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Yuri Lowenthal

Yuri Lowenthal (born March 5, 1971) is an American actor and voice actor known chiefly for his work in television and film animation. Lowenthal has a production company Monkey Kingdom Productions with his wife, Tara Platt. He voiced Cecil Harvey in the 3D remake of Final Fantasy IV.


Game Release Character
Final Fantasy XII 2006 Reks
Final Fantasy IV 2008 Cecil Harvey
Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete 2009 Midgar Edge Inhabitants
Dissidia Final Fantasy 2009 Cecil Harvey
Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy 2011 Cecil Harvey
Final Fantasy Explorers 2018 Cecil Harvey*(Archived audio)
Dissidia Final Fantasy NT 2018 Cecil Harvey
World of Final Fantasy Maxima 2018 Cecil Harvey


He is best known for voicing Sasuke in the Naruto series, teen Ben in Ben 10 Alien Force, Haseo in the .hack series, Suzaku Kururugi in Code Geass and Simon in Gurren Lagann. He also voiced Shinra Kishitani in Durarara!!!.

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