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Yunalesca artwork
It is better for you to die in hope than to live in despair. Let me be your liberator.
—Lady Yunalesca

Lady Yunalesca (ユウナレスカ, Yuunaresuka?) is a non-player character and antagonist from Final Fantasy X, who also briefly appears in Final Fantasy X-2. She was the first summoner to defeat Sin and bring forth the Calm.



Yunalesca is a slim woman with long silver hair with a short side fringe and long bangs. In battle, her hair splays out around her in tendrils. She wears a blue headband around her forehead, ornamented on the sides above her ears with four longish green ribbons that end in blue beads and pale yellow tassels that point up. On either side of her head the headdress also has two very long plumes of white fading into pale turquoise that zigzag and make 'M' shapes. She has narrowed yellow eyes and fair skin.

Yunalesca wears a blue-and-black bra with a curlicue design and linked in front by a yellow chain, and a black thong with a thin yellow-tasseled belt around her waist, two gold bracelets on either wrist, blue armbands and wristbands, green sashes decorated with the Yevon symbols and backed with sea-foam green attached with blue circles to either side of her thong, silver anklets and a blue garter around her left thigh. She also wears a blue necklace of beads that resembles seashells or fangs.


Yunalesca is frank and to-the-point no matter the reactions of those present. While she can be kind, she is also merciless and cares only about upholding the teachings of Yevon, not hesitant to strike down those who dare to question them. Yunalesca is not open to the ideas of others, viewing Spira as doomed without the service she provides.


Final Fantasy XEdit

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Zaon & Yunalesca

Zaon and Yunalesca appearing in Seymour's sphere projection.

Around the time her father Yu Yevon created Sin, Yunalesca and her husband Zaon were said to have escaped Zanarkand's destruction. According to Maechen, motivated by her desire to protect Spira from Sin, Yunalesca argued with Bevelle to provide a means to temporarily dispose of Sin in return for her father to be honored, thus establishing the Yevon religion. Dying after using Zaon as the fayth of her Final Aeon, the unsent Yunalesca took residence in the Zanarkand Dome where she greets the summoners at the end of their pilgrimage and explains the fundamentals of the Final Summoning; a guardian who has a strong bond with their summoner must be sacrificed to create the fayth for the Final Summoning.

For a millennium this tradition went unchallenged until the arrival of summoner Braska, with one of his guardians, Auron, objecting to such false hope. Braska's other guardian, Jecht, offered to become Braska's Final Aeon and after Braska's sacrifice, Auron confronted Yunalesca. Yunalesca mortally wounded Auron, who made it to just outside of Bevelle and passed away, becoming an unsent himself, spurred on by the promises he'd made Jecht and Braska.

Ten years later, Yuna follows in her father's footsteps and becomes a summoner with the unsent Auron as one of her guardians. Auron seeks to avenge his comrades' deaths and though he wasn't strong enough to defeat Yunalesca alone, joining Yuna's pilgrimage with Jecht's son Tidus provides him a new opportunity at this feat. The group arrives to the Zanarkand Dome and Yuna renounces Yunalesca's ideals once learning the truth of the Final Summoning and Sin's continual rebirth. Though Yunalesca attempts to put Yuna and her guardians out of their "misery," she is defeated and finds herself fading, cursing them for dooming all of Spira to the sorrow of Sin while lamenting to Zaon that the world's last hope is gone.

Final Fantasy X-2Edit

Yunalesca in FFX-2

Yunalesca transforming into Chac in Final Fantasy X-2.

In Final Fantasy X-2, Yunalesca ends up in the Via Infinito under Bevelle, where she remains for the next two years. Without a purpose, Yunalesca becomes the fiend Chac but is finally put to rest by the Gullwings. In the International and HD Remaster versions, Yunalesca and Zaon are briefly seen in the ending of the YAU-71's fiend tale.


Final Fantasy XEdit

Main article: Yunalesca (Boss)

The party fights Yunalesca in the Zanarkand Ruins. She has three forms, the last two of which often inflict Zombie status on the party.

Final Fantasy X-2Edit

Main article: Chac

The party fights Yunalesca in her fiend form Chac at the Via Infinito.

Other AppearancesEdit

Final Fantasy Airborne BrigadeEdit

FFAB Yunalesca

Yunalesca appears in Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade as an enemy during an event called "Showdown". In battle, Yunalesca uses Mind Blast.

Final Fantasy Trading Card GameEdit

Yunalesca TCG

Yunalesca's boss form from Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade appears as an Ice-elemental card.



[view  · edit  · purge]Yuuna is the Okinawan word for Sea Hibiscus.


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