Yhoator Jungle.

Yhoator Jungle is a location in Final Fantasy XI.

Locations Edit

Temple of Uggalepih Edit

YhoatorJng Temple of Uggalepih

The Temple of Uggalepih.

Mount Yuhtunga Edit

YhoatorJng Mount Yuhtunga

Mount Yuhtunga in the distance.

Bloodlet Spring Edit

YhoatorJng Bloodlet Spring

The Bloodlet Spring.

Position: (I-7)

Teardrop Spring Edit

YhoatorJng Teardrop Spring

The Teadrop Spring.

Position: (K-10)

Yhoat Telepoint Edit

YhoatorJng Telepoint

The Yhoat Telepoint crystal.

Position: (F-9)

Chocobo Rental Edit

YhoatorJng Chocobo

Paurelde provides chocobo rental services in Yhoator Jungle.

Position: (F-9)

Outpost Edit

YhoatorJng Outpost

Yhoator Jungle's outpost.

Position: (I-8)

Connected Areas Edit

Three tunnels to the west lead to Yuhtunga Jungle.
A tunnel to the east leads to the Den of Rancor.
Ifrit's Cauldron can be reached from two paths heading to the north of Yhoator Jungle.
The Temple of Uggalepih occupies the southeastern region of Yhoator Jungle.

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