Series appearancesEdit

Final Fantasy VII G-BikeEdit

FFVIIGB Yuffie appears as a support character. Her Unison Limit Break is Greased Lightning.

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Dissidia Final FantasyEdit

Dissidia Yuffie makes a cameo as a tutor from the in-game manuals, explaining battlegen to the player alongside Red XIII. Yuffie is also the name of a Ghost Card; which is a Level 45 Cloud with the White Gem and Snowboard items equipped. The card can be won through Battlegen.

Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera OmniaEdit


DFFOO Yuffie Kisaragi

Yuffie appears as an obtainable character.

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain CallEdit


Theatrhythm CC Yuffie

Yuffie appears as a DLC character.

She is a Speed and Treasure oriented character.

Level CP HP Strength Magic Agility Luck Stamina Spirit
1 13 206 11 10 20 17 11 15
50 40 3561 91 80 161 137 90 117
99 50 5479 138 121 243 206 135 176
Reactive Abilities
Ability CP Level
Cry (Lv1) 4 Initial
Mimic 8 Level 5
Steal (Lv1) 16 Level 10
Choco Cure 2 Level 15
Haste (Lv2) 11 Level 30
Cry (Lv2) 14 Level 40
Steal (Lv2) 20 Level 45
Escape (Lv2) 3 Level 55
Haste (Lv3) 17 Level 65
Cry (Lv3) 24 Level 75
Steal (Lv3) 24 Level 80
Escape (Lv3) 4 Level 90
Proactive Abilities
Ability CP Level Learned
Treasure Hunter (Lv1) 12 Initial
Fortune's Refrain (Lv1) 7 Level 20
Agility Up (Lv1) 4 Level 25
Treasure Hunter (Lv2) 16 Level 35
Fortune's Refrain (Lv2) 10 Level 50
Agility Up (Lv2) 8 Level 60
Treasure Hunter (Lv3) 20 Level 70
Fortune's Refrain (Lv3) 15 Level 85
Agility Up (Lv3) 14 Level 95

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy All-Star CarnivalEdit


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Pictlogica Final FantasyEdit

PFF Yuffie appears as a playable character. Her initial weapon is the 4-Point Shuriken.

Final Fantasy Airborne BrigadeEdit

FFAB Yuffie appears as a Legend. She is depicted in her default Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children and Kingdom Hearts outfits. Her abilities are Greased Lightning and All Creation. Her EX abilities are Landscaper, All Creation and Bloodfest. Her abilities and summon stone are obtained from inviting a certain number of friends to play Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade.

Ability Cards
Legend Cards

Final Fantasy ArtniksEdit

Artniks Yuffie appears on several cards.

Final Fantasy Record KeeperEdit


FFRK Yuffie
A young ninja who thinks highly of herself and isn't shy about letting everyone know it. Yuffie seeks to restore her hometown of Wutai to its glory days before it fell to Shinra, and she always has her eye out for a new piece of materia.
—Character profile.

Yuffie is a playable character who could initially be recruited during the Challenge Event Hidden Resolve as the First Time Reward for completing the event's Wutai - Da-chao Statue stage in Part 1. She later appeared in A Brewing Nightmare and A Night to Remember.


Yuffie is a Materia Hunter. Her combat role is Physical/Magic Hybrid.

Yuffie has an affinity for distance weapons, though she can also use a katana in close combat. She is a mid-level Black Mage, and has access to a diverse array of skills that serve to blindside foes before they strike the party.

Level HP Attack Defense Magic Resistance Mind Accuracy Evasion Speed
1 195 11 7 11 7 8 20 26 115
10 758 28 18 27 18 19 20 26 124
20 1,384 47 30 45 30 32 21 27 132
30 2,009 66 43 64 42 45 21 28 140
40 2,635 85 55 82 54 58 22 28 147
50 3,261 104 68 101 67 71 22 29 154
60 3,887 122 81 119 79 84 23 29 161
RankMax: 5 3 4 1 4 1 2 3 3 5
Record Spheres
Job S.Lv 1 S.Lv 2 S.Lv 3 S.Lv 4 S.Lv 5
Ranger +1 MAG +1 DEF +1 RES +60 HP +2 ATK
Thief +1 MAG +1 RES +1 ATK +55 HP +3% Thief Ability Damage
Dancer +1 DEF +1 MAG +1 RES +55 HP +2 MAG
Ninja*Requires mastery of Ranger and Thief's Record Spheres. +3 ATK +3 MAG +160 HP +6% Thief Ability Damage +6% Ninja Ability Damage
Warmage*Requires mastery of Ranger and Thief's Record Spheres. +3 ATK +4 ATK +180 HP +6 ATK Minor Paralyze Resistance
Geomancer*Requires mastery of Thief and Dancer's Record Spheres. +3 MAG +3 RES +130 HP +6 MAG +3% Damage vs. Weakness

Yuffie can use Black Magic spells up to rarity rank 3, Celerity abilities up to rarity rank 4, Thief abilities up to rarity rank 5, Ninja abilities up to rarity rank 5, and Sharpshooter abilities up to rarity rank 5.

Her default Soul Break is Greased Lightning which at the expense of one Soul Gauge segment deals physical damage to one target. The thrown 4-point Shuriken (VII) allows Yuffie to use Landscaper which at the expense of one Soul Gauge segment deals three ranged physical earth attacks to all targets with a moderate chance to Slow them. The hat Wutai Headband (VII) allows Yuffie to use Clear Tranquil which at the expense of one Soul Gauge segment instantly restores a moderate amount of HP to all allies based on their maximum HP.


Yuffie can equip the following weapon types: daggers, katanas, fists, bows, and thrown. The thrown 4-point Shuriken (VII) allows Yuffie to use Landscaper.

Yuffie can equip the following armor types: hats, light armor, and bracers. The hat Wutai Headband (VII) allows Yuffie to use Clear Tranquil.

She can equip accessories.

Final Fantasy Trading Card GameEdit

TCG Yuffie appears on wind-elemental cards, reflecting her use of throwing weapons in battle.

Triple TriadEdit

151a Yuffie

Yuffie appears on a Triple Triad card in the version playable via Final Fantasy Portal App.

Guest appearancesEdit

Ehrgeiz: God Bless the RingEdit


Yuffie is a secret playable character unlocked by finishing the game with Cloud. She primarily fights with punches and kicks, but can also perform several slash attacks with her shuriken and throw smaller shuriken for ranged attacks. She uses Sasuke's fighting style. Her alternate costume is a palette swap based on the early concept color scheme for Final Fantasy VII seen above.

Her fighting style is the same as Sasuke's, but based on Michelle Chang's fighting style known as Xing Yi Liu He Quan and Bajiquan based martial arts in Tekken 2, as she uses her basic attack combo mixed with her Limit Break, Greased Lightning. She can do a reverse somersault on her opponent as her special attack and slash thrice with her main weapon. She has her Limit Break, Blood Fest, with a minor change as she can slash her opponent with her main weapon three times. Her unique ability is identical to Sasuke's, who throws a glowing blue shuriken and a smoke bomb to his opponent. During charge, Yuffie can throw two shuriken, and glows pink.

Kingdom HeartsEdit


In the Kingdom Hearts series, Yuffie appears as part of Squall Leonhart's party, who is now referring to himself as "Leon". She is accompanied by Aerith and Cid. She maintains her boastful personality, albeit toned down, and refers to herself as "The Great Ninja Yuffie".

In Kingdom Hearts, Yuffie's role was originally meant to be filled by Rikku from Final Fantasy X, but due to there already being a character called Riku, Yuffie was elected instead to avoid name confusion. Her outfit is based on the original design for Rikku, albeit in Yuffie's colors.

Originating from Hollow Bastion, the group fled to Traverse Town when Maleficent took over the castle. The three assist the game's main protagonist, Sora, in his adventures, helping him fend off the Heartless and giving him advice and information.

In the original Kingdom Hearts, a special gummi ship blueprint called Yuffie can be obtained by defeating 1500 Heartless and then talking to Geppetto in Traverse Town.

In Kingdom Hearts II, Yuffie is part of the Hollow Bastion Restoration Committee and works towards restoring the ruins of Hollow Bastion to the home she once knew. Yuffie appears as an opponent in various Coliseum cups in Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts II, using her shuriken and ninja skills, including teleportation and healing.

In the Japanese version of Kingdom Hearts, Yuffie is voiced by Yumi Kakazu, while in the English release she is voiced by Christy Carlson Romano. In the English version of Kingdom Hearts II, she is voiced by Mae Whitman.

In the credits roll for Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX, 'Yuffie' is misspelled as 'Yufeie'.

Yuffie makes an appearance in Kingdom Hearts χ [chi] as one of the obtainable character cards. She appears in the remake, Kingdom Hearts Union χ[Cross] on several medals and her Kingdom Hearts outfit was available from July 1, 2016 to July 11, 2016 for players to dress their avatar (female only).

Itadaki StreetEdit


Yuffie appears as a playable character card in Dragon Quest & Final Fantasy in Itadaki Street Portable.

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