Yojimbo is a boss in Final Fantasy X-2, fought on the Cavern of the Stolen Fayth during a mission on Chapters 3 or 5.

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Yojimbo's main attack is Wakizahi, a sword slash for non-elemental damage. Daigoro, his dog, usually follows up with a non-elemental attack, but cannot be targeted by the player; it is considered one of Yojimbo's weapons. Yojimbo can drain 1/4th of MP with his Kozuka attack. He can inflict status effects, such as Poison, with his Daigoro and Kozuka attack.

Yojimbo's ultimate attack is Zanmato, which will take everyone in the party down to 1 HP and 1 MP. If the player fails to heal on time, Yojimbo will follow up with Daigoro to finish the player off. This attack is signaled by a subtle visual cue: Yojimbo holds the right hand up in front of him, with his palm facing left. This gesture was demonstrated before every attack in Final Fantasy X.

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It is best to equip each character with an accessory that protects against Poison (such as Star Pendants and Glass Buckles) and to have two strong dresspheres, such as the Dark Knight or Samurai, and one Alchemist. The two attacking characters should use their strongest attacks while the Alchemist heals. When Yojimbo uses Zanmato, Alchemist can either use a Mega-Potion from the inventory, or Mix a Potion and Hi-Potion.

Should one of the characters get KO'd, the party can use a Phoenix Down to revive them. If fought in Chapter Five and after defeating the Black Elemental, one can also equip the accessory Cat Nip to one of the girls and get her to HP Critical health and use the Gunner's Trigger Happy, although this no longer works in the International and HD Remaster versions as Cat Nip gives Auto-Berserk. It is also easy to use special dresspheres, though the best option is to use the Fiers attack with Paine's Full Throttle.

Another good choice is the Berserker with automatic counter abilities. As Yojimbo's attacks are physical, the player can deal double the damage output with every attack from a basic hit or by a counterattack. Combining this with the Bloodlust ability can make short work of Yojimbo, but one must mind the Poison in return. Failing to have the counters may require a Haste substitution.

Provided on whether everyone has Poisonproof, and depending on how long Yojimbo holds off on using Zanmato, it is possible to have everyone as Dark Knights and use Darkness each turn for over 1,000 damage each, without pausing to heal, until Yojimbo falls.

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Yojimbo can be added to the Fiend Arena by capturing a Critical Bug enemy in Bevelle with an M pod and raising it by 5 levels, then releasing it. The player may need to encounter Critical Bug in battle before this can occur.

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Yojimbo (用心棒) means "bodyguard" in Japanese.

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