Yugiri Mistwalker is a character from Final Fantasy XIV, a female Au Ra Raen. Introduced in Patch 2.2, she is the leader of a group of refugees that fled from Doma to Eorzea. She is a Ninja.getting an audience with the Syndicate to plead her case. Many of her fellow refugees note how she pushes herself for their cause. Due to the support vouched by Alphinaud Leveilleur and the Scions of the Seventh Dawn, she pledges her assistance out of gratitude. She attempts to maintain a calm, even temperament, although sometimes her bewilderment at certain aspects of Eorzea gets the better of her.


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Through the MaelstromEdit

Yugiri Kasasagi Kikyo

Yugiri arrives in Vesper Bay with Kasasagi and Kikyo.

Yugiri is first seen on the docks in Vesper Bay, requesting to meet the leader to the bemused citizens in the village. Urianger overhears the commotion outside the Waking Sands and relays this to the other Scions, who request the adventurer to investigate. Following her, the adventurer finds her being turned away at the Royal Promenade of Ul'dah. Alphinaud overhears her story, and invites her and the adventurer to discuss it at the Quicksand. She explains she's from a galleon of refugees of Doma, a vassal of Garlemald. A war of succession had recently broken out, implying the Emperor Solus has passed away. During the civil war, Doma attempted to revolt only to be put down by other Garlean forces and razed as a warning to other nations, the survivors fleeing across the sea in galleons.

Using his connections, Alphinaud arranges a meeting with the Sultana and the Syndicate. While her plea for sanctuary is endorsed by Teledji Adeledji, it is declined by a majority vote due to lingering distrust of the Ala Mhigan refugees that had been invited years ago. Discussing the matter with Raubahn and Teledji Adeledji at the Hall of Flames, Alphinaud suggests they could be relocated to Revenant's Toll in Mor Dhona, which has ample room for refugees, in exchange for frontier work. Telediji agrees to foot the bill for transporting them, while Minfilia makes arrangements with the Adventurer's Guild.

FFXIV Thancred & Yugiri

Thancred and Yugiri battling the sahagins.

In gratitude for their support, Yugiri pledges her blade to the Scions' cause, and accompanies them to investigate the reawakening of Leviathan. During the confrontations with the Sahagin, she demonstrates a proficiency with blades that resembles Thancred's knife skills. Minfilia later confirms of Thancred's less savory history with Limsa Lominsa's underground where he learned his skills, and arranges for Yugiri (and the adventurer) to meet with this shadowy guild. Intrigued, Yugiri promises to teach the Eorzeans her combat style, hoping to run a dojo someday.

Before the FallEdit


Yugiri unmasked.

When the Scions are betrayed by the Crystal Braves and framed for the assassination of Nanamo Ul Namo, Yugiri rescues Tataru and bring her to Camp Dragonhead in Coerthas to join up with the Adventurer and Alphinaud. In the process, her mask was torn off, revealing her face for the first time. She promises to use the resources of the Doman ninjas to assist the remaining Scions.

Final Fantasy XIV: HeavenswardEdit

FFXIV Yugiri Halatali

Yugiri accompanies the surviving Scions to rescue Raubahn at Halatali.

Yugiri and her shinobis help the adventurer and Alphinaud investigate on the location of Raubahn's prison and discover he was imprisoned in Halatali. Yugiri accompanies the adventurer and Alphinaud battling the Crystal Braves led by Ilberd and free Raubahn from the dungeon.

The Far Edge of FateEdit

Yugiri returns to aid the Scions in investigating The Griffin's plot to attack Baelsar's Wall. She accompanies Yda and Papalymo as they infiltrate secret tunnels underneath the Wall to try to reason with the Griffin. While on the way, the Griffin launches the attack, and Alphinaud soon realizes it was a false flag operation due the attackers wearing Grand Company uniforms. Alphinaud rushes off to warn them of the danger, as the Warrior of Light assaults Castrum Oriens to climb the Wall.

Yugiri and the Scions catch up to the Warrior of Light as he defeats te Griffin, who reveals himself to be Ilberd. As he enacts his plan to summon a great primal above the Wall, Yugiri and the others escape as Papalymo sacrifices himself to seal away the primal in a coccoon of light. Yugiri is later seen with Y'shtola and a grief-stricken Yda monitoring the sealed primal.

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FFXIV Yugiri Battle

Yugiri's battle stance.

Yugiri appears as a guest in several main scenario quests. She fights with a pair of daggers and can use Rogue abilities.

Creation and developmentEdit

Because the Au Ra character models were not ready even for demonstration until December 2014, while patch 2.2 was released some nine months prior, on a technical level the model used to represent Yugiri in her appearances in patches 2.2 and 2.4 is actually that of a heavily-modified female Miqo'te, utilizing a custom-built tail, gloves, tunic and headpiece. The headpiece ensures no facial expressions are obvious, but the general posture, idle, and talk animations for Yugiri utilize the standard Miqo'te animation skeleton. Even with her face revealed, in 2.55 she still used a Miqo'te animation skeleton; in Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward, she began using a true Au Ra model.

The art released in December 2014 for the Au Ra features a different design for the tail compared to Yugiri's placeholder model, suggesting that some design changes for the Au Ra may have occurred between 2.2's release and the formal Au Ra reveal at Tokyo Fan Fest nine months later.

A slight "flop" in Yugiri's horns was noted when she moved in 2.2 leading many to suspect they were ears rather than horns. The Au Ra horns seen to date are rigid, including on Yugiri unmasked. It has since been fixed.


Yugiri is voiced by Rina Satō in the Japanese version.

In the English version, Yugiri was voiced by Paulette Ivory in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn and Sian Blake in the initial launch of the Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward expansion. Following Blake's death in December 2015, Yugiri is voiced by Eleanor Matsuura as of 3.5.




Yūgiri (夕霧?) means "evening mist" in Japanese.

Her nickname "Mistwalker" might be a reference to Mistwalker Corporation, the video game development studio founded by Hironobu Sakaguchi.


  • The line spoken by Yugiri when she first sees Leviathan, "Heavens forfend!" resembles a line spoken by Y'shtola when she sees a giant sea serpent during the opening cutscene for Limsa Lominsa in 1.0.