Yūkyū no Kaze Densetsu: Final Fantasy III Yori, or Legend of the Eternal Wind: from Final Fantasy III in English, is a manga based on the original NES version of Final Fantasy III, published in 1991 by Kadokawa Shoten.

The manga is written by Kenji Terada, the game's scenario writer, and drawn by Yuu Kinutani. From 1991 to 1992, Kadokawa Shoten's Famicom gaming magazine, Maru Katsu Famicom (マル勝ファミコン), published Legend of the Eternal Wind. It was subsequently collected into three tankōbon under Kadokawa Shoten's Dragon Comics imprint: Legend of the Eternal Wind 1, from Final Fantasy III, Legend of the Eternal Wind 2, from Final Fantasy III, and Legend of the Eternal Wind 3, from Final Fantasy III.

This publication has not been translated into English or any other language.


The manga chronicles the game events with different characters featuring as the Warriors of the Light than the game's 3D remake (in the original NES game the protagonists are generic and have no names or personalities): Muuchi (ムウチ), Doug (ダグ), J. Bowie (J・ボウイ), and Melfi (メルフィ, the female in the group). The manga is a dramatized retelling of the battles showing the boss fights as huge action scenes. It details the characters and the surrounding world in greater detail than the NES game could. The story is darker than that depicted in either the NES or 3D game, featuring large-scale destruction, horror scenes, and nudity. Though it covers the same events many are changed, and most of the dungeons and their bosses do not appear.

Volume 1 features the four Warriors of the Light coming together after encountering a magical Crystal. They battle Land Turtle and Djinn, while teaming up with Sara Altney and Cid Haze.

Volume 2 features the heroes battling an attack from a giant tree monster that devours Melfi. She escapes and joins up with the party that traves to Hein's palace to fight him. Hein's palace is a confusing M.C. Escher-esque labyrinth and the demon lord summons Ifrit and Shiva (who appears male) to do battle with the party. The volume ends on a cliffhanger.

Volume 3 features the conclusion to the battle against Hein and his minions, with the party victorious. The world continues to be under attack, this time from a massive dark demon coming up from the bowels of the planet. Unei and Doga appear and give the party their aid. With their support, they party defeats this final and most dangerous threat, and the world is saved. With their journey over, the group splits up to continue on new adventures.