Final Fantasy XEdit


Beginning of battleEdit

Yuna: You sure you're alright?
Tidus: Never better!
—Requires Yuna and Tidus present at the beginning of battle.

Yuna: It is an honor, Sir Auron.
Auron: Thanks.
—Requires Yuna and Auron present at the beginning of battle.

Yuna: Ah...
Lulu: Yuna, focus.
—Requires Yuna and Lulu present at the beginning of battle on the Djose Highroad to the Moonflow.

Yuna: A lotta fiends here, ya?
Lulu: Don't talk like that.
—Requires Yuna and Lulu present at the beginning of battle on the Djose Highroad to the Moonflow.

I'm sorry, everyone.
—Requires Yuna telling the party about her plan to marry Seymour.

Hold on, Kimahri!
—At Bevelle Highbridge, after Tidus and Yuna decide to rescue Kimahri.

My will is strong.
Father... give me strength.
—At The Calm Lands.

I will fight too!
—Facing Chimera, in Butterfly hunt.

Entering BattleEdit

I'm here!

Yuna here!

Let them come.

I'm ready.
—At Besaid and Kilika.

Let me help!
—At Mi'ihen Highroad

Summoner Yuna, ready!
My turn.
—Moonflow - South bank Road

—At Thunder Plains.

You couldn't reach the Farplane...
—Facing Ghost.

Story-related encountersEdit

Yuna: You may be a maester, but I will still fight!
Seymour: Your eyes, they burn with resolve... Beautiful.
—"Talk" during Seymour battle in Macalania Temple.

Tidus: Yuna! The new aeon!
Yuna: O fayth, lend me strength!
—Requires Yuna and Tidus present of the battle against Anima in Macalania Temple.

Seymour Natus: It is good to see you again, Lady Yuna, but you don't seem pleased...
Yuna: I'll only be pleased when you're gone to the Farplane!
—"Talk" during Seymour Natus battle on Bevelle Highbridge.

Seymour Flux: Do you not want to heal Spira's sorrow?. Let death carry you off into peaceful slumber.
Yuna: You can't run from your fate!
—"Talk" during Seymour Flux battle on Mt. Gagazet.

Using AttackEdit

Yuna hits attacks something.
Lulu: Let us guardians handle the likes of these.
—Requires Yuna and Lulu present in battle at Besaid and Kilika.

Using SummonEdit

Please, fight with us!
Hang in there.
Be strong...
—Summons Valefor.

Will us?
—Summons Ifrit.

My name's Yuna. Pleased to meet you.
—Summons Ixion.

Please help us.
—Summons Shiva.

Oh, my...
—Summons Bahamut.

I will share your pain with you.
—Summons Anima.

Please, clear us a path!
—Summons Yojimbo.

We need all your help!
—Summons The Magus Sisters.

I believe in you.
—To Anima and Yojimbo.


Mend us.

D-Don't Move! / Stop!

White MagicEdit

Aid us.

Heal us.

Cure us.

Light shine strong, our woe begone!

Light shine strong, magicks begone!

Return to us.

You shall be restored.

A salvation promised...

Veil of light, ward wizardly might!

Armor of light, halt physical might.

Mirror of light, reflect magical spite!

A wellspring of health...

Shield us from frigid blight.

Shield us from fiery fury.

Shield us from thunderous bane.

Shield us from watery woe.

Light our way.


Yuna is revived by Lulu.
Lulu: Don't strain yourself.
Yuna: All right.
—Requires Yuna and Lulu present in battle in Besaid and Kilika.

Yuna is revived by Tidus.
Tidus: You wanna rest?
Yuna: I'll be okay.
—Requires Yuna and Tidus present in battle in Besaid and Kilika.

Yuna is revived by Wakka, Kimahri or Auron.
Yuna: Thank you.
—Requires Yuna and Wakka/Kimahri/Auron present in battle in Besaid and Kilika.

Yuna is revived by any character.
Yuna: I'm sorry.
—At Moonflow.


We're doing all right.

Oh, phew!
—At Kilika.

Thank you, everyone!
—At Kilika and Djose Highroad.

Thank you!
—At Mi'ihen Highroad.

I thought we were done for.
—Party critically injured, at Besaid and Kilika.

Game OverEdit

I have to defeat Sin...

Final Fantasy X-2Edit


Beginning of battleEdit

Let's do it!
No problem.
Gullwings, at your service.
Hi, there.

Everyone, stay close!
Ugh... no sweat.
Critical status

It's party time, anything goes!
Zenkai de ikuyo (Translation: Let's give it our all)
Yuuna, mairimasu (Translation: Yuna's here)
International/HD Remaster exclusives

With RikkuEdit

Rikku: Time to clean up.
Yuna: Right behind you.

Yuna: Let's go Gullwings.
Rikku: Yeah, let's do it!

Rikku: What time?
Yuna: Showtime.

Rikku: I got a good feeling about this one.
Yuna: Me too.

Rikku: Ready?
Yuna: You betcha.

Yuna: This'll take... two rounds.
Rikku: Gimme one!

Yuna: What's the password?
Rikku: How 'bout: "Don't screw up!"?

Yuna: Could be trouble...
Rikku: I don't like this one bit!

Rikku: Wanna run?
Yuna: Maybe we should.
Critical status

With PaineEdit

Yuna: Piece of cake?
Paine: Where's the fun in that?

Paine: All yours, Yuna.
Yuna: Where are you going?

Yuna: You're going down!
Paine: That's the spirit.

Yuna: Don't get careless.
Paine: Who, me?

Paine: I got this.
Yuna: Hey, I wanna fight, too.

Paine: Come get some.
Yuna: Paine gets all the good lines.

Yuna: Got any ideas?
Paine: That's your department.
Critical status

With Rikku and PaineEdit

Rikku: Let's finish this, lickity-split.
Yuna: Think we can break our record?
Paine: Let's just win.

Rikku: You think this'll be hard?
Paine: Only one way to find out.
Yuna: Well, what are we waiting for?

Yuna: Bring it!
Rikku: She's sure getting into this.
Paine: She's trying.

Paine: Guess I'll take a break.
Rikku: What?!
Yuna: Hey, we need you.

Paine: Easy.
Yuna: You really think so?
Rikku: Less talk, more fight.

Yuna: Give me a Y!
Rikku: Give me an R!
Paine: Give me a break.

Story-related encountersEdit

Chapter OneEdit

Where's the impostor?
—During the fight against Logos and Ormi in Luca.

A trial.
—During the battle against Flame Dragon in Besaid Cave.

This is getting old.
—During the battle against Guardian Beast in Zanarkand.

Chapter TwoEdit

Time to clobber the robber.
—During the battle against Logos, Ormi, and Leblanc in Chateau Leblanc.

What are you doing!?
—During the battle against Baralai in the Bevelle Underground.

Chapter ThreeEdit

I'm sorry.
—During the battle against Valefor in Besaid Temple.

It's been a while...
—During the battle against Yojimbo in the Cavern of the Stolen Fayth.

Chapter FiveEdit

—During the battle against Shiva in the Farplane.

Not you, too.
—During the battle against Cindy, Sandy, and Mindy in the Farplane.

Forgive me.
—During the battle against Anima in the Farplane.

Yuna: Ready?!
Rikku: Let's kick some tail!
Paine: You're on!
—Start of battle against Vegnagun (tail)

Paine: Leblanc never stood a chance against this thing.
Rikku: Well... we've got a leg up on her!
Yuna: Save the jokes for later.
—Start of battle against Vegnagun (leg)

Shake a leg!
—End of battle against Vegnagun (leg)

Yuna: It's so big!
Rikku: Woo-hoo! No more climbing!
Paine: Could you please focus?
—Start of battle against Vegnagun (body)

Yuna: We did it!
Rikku: Phew...
Paine: Hmph.
Yuna: Where's Shuyin?
—End of battle against Vegnagun (body)

Changing dresspheresEdit

Resistance is futile!
I've got you in my sights!
You can't run or hide, so why bother?
—After changing into Gunner.

Prepare for a phantasmagoric panoply of magical power! Your abilities will be mine!
My gun cries out for you!
Time to let the magic fly.
One enchanted bullet, just for you.
—After changing into Gun Mage.

Need some items tossed around? I'm your girl.
Time to raid the secret stash.
I've been saving these just for you.
Better make this count.
—After changing into Alchemist.

Stand in my way and I'll cut you down.
Believe in the sword.
Strength isn't my only weapon!
I will clear a path.
—After changing into Warrior.

One sword in my hand, a thousand knights in battle. Go on, take your pick.
My enemies fall to the stroke of a blade.
Nothing a little hack and slash wouldn't fix.
Now your life is in my hands.
—After changing into Samurai.

As I bear this darkness into battle, my suffering becomes my strength.
Darkness is not my enemy.
Darkness is a double-edged sword... but what can you do?
May the shadows be my strength.
—After changing into Dark Knight.

Sometimes you just have to hack your way through.
I'm not afraid to be rough.
You'll never know what hit you.
Mind if I... go a little nuts?
—After changing into Berserker.

Well, this is no time for stage fright.
Let's start the show!
Might as well have some fun.
I'm still not used to this.
—After changing into Songstress.

The four great elements heed my call!
A storm of magic rages within me.
Hmm, where to begin?
Double, double, toil and trouble.
—After changing into Black Mage.

I'll help with all my might.
I won't let you fall.
I will be our shield.
Believe in the light.
—After changing into White Mage.

All in the wrist, huh?
I don't play fair.
You won't be needing that, will you?
Let me take that off your hands.
—After changing into Thief.

A girl's best friend.
What's the matter? Hungry?
Cut 'em to bits, and bits, and bits.
Be a good boy.
—After changing into Trainer.

Everybody, stand back. I'll show you how it's done.
I don't even need to load the dice.
Win or lose, it's all a matter of luck.
A little luck never hurts!
—After changing into Lady Luck.

Let's leave our worries behind, and have us some fun!
No reason we can't have fun along the way!
Smells like party time to me!
This hardly feels like fighting at all!
—After changing into Festivalist.

Pure energy; a power beyond all human knowledge!
I can't hold it back any longer!
Feel the power of the mind!
I can sense my powers growing.
—After changing into Psychic.

I'm supposed to fight in this? Well, okay.
As deadly as I am cute...
I'm getting the hang of this.
It's hot in here.
—After changing into Mascot.

A power too great to be bridled can only be set free!
I'll fight you to my last breath.
I've got this one covered.
It's too late for regrets.
—After changing into Floral Fallal.

Dressphere abilitiesEdit

General commandsEdit

This'll do it!

Time to act!

Here goes!

I got it!

You're mine!

That's enough from you!

Oshimai. (Translation: The end.)
Korede sayonara. (Translation: This is the end for you.)
International/HD Remaster exclusives



No junk, please.
What'cha hiding?
I'll take that.
Got anything I need?
You're an easy target.
Hope you don't mind.
—Using Steal or Flimflam abilities

Guess we can earn it back later...
Whatever works, I guess.
Spending spree!
—Using Spare Change/Bribe abilities



Hey! Eyes on me!
This is a little embarrassing.
Let's get moving!
—When using Dance.

Wanna sing along?
Listen up!
May as well let loose!
—When using Sing.

Black MageEdit

Cool off!
Cold spell coming!
Blizzard, Blizzara or Blizzaga

One, one thousand...
Do I hear... thunder?
Thunder, Thundara or Thundaga

Get wet!
Never turn your back to the sea!
Take a shower!
Water, Watera or Waterga

Where there's smoke...
The flame consumes all.
Dance, flames!
Fire, Fira or Firaga

White MageEdit

This'll help.
Everyone, stay strong!
You okay?
I've got you!
Be strong.
Cure, Cura, Curaga, Esuna or Life

Any better?
Come on.
Let's play it safe.
Protect, Shell, Reflect, or Regen

It is not over!
All shall be restored.
—When using Full-Cure

Gun MageEdit

Feel the power of fiends unleashed.
This is no ordinary bullet.
Anything goes for gun mage Yuna!
—When using Blue Bullet.

This should do the trick.
Here's your silver bullet!
This one's just for you!
—When using Fiend Hunter.


Now's as good a time as any.
I knew this would come in handy.
Good thing I saved this.

Hmm... If that goes here, then...
I hope this works.
Trust me, I know what I'm doing!

Dark KnightEdit

Try this on for size!
Here goes!
Behave yourself.

May pain be my blade.
My suffering mirrors yours.
This had better be worth it...

Never underestimate Yuna.


My turn.
One cut, one kill.

Lady LuckEdit

I can hardly look.
It's all or nothing!
So, what've we got this time?
Take a chance!
—Using Two Dice or Four Dice

Ohh... please, please, please!
Hope this works.
Fall under my spell.
—Using Tantalize

Thanks for playing.
I guess it was the luck of the draw.
Game over, man! Game. Over.


No holding back.
Yuna gone wild!
Time to let off some steam.

This is goodbye!
You're outta here!
Hope you like to travel!


Sic 'em!

Good doggy.
Good boy!
Have a biscuit, boy!


Let's party.
Here I go!
Don't wanna miss this one.
This is fun!
Here comes a big one!
—Using Festivities abilities


My body withers that my mind may prevail.
I. Am. Power.
Let's settle this... my way!
—Using Excellence

Nobody move!
Hang on just a sec.
Flow of time... heed my call!
—Using Time Trip


Floral FallalEdit


Flower Power!
My pistils are loaded.
She loves you not!
—Using Great Whirl ability

Right PistilEdit
Left PistilEdit

General Abilities and Magic SpellsEdit

Dance flames!
Where there's smoke...
The flame consumes all!
—Casting fire-type spell (Fire, Fira, Firaga, Heat Whirl)

Hope you're ready for a heat wave!
Magical meltdown!
—Using Flare, Flare Whirl

This is goodbye.
Hope you like to travel.
—Using Eject ability (Eject, Kogoro Strike)

Let's take a look...
Just how tough are you?
So, what's your weakness?
—Using Scan

Using ItemEdit

Using EscapeEdit


—Deals zero damage or misses

Killing BlowEdit

See ya.

Don't miss!


—After Yuna or other party member delivers a killing blow


Too easy.

Take that!

That's it?!

All right!

I could get used to this.

Signed and sealed!

I'm ready for more.

No problem!

Nice work!

Stronger than you thought, huh?

Yuna & Rikku: Gullwings take the gold!

Yuna & Rikku: Heeyah!

Yuna & Paine: All right!

Yuna: We won!
Paine: An empty win.

Yuna: Duck soup!
Paine: Duck what?

That was close!
That was a close call.
I thought we were goners.
Rikku: Ouch...
Yuna: That was bad.
Rikku: You okay, Yunie?
Yuna: I'll live...
Paine: You alright?
Yuna: I guess...
Yuna: Hooh...
Paine: Don't let your guard down.
Critical status




Somebody? ...Anybody?

This is all wrong.

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Final Fantasy X-2: Last MissionEdit

Changing DresspheresEdit

I feel so in control.
—After changing into Gunner.

Magic bullets. Your move!
—After changing into Gun Mage.

No point in being stingy.
—After changing to Alchemist.

Nothing like a good sword.
—After changing into Warrior.

Be one with the blade.
—After changing into Samurai.

Powers of darkness!
—After changing into Dark Knight.

Here comes everything.
—After changing into Berserker.

Time for a song.
—After changing into Songstress.

Feel my power!
—After changing into Black Mage.

By my light.
—After changing into White Mage.

They'll never see me coming.
—After changing into Thief.

Here boy, good boy!
—After changing into Trainer.

Let the dice fall where they may.
—After changing into Lady Luck.

It's so hot.
—After changing into Mascot.

A girl's gotta have fun.
—After changing into Psychic.

I could almost forget I'm fighting!
—After changing into Festivalist.

Here we go.
I hope this will do.
Is this alright?
Clothes don't make the woman.
—After changing into any dressphere.

It's not really my style....
What am I looking at here?
I guess anything goes in the Gullwings.
—After changing into a Leblanc Syndicate member.

Take over for me.
Switch with me.
It's up to you now.
—Before switching to another character.

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