Zell is a playable character in Final Fantasy VIII. As Monk, he wields gloves in battle. His Limit Break is Duel, which has the player input button commands to execute various attacks, similar to Sabin Rene Figaro from Final Fantasy VI. Zell is also available as a Triple Triad challenger, and a card based on him can be obtained. He acts a party leader couple times in the story: while in D-District Prison, briefly during the Battle of the Gardens, and while the party is in Esthar City trying to board the passing Lunatic Pandora. He is also playable in the PlayStation Final Fantasy VIII demo.

Party member Edit

Zell joins the party for the SeeD exam. His intro pose to battle is to stretch his legs while standing before pumping his fists followed by two quick punches. His victory pose is to pump his fists in the air.

Weapons Edit


Zell with his Metal Knuckle.

Zell wears gloves to augment his hand-to-hand fighting prowess. Zell's weapons can increase his attack power and hit accuracy. Like all characters, Zell's weapon can be upgraded at a junk shop with the Weapons Monthly magazine providing recipes for better weapons.

There are four glove models available for Zell:

  • Metal Knuckle – Initial model. Described in Weapons Monthly, March Issue.
  • Maverick – Described in Weapons Monthly, April Issue.
  • Gauntlet – Described in Weapons Monthly, June Issue.
  • Ehrgeiz – Described in Weapons Monthly, August Issue.

Limit Breaks Edit


My Final Heaven.

Zell's Limit Break is Duel where groups of button sequences appear on the screen and the number of attacks depends on how many moves the player can input in the allotted time. The time allotted is between 4 and 12 seconds, depending on a hidden metric called the Crisis Level.

Zell's Duel is believed to be the strongest Limit Break in the game, as the button formations are quick allowing for multiple hits. Certain button combos lead to finishers, flashy special attacks that end the Duel. Zell can learn new Limit Breaks by reading the Combat King magazine. The abilities can be used before being unlocked by inputting the correct button combination, but they will not appear as an option.

Stats Edit

LV HP Str Vit Mag Spr Spd Luck
1 252 2 1 1 0 20 14
10 627 9 7 7 5 22 15
20 1035 16 12 14 9 23 15
30 1435 22 17 19 14 25 16
40 1828 27 21 24 17 26 17
50 2212 32 25 29 20 28 17
60 2589 36 28 33 22 29 18
70 2958 40 30 36 24 31 18
80 3320 43 32 38 26 32 19
90 3673 45 33 40 26 34 20
100 4018 47 33 42 27 35 20


The below values are the base compatibility values at the start of the game.

GF Compatibility
Quezacotl 600
Shiva 540
Ifrit 630
Siren 580
Brothers 610
Diablos 580
Carbuncle 600
Leviathan 580
Pandemona 570
Cerberus 600
Alexander 560
Doomtrain 520
Bahamut 500
Cactuar 540
Tonberry 500
Eden 400

Triple Triad Edit

Card Edit

Zell Card
TTZell Element None
Refine 1 refines into 3 Hyper Wrists
Drop N/A
Card N/A
Level 10 (Player Card) Win Ma Dincht in Balamb Town.
The CC Group in the Ragnarok airship on disc 4.

Challenger Edit

After Balamb Garden becomes mobile, Zell becomes available to challenge to a match of Triple Triad. When not in Squall's party he frequents the Balamb Garden lobby outside the library, where he can be challenged. He does not possess any rare cards.

Quests Edit

Optional scenes with Zell Edit

There are some optional scenes in the game involving Zell, especially with the library girl sidequest, but also some others.

In the beginning of the game the player can access the Garden Square message board from the Study Panel and see messages from Zell. The message board is later closed, but Zell will contribute an entry to Selphie's blog later in the game, viewable from the Study Panel.

If the player visits the Balamb Garden cafeteria before obtaining Ifrit, they spot Zell trying to score a hotdog but the cafeteria is out and the Disciplinary Committee gets on his case for speeding.

In Balamb Town, after returning from Siege of Dollet but before returning to Balamb Garden, if the old mechanic appears at the gas station Zell helps him fix a car. When the party is to go to Timber, they pass by the gas station when they first enter the town. If they return to this area and talk to the gas station attendant, the player can get a scene of Zell boasting of his pull-ups record on the gas station sign.

In Galbadia Garden, after Squall storms out of the reception room the party will have scattered around the Garden. Zell is found below the stairs on the ground floor doing push-ups and can be spotted sneaking a peek at a girl who walks past. When the party departs, Irvine divides the party pairing himself with Selphie and Rinoa. If the player accepts the party set-up, they get a scene of Zell protesting to it.

If Squall takes Zell and Irvine back to Balamb Garden to warn the establishment of a missile strike, Zell will eventually come and wake Squall up in his room, asking him to join him in a training session at the Training Center. If the player brought Rinoa and Zell back, when Squall takes Rinoa on a tour of the Garden and they visit the cafeteria, there is a scene of Zell trying to score a hot dog but they are sold out.


A scene in Zell's room.

Zell is a mandatory party member when the party is liberating Balamb Town, and the player can get various scenes when visiting Zell's room depending on who the third party member is.

If the player brings Zell to the Deep Sea Research Center they can get some extra scenes and a gameplay advantage. If both Selphie and Quistis are in the player's party, the player can see Zell pilot the Ragnarok when on its flight deck.

Library Girl with a Pigtail Edit

The player can witness numerous optional scenes between Zell and the Library Girl, who works in the Library Committee in Balamb Garden. None of the scenes are required to get the Combat King 003 magazine, but the more scenes the player witnesses, the more complete the dialogue will be at the end. The completeness of the dialogue between the two depends on a hidden "love meter" value that counts how many event scenes the player triggered and how many times they visited the library (and also the "score" for Zell's "survey" as part of one of the event scenes). To display all of the dialogue at the end of the quest with no "..." replacing parts of it, the player needs to trigger all event scenes and visit the library over 50 times.

Zell and pigtailedgirl

Zell receives Combat King 003 from the Pigtail Girl.

  1. At the start of the game, the player can visit the library to learn about the rules of the library from the Library Girl. After this, visiting the library can trigger a repeatable scene with a "Conceited SeeD" who talks to a Library Committee member at the desk.
  2. After hearing the briefing for the Timber mission, the party can return to Balamb Garden and enter the library, where Zell will ask the Pigtail Girl about a book he is looking for.
  3. If the player takes Zell back to Garden to warn Headmaster Cid of the missiles, and visits the library, the Pigtail Girl will give Zell a Mega Phoenix. If Zell's not in the party, she gives a Remedy.
  4. When Zell is not in the player's current party, visiting the library can trigger a scene of the Library Committee members talking about guys they like.
  5. When Irvine has to choose instruments for the characters to play during the concert, he can leave the scene and visit the library, where the Library Girl (found near the draw point) asks questions about Zell.
  6. After liberating Balamb Town from Galbadia, the player can enter the library with Zell in the party and the Library Girl's friends hold a questionnaire for him.
  7. After visiting Trabia Garden, the player can take Zell to the library (to the screen with the Esuna draw point) and overhear the girls talking about Zell and deliver the results of the previous "survey".
  8. After the Battle of the Gardens event, the girls on the Library Committee will tell Zell the Pigtail Girl is looking for him. A girl either at the Balamb Town gas station or train station (depending on whether the player entered the town on foot or via train) tells about a girl looking for Zell. Ma Dincht also mentions this. Spending the night at Balamb Hotel triggers the scene with Zell and the Library Girl.

Combat King 003 can be obtained at any time after having liberated Balamb from Galbadian soldiers, but to get all the scenes involved in the quest, the player would need to wait until after the Battle of the Gardens. After talking to one of the girls of the Library Committee, the player can head to Balamb and a girl in a red skirt will tell Zell that a girl with a pig-tail stopped by his house.

At Zell's house he will ask about the girl. The player must have Zell in the party and sleep in the Balamb Hotel. Upon waking the party notices Zell is gone, and find him downstairs where he's having a conversation with the Pigtail Girl, who hands over the Combat King 003.

Big Bad RascalEdit


Big Bad Rascal at Zell's house.

Several scenes involving the Big Bad Rascal can be viewed if Balamb town and Zell's house are visited repeatedly with Zell in the party. The scenes can be watched as soon as Zell becomes available and include:

  • The Big Bad Rascal running out of Zell's house with the mother chasing after him before she stops to talk to the man sitting outside the junk shop. Talking to the mother and the man will cause them to point out how everyone respects Zell's mother and how rowdy Zell can be.
  • The Big Bad Rascal pushing over the hotel owner's daughter outside the hotel. Leaving and re-entering the screen and then talking to the hotel owner will cause him to scold Zell due to how he and the Big Bad Rascal act similarly.

After these two scenes occur, the player can find the Big Bad Rascal hiding behind some crates by the parking lot next to the dock. Talking to him will cause him to speak some nonsense that confuses Zell. After this, examining Zell's pillow in his room finds a Spd Up. This scene can be seen before departing for the mission in Timber, but the item cannot be obtained until the player gains access to Zell's room during Balamb's liberation.

Additional scenes can be viewed before leaving for the mission in Timber. After Balamb's liberation, they cannot be seen, but are not needed to find the Spd Up. They involve Zell's mother and the mother of the Big Bad Rascal talking in Zell's house. If the player goes to the back room, the player can talk to the Big Bad Rascal who will mention finding a frog, signing something, or leaving something under Zell's pillow. Depending on what the Big Bad Rascal says, the player can examine the umbrella holder near the front door to find a frog, the painting between the stairs to Zell's room and the door to the back room to find the Big Bad Rascal's signature, or Zell's pillow to find the Spd Up.

Deep Sea Research Center Edit


Zell at the Deep Sea Research Center.

If Zell is in the player's party when they visit the Deep Sea Research Center, he will divulge the knowledge he has on the location. After felling Bahamut, exiting and returning, the party can descend deeper into the structure and must expend steam units to unlock further levels. The player can ask Zell to open the last door without expending any units if he is in the party, but it will wake up the lair's monsters and the way down to the ocean floor will be plagued by encounters against strong opponents that can't be avoided with Enc-None.