Yotsuyu is a character from the upcoming expansion Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood. She serves as the acting imperial viceroy of Doma.



Yotsuyu is a Midlander Hyur with fair skin, pale yellow eyes, a beauty mark above the left side of her chin, and long dark hair with an ornate flower hairpin. Around her neck is an elegant black collar with a pattern reminiscent of a spider's web. She wears a black robe with red accents and a gold obi. She is rarely seen without a smoking pipe.


Yotsuyu's grace and beauty belie a heart of stone and a will to survive by any means. A cruel, sadistic ruler, she harbors a deep hatred for Domans due to her childhood and marriage to an abusive noble. Under the pretext of purging radical elements, and satisfying her personal arousal from seeing such inhumane acts on Domans carried out, Yotsuyu perpetrated numerous atrocities against her own people.


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Born in the Naeuri family, Yotsuyu suffered a terrible childhood under her parents before they married her away to an abusive noble named Sashihai and is then sent to a pleasure house to settle her husband's debts after he died. It was then that Yotsuyu decided to willfully betrayed her people to serve as a Garlean spy for Zenos yae Galvus. She then became acting viceroy of Doma by Zenos's decrees, counting on her hatred to remove all hope for the Domans. Yotsuyu uses her position to torment the Domans while denouncing the Confederacy of the Ruby Sea as a legit governing party and announcing that do business with them will be branded enemies of the Empire.

Final Fantasy XIV: StormbloodEdit

During the events of Stormblood, with the recently demoted Grynewaht as her bodyguard, Yotsuyu was holding court in the fishing village of Isari to satisfy her hatred on the grounds of weeding out traitors and undersirables. Gosetsu Everfall, watching her actions with the Warrior of Light, Lyse Hext, and Alisaie Leveilleur, turned himself in to stall for time as Yotsuyu interrogates him on the whereabouts of Doma's true heir Hien. During that time, the Scions managed to win over the Confederacy and drive the Imperials off Isari once they forced the Red Kojin to abandon their imperial posts. Yotsuyu later confronted the Red Kojin, having Grynewaht slaughter them before taking the katana Ame no Habaki which the Beastmen had among their treasures.

Yotsuyu soon presented the blade to Zenos when he came to Doma Castle upon hearing of the Confederate attack, testing the blade on the Warrior and Yugiri Mistwalker when they attempted to assassinate him. Soon after, grabbing Yotsuyu by her hair, Zenos gives her one final chance to end the rebels before throwing her to the ground. After slapping Grynewaht when he attempted to help her up, Yotsuyu reveals the Warrior's presence on Yanxia and gives Grynewaht the order to kill the Adventurer's group while preparing a massive operation to purge all opposition in Doma.

The Doman Liberation Front makes its move, refusing to accept defeat, Yotsuyu orders her forces fight to the death while having the cyborg monster that Grynewaht became act out his last attempt of revenge as her last line of defense. After Grynewaht is defeated, Yotsu is corned by Hien and his vassals while explaining her reasons for siding with the empire. But she reveals that she was buying time for her final gamble: having Doma Castle collapse on itself with intent to take the prince with her. Despite being cut down when she attempts to shoot Hien, trying to kill Gosetsu when he holds up the ceilng, Yotsuyu failed in preventing Hien's group from escaping as she is apparently crushed under Doma Castle as it sank. But in truth, carried by the current, she and Gosetsu survived and ended up stranded on an island.

The Legend ReturnsEdit

They later escape via a makeshift raft made by Gosetsu and arrive in Kugane. With Yotsuyu operating under the alias of "Tsuyu," the two wayward travelers attempt to find passage across the Ruby Sea to Doma to reunite with Hien.

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