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Why not talk, Kimahri? Not see Yenke for ten years! Say something! Kimahri forget Yenke? Forget Biran?
—Yenke Ronso

Yenke Ronso is a non-player character in Final Fantasy X. He is a Ronso of Mt. Gagazet and the partner and friend of the great Ronso hero Biran Ronso. The two often tease the disgraced Kimahri Ronso, both for his short stature (after Ronso standards) and his broken horn.


Final Fantasy XEdit

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Kimahri in luca

Yenke with Biran and Kimahri in Luca.

Yenke and Biran meet Kimahri in Luca where they taunt and fight him, but with no real outcome, because Kimahri is interrupted when he learns of Yuna's kidnapping. When fiends attack the Blitzball finals, Yenke and Biran are among the heroes fighting them off-screen. Later on, the duo meet Kimahri and company along the Moonflow after bullying Wantz, and warn Kimahri about summoners disappearing.

Yenke and Biran then fight Kimahri in a battle of honor on top of Mt. Gagazet. They are defeated and recognize Kimahri as a true great Ronso. The Ronso swear to protect the Summoner Yuna and her guardians, as they climb the frosty peaks. However, nearly all the Ronso, including Yenke and Biran, are killed by Seymour Guado, as though they were nothing but a bump in his path.

Final Fantasy X-2Edit

If Yuna says something favorable to a Ronso at one point, he remarks "Biran and Yenke rejoice on Farplane". This is the only mention of Yenke in the entire game.

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Biran is fought on Mount Gagazet alongside Yenke. Kimahri fights them alone.

Other appearancesEdit

Final Fantasy Record KeeperEdit

FFRK Biran & Yenke FFX
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