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I am the blade of vengeance. They dare only whisper my name: Yojimbo.
—Yojimbo, Final Fantasy X

Yojimbo (用心棒, Yōjinbō?) or (ようじんぼう, Yōjinbō?) is a recurring summon in the Final Fantasy series, first appearing in Final Fantasy X.


Final Fantasy XEdit

Yojimbo is acquired by visiting the Cavern of the Stolen Fayth, where the player must hire him to become Yuna's aeon. Yojimbo acts as a sword-for-hire and has four different attacks depending on how much the player pays him, as well as a complex mathematical formula based on his worker-employer relationship with Yuna and several other factors. Yojimbo functions similarly to Odin and Gilgamesh from previous Final Fantasy games. His most powerful attack, Zanmato, instantly kills fiends and bosses.



With a wave of the summoner's staff, a night-time dimension forms, featuring a single sakura tree in bloom with blue flowers. A bark is heard, and Yojimbo's dog, Daigoro, appears to greet the summoner. Yojimbo emerges from behind the tree, turns with a sweep of his coat and calls upon his dog to start the battle. When Yojimbo is summoned the sound effect is the same as what was used in Final Fantasy VIII as the magic spell effect.


Yojimbo can be recruited at the Cavern of the Stolen Fayth near the entrance to Mt. Gagazet. Yojimbo will initially ask the player for hundreds of thousands of gil but it is possible to haggle with him. To get Yojimbo for the cheapest price, the player must offer him in the first two negotiations the half the gil he is asking for plus one gil, and he will decrease his price. In the third negotiation, they must offer him 0.7 times the gil he is asking, closing the deal.

One can decrease the price three times before hiring him. If the player pays Yojimbo triple what he is asking (works even after "haggling") he will give two Teleport Spheres as a token of appreciation. This still works after having "haggled" with him. If in case the player picks the third option, Yojimbo will have a higher chance of using Zanmato against strong enemies or bosses.

Obtaining Yojimbo in the Final Fantasy X HD Remaster version earns the It's All About The Money trophy.



Yojimbo prepares to attack.

See the Summon and Overdrive sequences here.
  • Daigoro: Yojimbo's dog will attack on his command. As it is his weakest move, Yojimbo will shake his head before using Daigoro, as if to disapprove of the amount of money the party gave him.
  • Kozuka: Yojimbo throws several kozuka (a special throwing knife made to fit inside a wakizashi's scabbard) at a single target.
  • Wakizashi: Yojimbo slashes single/multiple targets with his wakizashi (his short sword).
  • Zanmato: Yojimbo calls his katana out of a portal in the ground and uses it to slice all enemies in half. It instantly kills any enemy in the game, with the exceptions of Sin (when fighting face-to-face on the airship), Yunalesca and Braska's Final Aeon, which will only move to the next form (unless they have already reached their final form, in which case Zanmato will kill them). If Yojimbo will perform Zanmato he will nod upon receiving the money.

The player must pay Yojimbo at least 1 gil every time if they want him to attack. How much one pays him influences what he uses to attack. The highest chance of using Zanmato occurs with a payment of at least 536,870,912 gil. Occasionally, Yojimbo may attack immediately without asking for payment. The chance of this happening is a 1/8 at minimum.

A hidden compatibility value influences what attack Yojimbo will use. It decreases if Yojimbo uses Daigoro, is paid 0 Gil (decreases compatibility the most), is KO'd, or is dismissed immediately after being summoned. It increases if Yojimbo is paid enough and uses Wakizashi or Zanmato. Another factor in deciding whether Yojimbo uses Zanmato is the enemy's Zanmato Level; the higher the Zanmato Level, the less likely Zanmato will be used.

Yojimbo doesn't have a specific Overdrive, but if his Overdrive meter is full the chance of him performing his stronger attacks increases. The chance of Yojimbo using his stronger moves is much higher in the International/PAL/HD versions of Final Fantasy X.

Yojimbo can exceed maximum damage once Auron obtains and charges his Celestial Weapon, the Masamune.


Main article: Yojimbo (Final Fantasy X Boss)

In the International, PAL and HD Remaster versions the players can fight Dark Yojimbo in the Cavern of the Stolen Fayth after having acquired the airship.


Yojimbo's stats are basic, and he doesn't have any default abilities. The player cannot make him learn any either.

Stat Base Value
HP 1030
MP 0
Strength 29
Defense 25
Magic 16
Magic Defense 23
Agility 9
Luck 17
Evasion 59
Accuracy 19

Final Fantasy X-2Edit

Yojimbo in ffx-2

Yojimbo in Final Fantasy X-2.

Yojimbo returns, now possessed by Shuyin. The Gullwings fight him to save some tourists visiting The Cavern of the Stolen Fayth in the Chapter 3 Tourist Trap mission.

A shīsā called Kogoro, which physically resembles Daigoro, appears as part of Yuna's Trainer dressphere.

Final Fantasy Tactics SEdit

Yojimbo appears as a recruitable character in Final Fantasy Tactics S.

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Final Fantasy Airborne BrigadeEdit

Yojimbo Brigade

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Final Fantasy Trading Card GameEdit

Yojimbo TCG

Yojimbo's Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade appearance has a card in Final Fantasy Trading Card Game.

Guardian CrossEdit

GC Yojimbo
Soul of the fayth concealed beneath a ravine, this aeon strikes and slashes in service of he who has the most gil.

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A figure of Yojimbo was made for the Final Fantasy X Action Figure Collection by ArtFX. Listed as No.2 in the series, the Yojimbo figure comes complete with Zanmato and Wakizashi swords, Kozuka throwing knife and Daigoro, as well as a mountable stand for display. A later version of "Dark Aeon Yojimbo" was released using the same figure mold and accessories, as Final Fantasy X-2 merchandise.

A figure of Yojimbo was also made for the Final Fantasy Master Creatures second set, featuring him slashing with Zanmato as Daigoro is pouncing.



[view  · edit  · purge]Yojimbo (用心棒) means "bodyguard" in Japanese. The kanji (Japanese characters) can also mean "sword/service for hire", befitting his pay-off system.

When Yuna visits Yojimbo's fayth to hire him as an aeon, he calls himself Yojimbo. Despite this, the player can still rename him.

In the Japanese version of the game, Yojimbo's name is written in kanji as "用心棒" in the subtitle of every conversation, while in the battle scenes, and in the aeon menu, it written in hiragana as "ようじんぼう".

Yojimbo is depicted as a samurai. [view  · edit  · purge]Samurai were the military nobility of medieval and early-modern Japan. They were not just great swordsmen, but also powerful horse archers, virtually unbeatable. If near death in battle, or after having committed a serious offense to their lord, or other various actions have brought shame to them, they would commit a ritual suicide known as seppuku, slicing their stomachs open with a short wakizashi, while another person, known as the second, decapitates them. This ceremonial suicide, which was usually performed in front of spectators, was used voluntarily by samurai to die with honor.


  • When Yuna prays to Yojimbo's fayth in Final Fantasy X, ribbons are briefly shown binding it, which say "SEAL" in Yevon script.
  • If the player revisits Yojimbo, the fayth reassures Tidus that he will never be forgotten.

External LinksEdit

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  • Look here for a more complex, harder to understand, but much more detailed mathematical description of Yojimbo and his attacks (this includes calculations for PAL/International versions of the game as well, along with probability (Percentile) tables for all versions).

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