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Yughott Grotto

Yughott Grotto is a dungeon area in Final Fantasy XI. At one time the Orcs were planning to use Elvaan slaves to expand the caves all the way under the walls of San d'Oria, but this proved to be more difficult than they originally anticipated, and abandoned the project.

Location Edit

Yughott Grotto is a system of caves running under Ghelsba Outpost and Fort Ghelsba.

Connected Areas Edit

Yughott Grotto connects to Ghelsba Outpost, Fort Ghelsba, and the BCNM area Horlais Peak.

Enemies Edit

  • Stealth Bat (Lv.14-18)
Bat Trio
  • Grotto Bat (Lv.8-11)
  • Riding Lizard (Lv.11-15)
  • Orcish Cursemaker (Lv.21-23 BLM)
  • Orcish Fighter (Lv.21-23 WAR)
  • Orcish Grunt (Lv.14-18 WAR)
  • Orcish Neckchopper (Lv.14-18 DRK)
  • Orcish Serjeant (Lv.21-23 PLD)
  • Orcish Stonechucker (Lv.14-18 RNG

Notorious Monsters Edit



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