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FFXIV Yatsurugi no Yuki


Yatsurugi no Yuki (八剣の雪, Yatsurugi no Yuki?) (Princess Yuki of the Yatsurugi Clan in Eorzean customs), simply known as Yuki, is a non-playable character from Final Fantasy XIV, first appears in version 3.0. She is an important character in the Ninja questline.



FFXIV Yukihime Fights

Princess Yuki prepares to fight.

Princess Yuki is a pink haired Au Ra wearing red yukata. Her weapon is a pair of daggers.


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Yuki (雪) is a very common given name in Japan, meaning "snow". It can be given to a boy or a girl.

Yatsurugi (八剣) means "eight swords" in Japanese.

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