law and more for condemnation, and so tainted by hate, he sought to condemn the gods themselves to death. Thus, did he earn the title "The Condemner," and thus did he fall from grace.
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Zeromus the Condemner (断罪の暴君ゼロムス, Danzai no Bōkun Zeromusu?, lit. Zeromus the Tyrant of Conviction) is an Esper from the world of Ivalice. The Esper of Gravity, he represents the Zodiac sign of Cancer, the Crab, which is also the reason Zeromus has a giant claw. From his power of Gravity, his color sign is indigo. He is also referred to as the Karka Ascendant, which is the Sanskrit name of its Zodiac sign as used in Jyotish (Hindu) astrology.

Zeromus is based on the final boss from Final Fantasy IV, Zeromus. As well as sharing the same name, they also have the same signature attack, Big Bang, and the theme of hate consuming them. His design resembles Zeromus's alternate form.


Final Fantasy XIIEdit

For the battle information, see: Zeromus (Final Fantasy XII Boss)

Zeromus is located in the Stilshrine of Miriam, in a hidden chamber that can only be accessed by using the Stone of the Condemner at a Way Stone. The player receives the stone by speaking to an acolyte at Mt. Bur-Omisace, after Bergan has been defeated.

Zeromus's License costs 50 LP, and he requires two Mist Charges to summon. Zeromus is the second largest Esper in Final Fantasy XII after a winged Zodiark, as his length is measured by his long tail.


Big Bang

"Gravity Well": A Fractional Damage attack. Damage is calculated by:

(Zeromus's Max HP - Zeromus's current HP) x 2

There is no damage cap for Gravity Well. It is possible to deal up to 25,970 damage when he has a single HP, at level 99 and have Bubble status. The ability has a slightly long delay in Action Time, in which may complex with the real damage calculation when Zeromus is attack.

"Big Bang": A Fractional Damage attack, and Zeromus's ultimate attack. In a cosmic vortex, Zeromus flies erratically. He stops, opening his shell, and charges a gravity spell on his stinger. Opening his claw, he siphons the energy into his palm, and then launches the resultant ball. It flies beyond the chunk of rock the enemy is suspended upon and detonates at the horizon of the enemies, sweeping outward and damaging all foes in range with crushing gravity. Damage is calculated by:

(Zeromus's Max HP - Zeromus's current HP) x 5

It has no damage limit, and its range of damage can be increased by Bubble. His HP caps at 6,493 (at level 99), so the theoretical maximum damage output (after Bubble) from Zeromus is 64,923 if at one HP, potentially making it the strongest attack in Final Fantasy XII. By using the Infuse Technick on Zeromus (reducing the summoner's MP to zero), walking to restore one MP, and using Infuse on Zeromus again, Zeromus's HP can be quickly and easily reduced to exactly 10, allowing the summoner to bring to bear nearly the full extent of Zeromus's power... as long as he is not damaged before he can use it.

In Final Fantasy XII International, Zeromus can cast Scourge and Curaja and has gained the Piercing Magick augment.

Zeromus has considerably more HP as well to boost the power of Gravity Well and Big Bang.

Gambit InformationEdit

Priority Condition Action
1 Summon time remaining < 10s Big Bang
2 Foe: any Gravity Well


  • Attack: 103
  • Defense: 53
  • Magick Defense: 35

Zeromus takes half damage from all elements.

Level Max HP Max MP Speed Strength Magic Vitality
01 2710-2711 23-25 26 53 46 26
10 2845-2868 50-70 28 58 51 28
20 3090-3156 90-140 30 64 57 30
30 3405-3528 131-212 33 70 63 33
40 3703-3880 181-302 35 76 69 35
50 4179-4445 224-378 37 82 75 37
60 4599-4943 264-448 40 88 81 40
70 4837-5223 294-498 42 94 87 42
80 5112-5547 324-548 44 99 92 44
90 5487-5991 344-578 47 99 98 47
99 5910-6493 353-587 49 99 99 49



  • None


Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the RiftEdit

Zeromus appears as a Scion. He can be called by anyone equipping the Condemner's Choker when the Smash Gauge is orange. Zeromus's Wrath, Big Bang, deals damage to one enemy equal to the amount of HP lost by the caster.



Zeromus is a reference to the final boss of Final Fantasy IV. [view  · edit  · purge]Zeromus is an extended version of Zemus, which is Amharic for "Prayer". Perhaps because of the added 'Zero', it means "No Prayer".


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