BS Yew's Diary is a key item in Bravely Second: End Layer. It is a journal belonging to Yew Geneolgia that serves as the in-game primer for plot events and gameplay data, and can be accessed from the touch screen menu. It is constantly updated as further elements are unlocked.


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Originally, Yew keep the diary to himself which he uses to write his exploits and encountering monsters. But after being joined by Edea Lee, Magnolia Arch, and Tiz Arrior, Yew is forced to let them add their own opinions to his entries.

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Yew's Diary is divided into six submenus.

Records all enemies and bosses fought, doubling as character profiles in case of the bosses.
Records all items, consumables and equipment, obtained in the game.
Contains supplemental documents and accounts written in the past by other characters.
Special Abilities
Lists all possible ability combinations for the Catmancer and Patissier jobs.
Tutorials unlocked during the game are kept here.
Event Viewer
Allows the player to view all unlocked cutscenes, Party Chats, and FMVs.