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The city is alive with lights and fireworks, and the people wander the streets as if in a dream.
This is the third region of the game world, after Luxerion and the Dead Dunes. Only a short time remains before the world ends, but the city is alive with banquets and festivities, the people free to indulge their every desire. Snow the Patron rules over it all and maintains the peace.
—Official site description

Yusnaan, the City of Revelry (ユスナーン, Yusunān?) is a location in Nova Chrysalia in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. Described as the "city of pleasure", it is home to a number of attractions, including fireworks displays, an arena, a giant Cactuar statue, and plays.[2] Yusnaan is home to the lone fal'Cie that continues to provide the town's residents with resources. Snow Villiers is the city's Patron, and a l'Cie charged with protecting the fal'Cie. The people of Yusnaan know the end of the world is near, and seek to spend their final days partying.


Standing opposite to Luxerion in all ways is Yusnaan, capital of hedonism and revelry, which draws pleasure-seekers looking to enjoy what little time remains to them.
In the area known was the Upper City, visitors can find the Champion's Quarter, home to the Slaughterhouse; the Glutton's Quarter, where many fine dishes are served; and the Augur's Quarter, where the rich gather to enjoy flights of fancy. The lower part of the city consists mostly of old warehouses an abandoned factories.
In the Patron's palace, great banquets and revelries are held each night. However, recently Snow does not show himself often. and security around the palace is tightening. Chaos infusions continue to spread throughout the palace, and some grumbling voices are even beginning to wonder if the Chaos hasn't overcome their great Patron at last.
The Palace of Yusnaan
The glittering city of Yusnaan is the one and only hub of production left in the world. Most industries fell to the encroaching Chaos and materials have become scarce and even impossible to attain. In this world, most of the food and goods needed for daily living are made of Pandaemonium, the last of the fal'Cie.
The goods made by the fal'Cie are shipped to the palace and then redistributed throughout Nova Chrysalia. The palace that plays host to the nightly banquets is also a vital link in humanity's last lifeline, and as the Patron, Snow bears the heavy responsibility of protecting it.


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LRFFXIII Snow Yusnaan Patron

Snow, the Patron of Yusnaan.

As revealed by Snow in Final Fantasy XIII: Reminiscence -tracer of memories-, while he and the rest of the declining humanity initially lived in the deteriorating man-made Cocoon Bhunivelze, Yusnaan was created by the fal'Cie Pandaemonium after it built Luxerion. Making its home in Yusnaan, Pandaemonium established a supply chain of food and goods to lure people to abandon the man-made Cocoon, and Snow was among the first explorers on Nova Chrysalia. The supply plant in Yusnaan was taken over by Snow, and currently provides the world with food made of Chaos, though some people prefer to grow their own food. As the last fal'Cie of the world and Yusnaan's provider, it is under perpetual guard.

Snow became the Patron of Yusnaan by popular demand as the populace deemed him a fair divider of the scarce resources. According to his retelling of the events in Final Fantasy XIII: Reminiscence, Snow gained the title of Patron from the Order, pretending to respect their authority to keep them from taking the city by force. In time, with his friends scattered to the winds and the regret of Serah's death heavy on his heart, the ongoing politics with Order sapped Snow of his energy. By the time Lightning awakes from crystal stasis, now a shell of his former self with his l'Cie brand at its final stage, Snow seldom appears except during the nocturnal festivities. Snow made it law in Yusnaan the citizens are to live in perpetual celebration and revelry.

During the end-of-the-world celebrations a Chaos infusion erupts within Snow's palace, summoning Anubys monsters. Lightning arrives and fights Snow and afterward the two deal with the monsters. After Lumina brings down the ballroom chandelier and Snow halts it, he flees deeper into the palace with Lightning in hot pursuit. She is accosted by Lumina, who claims she is different from the usual servants of Bhunivelze since she can see inside the Chaos, then summons a Zaltys to block Lightning's path and disappears. After defeating the Zaltys, Lightning's path is blocked by a barrier of Chaos, and she flees from the approaching palace guards.


Lightning performs in the play.

Lightning returns to Yusnaan determined to infiltrate the palace and free Snow from his pain. She tries to enter the palace via the Augur's Quarter, but lacks an ID and is refused entry. She contacts a man who can smuggle her inside and participates in a secret "tour" that leads her through Yusnaan's industrial area. She meets Lumina who says Yusnaan will soon be swallowed by Chaos, and says Snow no longer cares as he has been taken over by despair. Lumina summons a monster and Lightning defeats it, but its deathblow sends her falling down to the district below. She finds an ID card and uses it to access Augur's Quarter, where she and Hope devise a plan to get her across the palace walls. Hope suggests they topple the Statue of God and Lightning convinces the director of the night's play, The Song of the Savior, to incorporate more fireworks into the show. Lightning helps gather the fireworks and convinces the director to let her star in the play.


Lightning saves Snow.

Lightning plays her role and the statue falls allowing her to cross the palace walls. Inside she finds numerous Chaos infusions, and comes across a frozen door. Lightning finds Serah's engagement necklace from another room and uses it to dispel the ice from the sealed door and faces Snow. Snow plans to absorb the Chaos to save the city, and then have Lightning kill him in his Cie'th form. Though Lightning tries to talk him out of it, Snow steps into the Chaos infusion and transforms into a mindless Cie'th hybrid. After she subdues him, Snow remains unresponsive. Lumina appears and urges Lightning to kill him, saying it's what he has been waiting for, but Lightning pleads for Snow to return to his senses, saying Serah still needs him. Snow snaps out of his stupor and his transformation is reversed. His soul is saved and Lightning leaves him with a task to continue protecting Yusnaan until it is eventually destroyed along with the rest of Nova Chrysalia.

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Coliseum SquareEdit

LRFFXIII Slaughterhouse

The arena where Lightning can battle with various monsters for different items.

Yusnaan StationEdit

LRFFXIII Yusnaan Station

The monorail station that lies within the warehouse district.

Hawker's RowEdit


Hawker's Row has multiple restaurants and food joints.

Fountain SquareEdit

Pleasure AlleyEdit

Industrial AreaEdit

LRFFXIII Yusnaan Warehouse

The area with factories, workshops, and warehouses, where goods from around the world are brought in. Though not shown in person, the fal'Cie Pandaemonium resides in this area.

Armor AlleyEdit

Aromatic MarketEdit

Augur's QuarterEdit

Yusnaan Park

A playground for the privileged.

Central Ave.Edit

Cactuar PlazaEdit


An area with Yusnaan's famous Cactuar statue that serves as a popular tourist attraction.

Yusnaan Grand PalaceEdit

  • Ballroom
  • Passageway


LRFFXIII Yusnaan Map


Main QuestsEdit

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0-1 A Different SnowEdit

Lightning steps into the grand ballroom that lies at the heart of Yusnaan and confronts Snow, ruler of the city. He makes it clear that the reunion is not welcome, and the pair cross swords. But before their conflict can escalate, they must deal with monsters that have emerged from the Chaos.

Eventually, Snow slips away through the Chaos, and Lightning is left trapped in the ballroom. If she is to catch Snow, she must first kill the monsters and get the doors open again.

Lightning manages to slay all the monsters in the ballroom and the automated defenses unseal the doors. Lightning hurries toward the upper floors of the palace in pursuit of Snow. Snow is not the man he used to be. He has changed--but then, so has Lightning. She is the savior now, and she wants Snow's soul.

As Lightning desperately chases Snow, a mysterious young woman appears in front of her. Lightning defeats the monster that the girl summons, but when Lightning tries to continue the pursuit, she finds her way blocked. With palace guards right on her heels, she has no choice but to give up the chase and return to the Ark.

This scenario works as a tutorial and a prologue. It is also the playable scenario in the Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII demo.

Lightning is sent into a battle against Anubys and get a tutorial how schemata and the battle interface work. Once the battle ends Lightning learns about the camera settings, and more enemies spawn. Her goal is to clear the room by defeating all enemies. There will be a tutorial teaching how to guard against incoming attacks.

After defeating all enemies a door opens. The path leads to a black market dealer and there is a tutorial teaching how to buy items. Lightning should fill her inventory with Potions (they are free), then head upstairs and go left.


Lumina sends a Zaltys on Lightning's path.

In the next corridor there are more enemies and a tutorial on how to switch targets on the battlefield. Continuing down the corridor and jumping on the crates there is another corridor, and a large hall with Snow going left. Lightning must climb the ladder on the left side and push forward. At the end of the next corridor there is a gate. Lightning must push the button on the pillar nearby (right side while facing the gate), and eventually she will enter a hall where Lumina appears.

Lumina summons a Zaltys for Lightning to battle, part of the next tutorial that teaches how to stagger enemies. Defeating it earns a Firewyrm Scale.

Approaching the door at the end of the path ends the quest. Completing the quest earns the The Savior's Descent achievement.

2-1 The Great Break-InEdit

Lightning returns to Yusnaan, determined to find out what is happening with snow. But he is holed up in his palace, which has been locked down tight in the aftermath of Lightning's previous visit. She might be able to sneak into the palace through the delivery entrance, but first she has to get into the exclusive Augur's Quarter...

Lightning's goal is the palace--but first, she has to find a way into Augur's Quarter. Anyone passing through the main gate must show an ID card, which is not easy to acquire. However, there is another way in, a secret back route that needs no ID card. To use it, she must find the so-called Tour Guide and purchase one of his tickets.

Only the rich and privileged are allowed through the main gate into Augur's Quarter—but there is another route, along the cargo train track. To avoid the trains, Lightning needs to be at the Industrial Area gate at 6:00 PM and traverse the route fast. But the way is blocked with Chaos infusions and monsters, and any delay or misstep will foil the plan.

Lumina's interference causes the back route into the Augur's Quarter to literally collapse, and Lightning falls into the warehouse district. This was not plan, but if she hurries, she can still make it to the palace in time. First, she must head fir the Augur's Quarter.

Lumina causes Lightning to fall outside of the Augur's Quarter, but this turns out to be a blessing in disguise. Lightning recovers an ID card to the quarter, and now she can enter and leave at will. The palace accepts deliveries only once per day. Lightning needs to hurry to the Augur's Quarter or she will miss her chance to get into the palace.

Lightning gets inside the Augur's Quarter, but the delivery entrance that she hoped to use to infiltrate the palace has been locked down along with all the other entrances. But she can't stop now. According to Hope, Chaos readings inside the palace are spiking out of control. Lightning has to get into the palace more urgently than ever. They need a new plan...


Industrial Area.

Lightning visits Augur's Quarter in the south end of the city, but is denied entry as she does not have the correct ID. Heading down and right, the player can find a man in a pink suit playing a drum, the Tour Guide, who offers to let Lightning join the secret sneaking-in tour for the price of 2,000 gil. After paying the fee, Lightning can start the "tour" at the door to the Industrial Area at the north end of town at 6 PM.

The tour consists of crossing the warehouse district that is littered with monsters. Player will simply need to move from one mark on the map to another in a straight path. There is one merchant along the way from whom Lightning can buy restorative items. At the end of the "tour" Lightning meets Lumina and fights a boss, Cyclops, sending her plummeting to the lower levels. The player must follow the exclamation mark to find two skeletons and the ID Card needed to enter Augur's Quarter. The player must follow the next exclamation mark to reach a gate and use the card to open it, and then cross the Underground Route and use the ID card again to open the next gate. Lightning emerges at Pleasure Alley. Once she gets to Augur's Quarter, however, she finds all doors to the palace are locked.

2-2 The Legend of the SaviorEdit

Hope cones up with a plan B. He thinks that if Lightning can somehow topple the giant statue that forms the main set of the theater show, she will be able to use it as a bridge to get over the palace walls. In order for Lightning to be in position when the statue is brought down, she must talk to the director of the show no later than 12:30 AM.

Lightning wants to increase the number of fireworks that are launched at the show's climax, and the director Sarzhak agrees. He's bored of the show and leaps at a chance to shake things up. Lightning now needs to scour the city for fireworks and deliver them to the crew chief. She needs lots of them—that statue is not going to come down easily.

Hope has a surprise for Lightning. He tells her that the only way she can be in the right position when the statue falls is to be on stage as a performer. The director agrees to give Lightning the starring role—but only if she has her own costume. Lightning needs to fight in the arena, win the perfect costume, and get back to the show in time for her 3:00 AM cue.

Zoe is the owner of the Slaughterhouse and a former actress who once played the role of the savior, She gives Lightning her old costume as a reward for Lightning's victory in the battle arena. The grand plan is about to go into effect. Lightning just has to fer into costume and talk to Sarzhak by 3:00 AM, in time for the show's grand finale.

At the climax of the show, Lightning appears on stage in her role as the savior. Sarzhak suspects what she is up to, but has decided to play along and give her the fireworks show she asked for. The towering statue is shaken to its foundations, and then with a massive roar, it topples onto the palace walls.

Lightning and Hope devise a plan to cross the palace wall by toppling the Statue of God during the night's performance. After speaking with the director and the Pyrotechnician Boss on the site, Lightning is tasked with bringing ten Fireworks before 12:30 AM. The Fireworks are obtained via numerous ways. The boss will hand out the Boss's Note and ask Lightning to visit four locations marked on the map.


Lightning speaks with a pyrotechnician.

The player can visit the locations as the boss asked but while working on the current objective, two side quests are available, and it might be a good idea to complete them first: Fireworks In A Bottle and Fireworks For A Steal. Completing these two side quests earns 11 Fireworks (which is more than needed), and you will save time. The Chocobo Girls also give fireworks in exchange to a password.

If the player doesn't want to do the side quests, they can visit the locations marked on the map. Lightning must return to the boss before 12:30, or wait for the next day. The first technician is next to the Cactuar Statue and gives three fireworks, but must be reached before 10:30 PM. The technician on Central Avenue gives 4 fireworks by completing Fireworks In A Bottle quest before 11 PM. Near the Slaughterhouse the next technician visited before 11:30 PM gives three fireworks. North towards the train station one can get two additional fireworks from the fourth technician, who will disappear at midnight.

Fighting at Slaughterhouse between 1 AM and 3 AM pits Lightning against a Personal Guard to win a Fireworks.

After getting enough fireworks Lightning must return to the Augur's Quarter and talk to the Pyrotechnician Boss again.

After handing out the Fireworks, Lightning must speak with the director and convince him to let her play a role on the stage. The director says he will let Lightning on the performance, if she wins a suitable outfit to wear from a Slaughterhouse tournament, starting the The Fighting Actress quest. Lightning must be back with the Midnight Mauve garb by 3:00 AM. The player can do other side quests until 3 AM, and then talk to Sarzhak, this completes the quest.

2-3 Solitary PatronEdit

It was an elaborate plan, but Lightning has finally reached the grounds of Snow's palace, which are infested with thick clouds of Chaos. It could be just a natural outbreak–or something much more sinister. Snow is the last remaining l'Cie, cursed with tremendous powers and an evil destiny. When a l'Cie reaches the end of his strength and falls into despair, he is transformed into a grim creature known as a Cie'th.

Beyond the sealed door, Lightning senses the dim presence of Snow. But the door is encased in ice, created with the otherworldly powers of the l'Cie. The ice is the very manifestation of Snow's torment, and Lightning cannot break it with brute strength. Elsewhere in the palace will be a key. Something important to Snow. Something that will resonate with his heart.

The private room of the man who rules Yusnaan looks more like a torture chamber than a place of repose.

On the table in the middle of the room, Lightning finds the pendant that Snow gave to Serah as a token of their love. Did he leave it here because he has abandoned his love—or because he wanted to keep it safe? Everything depends on the answer. If this does not melt the ice, then nothing ever will.

Snow has been using his l'Cie powers to absorb the Chaos, fighting a solitary battle against the rising tide. In a last desperate act, Snow allows himself to be transformed into a Cie'th and attacks Lightning. But she cries out one last appeal: Don't let your love for Serah disappear into the Chaos! Somehow, Snow hears her—and returns to human form.

It is a good idea to enter the palace well-prepared by having fire-based attacks for Snow, and lightning-based attacks for the creatures inside. There will be numerous Chaos infusions inside.

Following the same path as in the prologue, Lightning will reach a locked door but it can be opened using the ID Card obtained earlier. Lightning can follow the corridor to reach a closed gate, but tapping the red button near the crates opens it. Lightning should follow the main corridor until she ends up in a larger area. Moving east, then south, then west, around the area gets her to the top floor. Jumping over a small pile of crates, Lightning will eventually reach another large chamber with a closed gate where the switch is above her position. Jumping over more crates Lightning should head east through a new tunnel, then move south and then west following the upper corridor to reach the area above the gate. Going around the chamber where the gate is (now below Lightning), and she will reach the red switch and head through it.

Moving east, then south, and then east again, Lightning enters another larger area with multiple crates and vertical structures. Jumping down, hopping over the crates and following the tunnel to some smashable boxes on the left side finds a ladder behind them to get to the switch and a treasure sphere containing Frostbane Choker.

Lightning should activate the switch, follow the tunnel behind the gate, jump over more crates and find a soldier who will sell her Potions and Phoenix Downs. Following the main corridor there is a frozen door, but it cannot be opened yet. Lightning must head west and continue along the main passage that leads to a ladder. Climbing it, Lightning can see into Snow's Room, but it cannot be entered from this side. Following the corridor north, then east, finds another chamber. The switch needed to activate is on the right side, while in the middle of the chamber is a ladder. Lightning should climb it, head left and kill the Anubys guards.

Without jumping down, Lightning should head north, then east and continue along the suspended grates, and activate the switch. Entering the opened gate and following the tunnel enters a large room with two Anubys guards. Lightning should continue along the corridor they were protecting.


Lightning and Snow battle.

Lightning can now get into Snow's Room and get Serah's Pendant. Lightning should jump through the hole to get on the lower level and move south, east and north over the crates to get to the frozen door that now opens leading Lightning to Patron's Chamber, where Snow awaits.

Defeating Snow Villiers completes the quest and earns Maximum EP +1, Maximum HP +300, Maximum ATB +10, Strength +112, and Magic +28. After the battle, Lightning can pick up the Ghostly Hood from the sparkling red area on the ground.

Completing the quest earns the Hope at the Edge of Despair achievement.

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Side QuestsEdit

Canvas of PrayersEdit

Yusnaan has a total of fourteen Canvas of Prayers quests, which can be accessed by speaking with Chocolina, located outside the Monorail Station. These quests do not earn Eradia, but completing them will award gil, stat boosts, and adornments.

Chocobo GirlsEdit

LRFFXIII Chocobo Girl Password

A Chocobo Girl.

This is not an official side quest and thus will not appear on the menu's list of side quests, but the chocobo girls give one Fireworks each if Lightning has read a note on a wall informing her of the "password". One of the posters is on the western side of the southern back alley route in Reveler's Quarter. If Lightning obtains Fireworks from the four chocobo girls, she'll get the Miqo'te Dress garb. The Chocobo Girls are found near the Slaughterhouse in Champion's Quarter, in Glutton's Quarter between the inn and the outfitters, on Central Avenue, and in the western side of the back alley of Reveler's Quarter. The girls are available from 5 PM to 3 AM.

Fireworks in a BottleEdit

On Yusnaan's Central Avenue, a drunk pyrotechnician refuses to hand over any fireworks to Lightning. But if Lightning were to bring him a bottle of Yusnaan's finest, he might be inclined to change his mind.

In exchange for his fireworks, the drunken pyrotechnician has demanded a drink—and not just any drink, but the best ever made. Bacchus's Brew it is called, and Lightning has to deliver a bottle by midnight, or the deal is off. Fortunately, Yusnaan is home to the finest restaurants in the world. Someone is sure to have a bottle in stock.

There is a reason why the pyrotechnician is in the cups. He had promised to launch a special barrage of fireworks to celebrate the birthday of a sickly boy from his neighborhood. Today is the boy's birthday...but he did not survive to celebrate it.

The gloomy pyrotechnician sends up a single firework in memory of the boy, and takes a sip of the brew. It will help him forget the pain for a spell—though he will never forget the boy.

Requirements: Available between 7 PM and 11 PM, during main quest 2-2 The Legend of the Savior.
Rewards: 300 gil, Max HP +40, Strength +2, Magic +4, Ceremonial Headdress
Subsequent Rewards: 450 gil, Max HP +20, Magic +4

To get the four fireworks from the Drunk Pyrotechnician on the Central Avenue (his location is marked on the map after talking to the Pyrotechnician Boss during the main quest), Lightning must visit the Banquet of the Lord east of Glutton's Quarter and buy a bottle of Bacchus's Brew from a waiter for 1,000 gil. Giving the brew to the Drunk Pyrotechnician completes the quest.

The Fighting ActressEdit

In The Champion's Quarter stands the Slaughterhouse battle arena. Zoe, the owner, has given Lightning the go-ahead to fight in tonight's special match. The grand prize will be a gown that Zoe herself once wore on stage. But it isn't enough for Lightning to just win the battles–she has to do it with style and grace. In other words she must put on a show.

Lightning puts on a show worthy of her new fighting name—the knight of light—and receives the gown as her prize. At the same time, Zoe reveals that she, too, once trod the boards and starred as the savior. Even in a fictional show, the savior has the power to bring hope to the people. Now Lightning must change into her new costume and hurry to the Augur's Quarter where Sarzhak awaits her return.

Difficulty:: ★★
Requirements: Available between 7 PM and 3 AM, during main quest 2-2 The Legend of the Savior.
Rewards: 1500 gil, Max HP +80, Strength +6, Magic +6, Crown of Splendor, Midnight Mauve
Subsequent Rewards: 2300 gil, Max HP +40, Strength +5, Magic +5

After delivering the Fireworks to the Pyrotechnician Boss at the Augur's Quarter, Lightning speaks with the director who asks her to get a garb for the night's play from the Slaughterhouse. Next Lightning must speak with Zoe at the Slaughterhouse, the western-side of Yusnaan, and she signs her for a tournament.

Opponent Difficulty Reward
Gremlin Bronzed Medal x1
Anubys ★★ Silvered Medal x1
Zaltys ★★★ Crystal Medal x1

Winning all three matches completes the quest.

Songless DivaEdit


Berdy spying on Lightning and Olga's conversation.

In the Fountain Square, Reveler's Quarter, Lightning meets a single called Olga who has been abandoned by Berdy, her lover and songwriting partner. If Lightning were to find the wayward Berdy, it could help the diva get her voice back.

Lightning collars a suspicious-looking man who was loitering in the area, and sure enough it is Olga's Berdy. He reveals that the reason he left Olga was that a monster stole his homework—specifically, the new song he had been writing for his muse.

The monster attack took place near the coast that lies beyond Central Avenue. If Lightning hunts the Gremlins in that area, she might be able to recover the satchel that contains Berdy's music score. When she does, she should return it to Berdy, who waits in the Fountain Square.

Lightning finds the sheet music for Berdy's latest song, and he returns to Olga. The reunion is tempestuous, to say the least, but nothing out of the ordinary for this pair of sensitive souls. In return for Lightning's help, Olga declares that she will sing for her. It is a song from Lightning's past, one that she knows all too well.

Difficulty: ★★
Requirements: Available from second day onwards, between 11 AM and 7 PM.
First Time Rewards: 1400 gil, Queen's Mask, Max HP +80, Strength +6, Magic +6
Subsequent Rewards: 2100 gil, Max HP +40, Strength +4, Magic +4

After talking to a woman in a blue dress on the Fountain Square, Lightning will spot a suspicious man draped in purple. Talking to him, he confesses to being Berdy and losing something important on the east end of Lower City near the beach. Going there spawns a group of eight Gremlins. Defeating them earns the Music Satchel. Returning it to Berdy completes the quest.

Stolen ThingsEdit


Gregory asking Lightning to give Pickett a letter.

On Yusnaan's Central Avenue, Lightning is waylaid by a gentleman named Gregory. He tells her about a pickpocket called Pickett who works in the area. Gregory is worried about the young man, and wants Lightning to help him. Lightning has to try and track down Pickett in the Reveler's Quarter and give him his father's letter.

Lightning gives Pickett the letter from his father. She tells him that she, too, lost her parents, and so understands how he feels. At the same time, she tells him that she admires his strength, for he has managed to survive in much harder circumstances than her own. Job done, Lightning should return to Central Avenue and tell Gregory she has delivered the letter.

Lightning's words and the message in the letter have touched something in Pickett's heart. Gregory sees the shine in the boy's eye and new pride in the way he carries himself. Since talking to Lightning, Pickett has given up his criminal ways.
Gregory tells Lightning that Pickett's father was once a fellow hunter, and he vows that from now on, he will treat Pickett not as a child, but as a young man who has inherited the pride of his father.

Requirements: Available between 12 PM and 4 AM.
First Time Reward: 400 gil, Formal Silk Hat, Max HP +50, Strength +2, Magic +4
Subsequent Rewards: 600 gil, Max HP +20, Magic +4

If Lightning ventures to Fountain Square and stops near the Side Alley, Pickett, a kid with a chocobo on his shoulder, will steal 200 gil or a single Fireworks off Lightning. Chasing him and talking to him retrieves the belongings.

Gregory is a man with top hat in Central Avenue, who, upon hearing the boy stole something from Lightning, asks her to locate the boy and give him Father's Letter. Approaching Pickett and allowing him to steal the letter, Lightning must give chase and talk to him again. Returning to Gregory afterward completes the quest.

Fireworks for a StealEdit

Just off Hawker's Row in the Glutton's Quarter, Lightning meets Funicula, a fireworks lover set to open the world's first fireworks specialty shop...except that his entire stock has been stolen by monsters. Can Lightning recover the fireworks before the time runs out?

The monsters that made off with Funicula's fireworks have not gone very far. They are in the Champion's Quarter, prowling along the Road to War. Lightning must defeat the monsters, recover the fireworks, and return them to Funicula, who awaits at the entrance to the Glutton's Quarter.

Taking the fireworks from Lightning, the delighted Funicula sprints back to his shop so he can finally hold the grand opening. Lightning should head to Hawker's Row in the Glutton's Quarter and pay a visit to Funicula's shop. She might be able to buy the fireworks she needs.

Thanks to Lightning, Funicula can finally open his fireworks store. In his gratitude, he gives Lightning a whole armload of fireworks, free of charge. Lightning's good deed has paid dividends. She has the fireworks she wanted—and Funicula is saved by the savior.

Difficulty: ★★
Requirements: Available between 7 PM and 3 AM, during main quest 2-2 The Legend of the Savior.
Rewards: 1300 gil, Max HP +80, Strength +8, Magic +4, Vanguard Headdress
Subsequent Rewards: 2000 gil, Max HP +40, Strength +6, Magic +2

A man called Funicula dreams of opening a fireworks shop, but his wares were stolen by a monster. He is found in the west of Glutton's Quarter near the Road of War that leads towards the Slaughterhouse. The monster that has the Fireworks (x5), a Skata'ne, is fought in the Road of War, and afterward Lightning can either keep the Fireworks, or give them to Funicula to complete the quest. If she gives them to Funicula, he will run off. Following him and talking to him again earns 7 Fireworks, and completes the quest.

A Testing PropositionEdit

In the Champion's Quarter, next to the battle arena, Lightning meets a potion-peddling alchemist called Velno who makes an interesting proposition. Velno has made a fortifying tincture by mixing two deadly poisons, and she wants Lightning to test it out. It sounds dangerous, but the potion might prove useful in battle. Hint: You must free up a slot for the potion in your recovery items inventory.

Lightning receives a flask of the prototype potion that Velno has dubbed "Nektar." Apparently, Lightning is supposed to drink it as soon as she is hit with a status ailment. Once Lightning has tried the potion, she is to report back to Velno in the Champion's Quarter and let her know how it worked.

Velno's potion did not seem to do a thing. When Velno hears this, she presents Lightning with another concoction that she dubs "Nectar Mk II." This potion is an antidote, and should be used when Lightning is suffering from the effects of Poison. Once she has tried it, Lightning is to report back to Velno in the Champion's Quarter.

Velno's new potion actually worked. Delighted with her success, the alchemist mixes a stronger potion for Lightning to try. Dubbed "Mirakle Nektar," it is supposed to heal the soul itself. Lightning should drink it when she is afflicted with three or more status effects, then report back to Velno to let the alchemist know how it worked.

No more potion testing—Velno has a very different job for Lightning. Velno thinks that Lightning will make the perfect spokesperson for her new product, the Nektar of the Gods. Lightning is to fight in the Slaughterhouse, drink the potion in front of the crowd, then report back to Velno, who will wait in her usual spot in the Champion's Quarter.

A potion that makes you strong—and beautiful! Velno's shop is overrun with customers eager to snap up the latest potion innovation. The shop is raking in the gil, but for Velno, it is only a means to an end. Now she can stop worrying about money and return to her true passion: research into the nature of the physical and spiritual worlds.

Difficulty: ★★★
Requirements: None
Rewards: 3500 gil, Scholar's Mortarboard, Nektar of the Gods Ω, Max HP +120, Strength +8, Magic +12
Subsequent Rewards: 5300 gil, Max HP +60, Strength +4, Magic +10

Velno mans the General Store at the Slaughterhouse. Lightning must have at least one spare Recovery Item slot, as Velno asks her to test out a vial of Nektar. Lightning must obtain a status ailment through fighting a monster, then use the Nektar mid-battle, but it does nothing.

When Lightning reports back to Velno she is given Nektar Mk II that needs to be applied after being poisoned in a battle (the Dead Dunes Goblots are good for this). Speaking to Velno afterward obtains a replacement and Lightning needs to use the next remedy, Mirakle Nektar, when afflicted with three status ailments. After all this is done, returning to Velno obtains the Nektar of the Gods that must be used during a Slaughterhouse battle. Talking to Velno again afterward completes the quest.

Last DateEdit

Lightning runs into a crestfallen young man by the name of Lennet who makes a surprising suggestion—he asks Lightning for a date, in a place of the girl who canceled on him. If Lightning feels sorry enough for the young man, she should don her best outfit and meet him at the Banquet of the Lord, in the Glutton's Quarter. Lightning must complete the quest within the next three days. The date must take between seven and eleven o'clock in the evening.

Lennet did not tell the whole truth about his girlfriend. She did not just cancel on him—in fact, she died several days earlier. But when Lennet sees Lightning show up for the date, dressed in her beautiful outfit, his grief falls away. He believes that his girlfriend brought Lightning to him so that he could enjoy the date as they had planned it. With that revelation, his soul is saved.

Requirements: Available after 2-3 Solitary Patron, between 11 AM and 7 PM
Rewards: 500 gil, Crystal Heart, Max HP +50, Strength +3, Magic +5
Subsequent Rewards: 750 gil, Max HP +20, Magic +4

After talking to Lennet near the stairs to the Banquet of the Lord, Lightning must return between 7 PM and 11 PM and go to the Banquet of the Lord and talk to Lennet while wearing the Midnight Mauve garb to complete the quest. Lightning must do this within three days of accepting the quest or fail.

Free WillEdit

Fountain Square, the Reveler's Quarter. Lightning encounters a mysterious diviner who tells her that his colleague has used alchemic arts to acquire an eye that can see the future. If the two diviners are telling the truth, it might be worth Lightning's while to do as they bid her and follow her "true path as the savior."

According to the diviner's eye, Lightning is ordained to meet the diviners again, tomorrow at noon. It sounds less like an oracle and more like a command. But either way, if Lightning wants to continue her quest, she can come back at the appointed time. Or not. She has free will, and the choice is hers.

When Lightning shows up at the prophesized meeting, the diviners believe that they have her under their power.

The diviners tell her that they have seen a new oracle in which she collects three Desert Flame gems and brings them to the diviners. Desert Flames are in the possession of a certain traveling merchant, on an underground path, and on a street with an inn. If Lightning brings the gems to the diviners, does that mean she is in fact under their spell?

Lightning is completely under the diviners' control, or so they believe. They are emboldened enough to order Lightning to clear Yusnaan of the monsters that plague it. If Lightning does their bidding and hunts down all the Niblets in the city—including the Last One incarnation—she might at last uncover their true objective.

The diviners used their all-seeing eye to manipulate Lightning into helping the people of the city. As practitioners of the alchemic arts, they are committed to using their powers for the greater good, not for their own benefit.

In the end, Lightning did exactly what they asked, even fighting hordes of deadly monsters. She believes that every choice she made was her own free will... But how can she really be sure?

Difficulty: ★★★
Requirements: None
Rewards: 4500 gil, Summoner's Mask, Blue Mage, Max HP +140, Strength +8, Magic +12
Subsequent Rewards: 6800 gil, Max HP +80, Strength +4, Magic +8

The diviners are found in a shop near Fountain Square in the Reveler's Quarter. Upon accepting the quest, they tell Lightning to come back on the following day at noon. There is actually a grace period of six hours before and six hours after the given time of 12:00 noon, so Lightning will have to speak to the diviners on the following day between 06:00 and 17:59. She will then need to collect three Desert Flame gems.

The locations of the Desert Flame gems are listed below:

  • One Desert Flame gem can be found in the underground tunnel that passes beneath the Cactuar statue, North of the Reveler's Quarter.
  • One Desert Flame gem can be found by breaking the containers behind the Elegant Gentleman standing across from the inn outside the Augur's Quarter. Speaking with the Elegant Gentleman reveals that he coincidentally lost one of his Desert Flame gems and will reward Lightning with 6,000 gil in exchange for one.
  • Up to three Desert Flame gems are sold for 2,000 gil each by a merchant near the Monorail Station. Note that depending on how many Desert Flame gems Lightning is carrying at the time, affects the total number of gems offered by the merchant.

After giving the Desert Flame gems to the diviners, Lightning will be tasked with killing every Niblet, including the Last One (Niblet Ω). Talking to the diviners after bringing the Niblets to extinction will complete the quest.

Friends ForeverEdit

In the Reveler's Quarter, Lightning meets a young woman called Primrose, who is watching the chocobo show with rapt attention. Primrose claims that she herself is a chocobo, and that she is looking for her six chocobo companions. The girl looks human enough for Lightning, but her worry is real. Perhaps Lightning can help.

Amazingly, Primrose was telling the truth, and she really was a chocobo. Reunited with her six friends, she turns back into a chocobo chick and together they watch the chocobo show. Did she really turn into a human? Or was the Primrose that Lightning met an illusion, woven out of the hopes and dreams of the scattered chocobo friends?

Difficulty: ★★
Requirements: Available after completing the main quest 2-3 A Solitary Patron, between 11 AM and 3 AM.
First Time Rewards: 1800 gil, Chocoberet, Chocobo Figurine, Max HP +80, Strength +8, Magic +10
Subsequent Rewards: 2700 gil, Max HP +40, Strength +3, Magic +6

Primrose is a woman in Pleasure Alley near the stairs to Augur's Quarter. She claims to be a chocobo turned human who is looking for six lost chocobo chicks. It is easy to find them as Hope provides a list of their locations, and they appear as orange dots on the minimap.

  • There is a chick in Hero's Garden of Patron's Palace with a guard.
  • In Augur's Quarter, there is a chick with the man repairing the broken statue.
  • Next to Cactuar Statue, there is a chick with a sitting girl.
  • On Aromatic Market, below the stairs leading to Glutton's Quarter, there is a chick in a stall next to the fireworks.
  • In Hawker's Row, there is a chick with a woman sitting on a table in Terrace Cafe, below the stairs.
  • There is a chick to the west of Yusnaan Station, with a railway worker.

After finding all of the chicks, return to Primrose to complete the quest.

Family FoodEdit

In the Glutton's Quarter, on Hawker's Row, Lightning meets the owner of Seedy's restaurant. The food is top-notch but the owner's business sense isn't, and his restaurant teeters on the edge of collapse. Even his own son has given up on the business. The only person who can save the restaurant now is the renowned epicurean known as Gordon Gourmet.

Gordon Gourmet agrees to advise Seedy's restaurant, but declares that Lightning must deliver the message herself. But if she is to do that, she must familiarize herself with the basics of the culinary arts.

Lightning's task is to visit the top dining and drinking spots in the Glutton's Quarter and then report back to Gordon Gourmet at the Banquet of the Lord. The establishments are the Terrace Cafe, Fishy Flavors, The Meat Grill, The Veggie Parlor, the Stand 'n' Sip, and the Banquet of the Lord.

Gordon Gourmet explains that behind every successful restaurant is a special ingredient that makes their food stand out. Seedy's had this once--the rare civet musk--but the owner can no longer procure supplies, and that is part of the reason for his restaurant's decline.

Lightning should collect some civet musk from Schrodingers that prowl Yusnaan's Central Avenue, then return to Gordon Gourmet for more advice.

Lightning receives a recipe from Gordon Gourmet. Together with the civet musk she collected, this will surely be enough to save Seedy's restaurant. It is time to head to Hawker's Row and deliver the good news.

It turns out that Gordon Gourmet is the estranged son from Seedy's restaurant. When the father sees the recipe, his hands shake with excitement. After the dish is complete, he realizes that he wants nothing more than to welcome his son back to the restaurant, so they can run it together.

Perhaps is Gordon Gourmet were to taste his father's dish, he would be persuaded to return home. It is time for Lightning to deliver the Steal a la Civet to Gordon Gourmet, who awaits as usual in the Banquet of the Lord.

Lightning delivers the Steak a la Civet to Gordon Gourmet, who declares it a culinary masterpiece--just as his estranged father appears. The two are reconciled at last. Together, they will relaunch Seedy's restaurant and serve tasty meals for as long as the world still exists. This is good news for Lightning, who can now drop by any time she fancies a bite.

Difficulty: ★★
Requirements: None
First Time Rewards: 1500 gil, Chef's Hat, Max HP +120, Strength +8, Magic +4
Subsequent Rewards: 2300 gil, Max HP +40, Strength +6, Magic +3

Seedy's restaurant is on the southeast part of Glutton's Quarter. He asks Lightning to sample his food and after she has taken a bite, asks her to find Gordon Gourmet. He is found in the Banquet of the Lord on the east side of Glutton's Quarter, going up the stairs. Gordon asks Lightning to eat at all six restaurants in Glutton's Quarter. She can always buy the cheapest option to save money. The restaurants are marked on the map. Lightning should start by talking to the Maitre D' at the entrance to the Banquet of the Lord, then go downstairs to visit Terrace Cafe, Veggie Parlor, Fishy Flavors, Meat Grill, and Stand 'n Sip. Returning to Gordon Gourmet, he'll give Lightning a new challenge: defeat the great cat Schrodinger.

Once the cat is beaten Lightning receives the Civet Musk. Giving it to Gordon, he will give Lightning Gordon Gourmet's Recipe. Returning to Seedy's Owner, he will give Lightning Steal a la Civet to take back to Gordon. Taking the item to Gordon completes the quest.

Tanbam's TabooEdit

In the Champion's Quarter, in front of the battle arena, Lightning encounters a man gripped by remorse. Tanbam is his name, and he broke an alchemic taboo to create an ensorcelled machine. Powered by Chaos itself, the machine has already slain many brave fighters. The only person who can stop it now is the Slaughterhouse's knight of light--but even for her, it is a tall order. Can Lightning defeat the dread machine Desmond?

The machine that Lightning defeated was actually a living automaton, inhabited by the soul of Tanbam's brother. He had made victims of countless fighters--but then he himself was a victim of Tanbam's grim experiment. The code of alchemic ethics strictly forbids the manipulation of people's souls. Lightning tells Tanbam that he has no choice but to bear the guilt of his crime. Paradoxically, this knowledge saves Tanbam's soul.

Difficulty: ★★★
Requirements: Available after completing main quest 2-3 Solitary Patron, between 7 PM and 3 AM
First Time Rewards: 4200 gil, Nickel Gear, Max HP +140, Strength +12, Magic +8
Subsequent Rewards: 6300 gil, Max HP +80, Strength +10, Magic +4

Tanbam near the fenced area outside the Slaughterhouse asks Lightning to vanquish an automaton he's built. Accepting the battle challenge, Lightning receives Desmond Notes. Desmond is invulnerable to status ailments, but should not prove to difficult to defeat. Winning the battle completes the quest.

Play It for MeEdit

In the Champion's Quarter, just off Armor Alley, stands a famous Cactuar statue. Here Lightning encounters a young trumpeter by the name of Morris playing a very familiar tune. He can only play a few notes of the melody. If Lightning wants to hear more, she will have to collect the rest of the score from the musical treasure spheres. This is another of Lumina's games—but maybe it's worth Lightning's while to play along.

Lightning gives Morris the completed score, and he plays the melody to the end. It is called "Miracles," one of Serah's favorites. It is a song that means a great deal not only to Lightning, but Serah's former boyfriend, Snow. When Morris learns this, he vows to keep playing. Maybe the song will bring a little joy to the Patron and the city he rules.

Difficulty: ★★
Requirements: Available after Day 1, between 11 AM and 7 PM
First Time Rewards: 1500 gil, Crown of Youth, Max HP +80, Strength +8, Magic +4
Subsequent Rewards: 2300 gil, Max HP +40, Strength +6, Magic +2

Morris is found in Champion's Quarter on the steps playing few notes of the theme, "FINAL FANTASY XIII - The Promise", catching Lightning's attention. Morris gives Lightning item Musical Treasure Sphere Key so she can open treasure spheres that emit music notes and play "The Promise". They are all behind smashable containers. Nostalgic Score: Coda is west from Yusnaan Station in a dead end. Nostalgic Score: Chorus is behind the fenced area in Coliseum Square. Nostalgic Score: Refrain is atop the ladder east from the Cactuar Statue. Giving the three items to Morris concludes the quest.

Adoring AdornmentsEdit

Near the entrance to the Augur's Quarter, Lightning meets Candice, an aspiring baton twirler who just can't seem to get noticed. Candice believes that she needs to jazz up her wardrobe, and after seeing the dashing figure that Lightning cuts, decides she is just the person to help. Lightning's mission? To collect as many adornments as she can and deliver them to Candice.

When Candice sees the adornments that Lightning has collected, a light bulb goes off in her head. Her new style is going to attract more attention than her old, that's for sure. But she still needs more inspiration, and that means Lightning needs to collect more adornments.

When Candice sees the adornments that Lightning has collected, she is struck by another bolt of inspiration. Her new look is bound to set her apart from any crowd—but for Candice, it still isn't enough. Not if she really wants to be as magnetic as Lightning! Lightning's mission is not over. She must find more adornments to inspire Candice.

Candice's adornment makeover is a success. Her flashy new look is impossible to ignore, and crowds are flocking to her show. Finally, her peerless baton twirling skills are getting the attention they deserve. It is hard to put a name on Candice's unusual new look—but at the very least, her soul is saved. That is enough for Lightning.

Difficulty: ★★★
Requirements: Complete The Great Break-In main quest. Available between 7 PM and 3 AM.
First Time Rewards: 5000 gil, Carnival Mask, Max HP +140, Strength +8, Magic +12
Subsequent Rewards: 7500 gil, Max HP +80, Strength +4, Magic +8

Candice is a woman near the Statue of God in Augur's Quarter. After completing main quest 2-2 The Legend of the Savior, she moves to Pleasure Alley near base of stairs leading to Augur's Quarter.

For the first scene with Candice to trigger Lightning needs 10 adornments. For the second scene she needs 30, and for the third scene she needs 55 adornments. The player can simply get the required 55 adornments and talk to Candice three times in succession to complete the quest without needing to return to her more than once. Adornments are obtained by completing quests and by buying from outfitters.

Adoring CandiceEdit

The baton twirler Candice is the talk of the Augur's Quarter. Everyone knows her now, but her biggest fan remains Tomesso. He wants to confess his love by giving Candice a present, but the shop is always sold out. Tomesso is a busy young man, but maybe Lightning can go to the shop in his stead and buy the special adornment.

Tomesso wants to give Candice a pair of the trendy new heart glasses. The adornments shop on Hawker's Row in the Champion's Quarter sells two pairs in a neat gift glasses set. The price is 4,000 gil. The shop opens at 3:00 PM, and Lightning should buy them that afternoon.

Tomesso had been watching Candice's baton shows long before she hit it big. With Lightning's help, he is finally able to present her with a gift and confess his love—which she gladly accepts. As she watches them, Lightning is reminded of another pair of young lovers from centuries past. She opposed Serah and Snow's marriage for a long time, and she regrets that now. Perhaps if she had been there to see the love blossom between them, things would have been different...

Difficulty: ★★
Requirements: Complete Adoring Adornments. Available between 7 PM and 3 AM.
First Time Rewards: 1400 gil, Heart Glasses, Onion Knight's Helm, Max HP +80, Strength +8, Magic +4
Subsequent Rewards: 2100 gil, Max HP +40, Strength +6, Magic +3

Tomesso is a man near the guardpost on the stairs of Augur's Quarter. He admires Candice and asks Lightning to buy a gift he could give her. Lightning must head for Armor Alley between 3 PM and 5 PM and find a new salesman and for 4000 gil Lightning can buy Gift Glasses. Giving the item to Tomesso completes the quest.

Death SafariEdit

The suspicious gatekeeper, who once punched tickets for the Sneaking-In Special, is still at his post by the industrial area gate, but he is running a new event now. In Death Safari: A Battle Against Ferocious Monsters!, paying customers get to run around the industrial area slaying as many Niblets as they can. Sounds like fun.

To play the game, Lightning needs to enter the industrial area through the gate. Once there, she must seek out Niblets to fight, collect 30 Niblet-Defeater emblems, and present them to the gatekeeper.

Lightning has slain all the Niblets. Impressed by Lightning's feat, the gatekeeper gives her a ticket to a very special event. Lightning just needs to go to the warehouse district and present it to the gatekeeper's pal. The gatekeeper--whose name, he finally reveals, is Wedge—promises that she can expect a most dangerous game.

Difficulty: ★★
Requirements: Complete main quest 2-1 The Great Break-In
First Time Rewards: 1200 gil, Dark Devil Ears, Dazzling Devil Ears, Pure Angel Ears, Cautious Devil Ears, Max HP +80, Strength +8, Magic +4, and a Death Game Ticket
Subsequent Rewards: 1800 gil, Max HP +40, Strength +6, Magic +3, and a Death Game Ticket

After taking part in the sneaking-in tour during the main quest, returning to the Industrial Area allows the player to take part in the Death Safari, where Lightning must kill 30 Niblets and collect their bounty. Niblets will spawn in groups and each one killed drops Niblet-Defeater Emblem. Niblets are not difficult to defeat, but can spawn in large groups. After collecting 30 emblems, returning to the gatekeeper completes the quest.

Death GameEdit

Lightning has a ticket to enter a special event run by Wedge's friend, Biggs. It is called the Death Game, and it promises to live up to its billing.

In the Death Game, contestants try to slay as many monsters as possible inside the sealed warehouse district. Multiple attempts are allowed. The rules are simple, and go like this:

She was not sure she could do it, but Lightning has managed to survive the Death Game. Wedge and Biggs are seriously impressed. But Lightning now claims her reward. She demands that this be the last running of the event. The warehouse district is littered with the corpses of former contestants, and the so-called game is no more than an opportunity for those tired of their long lives to experience one last thrill before they die. Biggs and Wedge agree...and decide to get into another line of work.

  • Collect 30 Death Game points within the four-hour time limit.
  • Each slain monster is worth a point.
  • Contestants cannot restock items until they gain 30 points.
  • Losers forfeit their Death Game points.
  • To quit, examine the panel next to the entry gate.
Difficulty: ★★★
Requirements: Death Safari has been completed. Available between 6 AM and 2 AM.
First Time Rewards: 3800 gil, Dragoon, Emergency Beacon, Max HP +120, Strength +12, Magic +6
Subsequent Rewards: 5700 gil, Max HP +60, Strength +10, Magic +4

After completing Death Safari, Lightning gets a ticket to try out the Death Game. The game is played on the Warehouse District, near to where the path to the town lies. There is a time limit of four hours, and Lightning needs 30 points to win. Item replenishment is forbidden. Warehouse District will be a Chaos infusion.

As Chaos versions of opponents give good EP spoils, Lightning can keep her health up with Curaga and use Chronostasis. Each defeated enemy drops Death Game Point item and killing 30 enemies completes the quest. The enemies fought in the game are Gremlin, Anubys and Niblet.

The player can leave the quest unfinished until late in the game to preserve a location in constant Chaos infusion, to have a place to go to replenish EP if needed for teleportation, or otherwise. One can also use the quest to farm soul seeds.



Forge (Rare)Edit


Velno's Alchemic ProductsEdit

Item Price Availability
Remedy 580 gil Default
Phoenix Down 1280 gil Default
Faith Potion 640 gil Default
Vigilance Potion 480 gil Default
Potion 360 gil From Day 1 to Day 5
Hi-Potion 480 gil From Day 6
Mega Remedy 980 gil From Day 6
X-Potion 640 gil From Day 11
Bravery Potion 640 gil Complete A Testing Proposition quest.
Nektar of the Gods Ω 1,280 gil Complete A Testing Proposition quest.

Tavern OwnerEdit

Food Type Price
Warrior's Bourbon Restores some HP. 170 gil
Groggy Spirit Restores a great deal of HP. 300 gil
Berserker Brew Fully restores HP. 450 gil

Champion's QuarterEdit

Black Anvil ForgeEdit

Item Type Price Availability
Macuahuitl Weapon 4,900 gil Default
Godendag Weapon 72,000 gil Default
Liberator Weapon 4,900 gil From Day 1 to Day 5
Salvation Weapon 72,000 gil From Day 1 to Day 5
Scramasax Weapon 900 gil From Day 1 to Day 5
Double Cross Shield 500 gil From Day 1 to Day 5
Kikuichimonji Weapon 9,200 gil From Day 6
Kusanagi Weapon 85,000 gil From Day 6
Infidel Shield 2,600 gil Default
Renegade Shield 36,000 gil Default
Dragoon Gauntlet Shield 5,200 gil From Day 6
Chiron Gauntlet Shield 26,000 gil From Day 6
Morgenstern Weapon 360,000 gil From Day 10
Demon Knife Weapon 220,000 gil From Day 10
Blasphemy Shield 165,000 gil From Day 10
Yale Gauntlet Shield 155,000 gil From Day 10
Blasphemy Shield 165,000 gil From Day 10
Szczerbiec Weapon 680,000 gil Hard Mode
Masamune Weapon 450,000 gil Hard Mode
Heaven's Cloud Weapon 800,000 gil Hard Mode
Deicide Shield 420,000 gil Hard Mode
Apis Gauntlet Shield 228,000 gil Hard Mode
Echidna Gauntlet Shield 330,000 gil Hard Mode

Hero's Song OutfittersEdit

Item Type Price Availability
Quiet Guardian Garb 1,250 gil Default
Black Rose Garb 200,000 gil Hard Mode
Icy White Garb 200,000 gil Hard Mode
Splendid Admiral Garb 5,000 gil From Day 8
Intruder Garb 5,000 gil From Day 8
Glam Hat Adornment 340 gil Default
Thief's Silk Hat Adornment 340 gil Default
Lady's Silk Hat Adornment 340 gil Default
White Cat Ears Adornment 280 gil Default
Violet Cat Ears Adornment 280 gil Default
Wildcat Ears Adornment 280 gil Default
Herald's Banner Adornment 250 gil Default

Glutton's QuarterEdit

General Store DelightsEdit

Item Price Availability
Potion 360 gil From Day 1 to Day 5
Hi-Potion 480 gil From Day 6
X-Potion 640 gil From Day 11
Remedy 580 gil Default
Mega Remedy 980 gil From Day 6
Phoenix Down 1,280 gil Default
Bravery Potion 640 gil Default
Vigilance Potion 480 gil Default

The Banquet of the LordEdit

Food Type Price
Snow Special Restores some HP. 170 gil
Haute Cuisine Restores a great deal of HP. 300 gil
Bacchus's Brew Fully restores HP. 450 gil

Terrace CafeEdit

Food Type Price
Fluffy Flan Restores some HP. 170 gil
Arcanjelly Restores a great deal of HP. 300 gil
Chaos Parfait Fully restores HP. 450 gil

The Veggie ParlorEdit

Food Type Price
Pea Soup Restores some HP. 170 gil
Gysahl Stew Restores a great deal of HP. 300 gil
Sylkis Roast Fully restores HP. 450 gil


Available after completing Family Food quest.

Food Type Price
Deep-Fried Niblet Hairball Restores some HP. 170 gil
Marinated Miniflan Restores a great deal of HP. 300 gil
Feline Steak Fully restores HP. 450 gil

Fishy FlavorsEdit

Food Type Price
Starfish & Chips Restores some HP. 170 gil
Grilled Desert Sahagin Restores a great deal of HP. 300 gil
Dragonite Sushi Fully restores HP. 450 gil

The Meat GrillEdit

Food Type Price
Beheburger Restores some HP. 170 gil
Fried Munchkin Restores a great deal of HP. 300 gil
Fuzzy Genghis Khan Fully restores HP. 450 gil

The Veggie ParlorEdit

Food Type Price
Pea Soup Restores some HP. 170 gil
Gysahl Stew Restores a great deal of HP. 300 gil
Sylkis Roast Fully restores HP. 450 gil

Stand 'n' SipEdit

Food Type Price
Green Cherry Restores some HP. 170 gil
Atlas Beer Restores a great deal of HP. 300 gil
Fire in a Bottle Fully restores HP. 450 gil

Hawker's RowEdit

Outfitters MarionetteEdit

Item Type Price Availability
Velvet Bouncer Garb 1,250 gil Default
Reflective Shades Adornments 260 gil Default
Balmy Shades Adornments 260 gil Default
Ocean Shades Adornments 260 gil Default
Dreamy Shades Adornments 260 gil Default
Crown of Passion Adornments 420 gil Default
Crown of Purity Adornments 420 gil Default
Crown of Light Adornments 420 gil Default
Fairy Tail Adornments 280 gil Default
Imp Tail Adornments 280 gil Default
Merry Tail Adornments 280 gil Default
Untamed Tail Adornments 280 gil Default
Crimson Bloom Garb 200,000 gil Hard Mode
Violet Twilight Garb 200,000 gil Hard Mode
Danse Macabre Garb 10,000 gil From Day 8, requires "Roadworks III" Canvas of Prayers quest completed.
Splendid Admiral Garb 5,000 gil From Day 8
Intruder Garb 5,000 gil From Day 8

Fountain SquareEdit

Shop OwnerEdit

Food Type Price
Holy Sap Restores some HP. 170 gil
Golden Nectar Restores a great deal of HP. 300 gil
Rose Liqueur Fully restores HP. 450 gil

Augur's QuarterEdit

Nix and Styria General StoreEdit

Item Price Availability
Potion 360 gil From Day 1 to Day 5
Phoenix Down 1,280 gil Default
Bravery Potion 640 gil Default
Hi-Potion 480 gil From Day 6
X-Potion 640 gil From Day 11

Arty OutfittersEdit

Item Type Price Availability
Cyber Jumpsuit Garb 1,250 gil Default
Primavera Garb 1,250 gil Default
Candy Raver Garb 5,000 gil From Day 8
Dark Orchid Garb 100,000 gil Hard Mode
Raven Mask Adornment 380 gil Default
Golden Mask Adornment 380 gil Default
Moonlight Mask Adornment 380 gil Default
Crimson Mask Adornment 380 gil Default
Cute Bunny Ears Adornment 320 gil Default
Adult Bunny Ears Adornment 320 gil Default
Enticing Bunny Ears Adornment 320 gil Default
Wild Bunny Ears Adornment 320 gil Default
Smiley Glasses Adornment 350 gil Default
Frosty Glasses Adornment 350 gil Default
Angelic Glasses Adornment 350 gil Default


Food Type Price
Rose Hip Tea Restores some HP. 170 gil
Ton Berringnon Restores a great deal of HP. 300 gil
Regole's Brew Fully restores HP. 450 gil


Food Type Price
Aperitif Restores some HP. 170 gil
Mushroom Pasta Restores a great deal of HP. 300 gil
Velvety Flan Fully restores HP. 450 gil

Lower CityEdit

The shops appear at the Lower City only at night.

Soldier's Pit ResourcesEdit

Item Price
Anubys Notes 180 gil
Skata'ne Notes 180 gil
Desdemona Notes 120 gil

Itinerant ChefEdit

Food Type Price
Crummy Sandwich Restores some HP. 170 gil
Vegetable Pate Restores a great deal of HP. 300 gil
Chaos Kabsa Full restores HP. 450 gil

Patron's PalaceEdit

Palace Guard SuppliesEdit

Item Price Availability
Phoenix Down 1,280 gil Default
Potion 360 gil From Day 1 to Day 5
Hi-Potion 480 gil From Day 6
X-Potion 640 gil From Day 11

Cargo StationEdit

Goldmine GoodsEdit

Only available from 18:00 to 03:00.

Item Price Availability
Remedy 580 gil Default
Phoenix Down 1,280 gil Default
Bravery Potion 640 gil Default
Faith Potion 640 gil Default
Warrior's Potion 840 gil Default
Potion 360 gil From Day 1 to Day 5
Hi-Potion 480 gil From Day 6
Mega-Remedy 980 gil From Day 6
X-Potion 640 gil From Day 11


Creation and developmentEdit

Yusnaan was inspired by a blend of Renaissance and Middle Eastern cultures,[3] as well as by the real-world location Las Vegas.[4] Yusnaan borrows elements from Serendipity and Nautilus, also "cities of pleasure" in their respective games.

Other appearancesEdit

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain CallEdit

Ballroom of the Grand Palace appears in Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call as a Battle Music Sequence. The Yusnaan city appears as a Field Music Sequence.

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