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Yaschas Massif

The Yaschas Massif in Final Fantasy XIII.

Intimidating mountains tower over the harsh plains and tall vegetation, adding to the ominous atmosphere of this land found in the southern region of Gran Pulse. A short walk through the treacherous valley leads to the Paddra Ruins - the remains of what used to be one of the largest and most prosperous cities on Pulse. As with the Bresha Ruins, the area is filled with scientists and soldiers sent to investigate the location.
Final Fantasy XIII-2 online description.

Yaschas Massif (ヤシャス山, Yashasu-san?, lit. Mt. Yaschas) is a location on Gran Pulse in Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy XIII-2. It is the site of the ruins of the city-nation of Paddra where the Farseers lived before it fell into ruin. Ten years after the fall of Cocoon, during Final Fantasy XIII-2, soldiers and scientists from the Academy reside in the Paddra Ruins, the origin site of the numerous spacetime anomalies.


This mountain group stretches across a southern region of Gran Pulse. The area's geography is diverse, consisting of scenic highplains, sheer escarpments, and deep fault valleys, with mammoth fallen trees a common sight across its landscape.

At the massif's southernmost tip lies the ruin of the fallen city-state Paddra. Once the flourishing center of an advanced culture, it is now nothing more than a Cie'th-infested archaeopolis.

Travel Guide: Yaschas Massif
Area Information

The Yaschas Massif, in Pulse's southern reaches, is home to the ancient ruins of Paddra. Paddra was the only advanced civilization of ancient Gran Pulse, but after the War of Transgression between Pulse and Cocoon, it began a long decline that ended in its complete disappearance.

From the Editor's Desk:

The tough, mountainous terrain is a popular draw for mountaineers and other outdoor types. We recommend visiting Paddra, awe-inspiring even in ruins. Also worth a hike is the viewing platform next to the dormant fal'Cie.


Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow. (Skip section)

Originally home to a tribe called the Farseers, Paddra was a nation ruled by Paddra Nsu-Yeul as both its seeress and priestess with Etro as Paddra's patron deity, while the rest of Gran Pulse worshiped Pulse. In the past, forced to go against her vows when Paddra's warriors could not defeat it, Yeul defeated a time-eating Ugallu that ended up in her time by sealing it away in the Void Beyond. Though this saved her home Yeul still foresaw the destruction of Paddra. After civil war destroyed the nation, Yeul renounced her position and left to wander Gran Pulse.

Fang and Vanille Yaschas

Fang and Vanille at the ruins of Paddra.

After Paddra has long been abandoned and in ruins only monsters and Cie'th wander its streets. A party of l'Cie escape Cocoon and descend on Gran Pulse seeking a way to change their destiny and wipe their l'Cie brands clean. They can visit Yaschas Massif where Hope and Vanille talk about telling lies as a coping mechanism. At the Paddra Ruins, Vanille and Fang recall some of their past and the mystery behind their brands. The l'Cie catch sight of the fal'Cie Dahaka—provided they have not already fought it—and decide to follow it towards Oerba.

In 10 AF the Yaschas Massif is darkened by an eclipse caused by the fal'Cie Fenrir, appearing centuries before its time due to a paradox. The Paddra Ruins are occupied by members of the Academy, including its leader, Hope, and his assistant, Alyssa Zaidelle, as they research paradoxes. Hope encounters Serah, Mog, and Noel after saving them from an Aloeidai.

FFXIII-2 Activating Oracle Drive

Noel activates the Paddra Ruins' Oracle Drive.

Hope tells them about the ruins' history and of Yeul, whom Hope believes was a title. He reveals an ancient recording device called the Oracle Drive, containing past visions of the events leading to the Day of Ragnarok, including blurred images of Lightning in Valhalla.

Noel and Serah travel through Historia Crux to solve the paradox affecting the Yaschas Massif and the Oracle Drive. Successful, they return to an alternate 10 AF called 1X AF where Fenrir is gone, and with it, the eclipse. Before Serah and Noel enter the ruins of Paddra, its former seeress, Yeul, appears and points Serah as being similar to herself in how they can both "show people the way". In resolving the paradox Hope and Alyssa's memories are modified, and Noel and Serah repeat their initial meeting with them.

Hope shows them the now-clear images of Lightning in Valhalla with the Oracle Drive and tells Noel and Serah that like them, he wants to change history, and not just to bring back Lightning but also Vanille, Fang, and his mother Nora. The Oracle Drive shows a prophecy that depicts Caius Ballad destroying the crystal pillar sending the crystallized Cocoon plummeting to the ground, and Hope, Noel, and Serah resolve to do whatever they can to prevent it.

FF13-2 Crimson Orb

A Ruby of Grief in the Paddra Ruins.

By 100 and 110 AF, mysterious objects called Rubies of Grief have appeared throughout the Yaschas Massif because Yeul's sealing of Ugallu caused a paradox that sucked people into rips in time. In place of the victims are Rubies of Grief, embodying their regrets, which Serah and Noel help pass on by fulfilling their requests. In 110 AF, they find an orb holding the memories of the Yeul who had banished Ugallu, the monster's seal having broken. By defeating the monster, Yeul's Ruby of Grief vanishes.

Spoilers end here.


Yaschas Paddra

Paddraean Archaeopolis in Final Fantasy XIII.

In Final Fantasy XIII, the Yaschas Massif connects with the Vallis Media. Southern part stretches from east to west across a deep ravine and to navigate through that part, jumping is required. At the south-eastern side there are two plateaus: one on high ledge and other on the lower which requires walking down a narrow pass infested with Triffids. At the west, there is a way in the valley which splits in two, eventually connecting again and leading into the ruins of Paddra, ancient capital of Gran Pulse. On the square at the end of the ruins there is a mysterious structure which houses Undying Vercingetorix.

In Final Fantasy XIII-2, the Yaschas Massif is reduced in size possibly due to a paradox effect, allowing only the Pass of Paddra and ruins of Paddra to be visited. The Pass of Paddra had undergone some changes and now features more side paths which lead to the ruins. The ruins house a dormant, unnamed fal'Cie, which reacts to the Oracle Drive. The structure housing Vercingetorix is gone, possibly removed by researchers, and access to the upper levels of the ruins is granted.

Final Fantasy XIIIEdit

  • The Deepgap
  • The Pass of Paddra
  • The Ascendant Scarp
  • The Paddraean Archaeopolis
  • The Tsubaddran Highlands
  • The Tsumitran Basin

Final Fantasy XIII-2Edit

  • The Pass of Paddra
  • The Paddraean Archaeopolis


Final Fantasy XIIIEdit

Item Location
Diabolic Tail x9 The Tsubaddran Highlands
Esoteric Oil x8 The Ascendant Scarp
Rune Bracelet The Ascendant Scarp
1,827 Gil The Ascendant Scarp
Millerite x2 The Ascendant Scarp
Watchman's Amulet The Tsumitran Basin
Millerite The Tsumitran Basin
Glass Orb The Tsumitran Basin
Mythril Bangle The Pass of Paddra
Rhodochrosite The Paddraean Archaeopolis
Spined Horn x3 The Paddraean Archaeopolis
Whistlewind Scarf The Paddraean Archaeopolis

Final Fantasy XIII-2Edit

10 AFEdit

Item Location Requirements
Metal Armband The Pass of Paddra Moogle Hunt
500 gil The Pass of Paddra None
10 Power Chips The Pass of Paddra Moogle Throw
960 gil The Pass of Paddra None
8 Mana Slivers The Pass of Paddra None
Tablet of Paddra The Pass of Paddra (Box) None
8 Mana Bolts The Pass of Paddra None
'Scars' Gate Seal The Pass of Paddra (Box) None
Gysahl Greens The Pass of Paddra None
Unicorn Horn The Pass of Paddra Moogle Throw
540 gil The Pass of Paddra None
Pearl Necklace The Pass of Paddra Moogle Hunt
Serenity Satchel The Paddraean Archaeopolis Moogle Hunt
3 Remedies The Paddraean Archaeopolis None
Carbuncle Figurine The Paddraean Archaeopolis None
Pathos Jewel The Paddraean Archaeopolis (Box) Moogle Hunt, Moogle Throw
Gysahl Greens The Paddraean Archaeopolis Moogle Hunt
Warding Talisman The Paddraean Archaeopolis None
Potion The Pass of Paddra Live Trigger Reward
Fruit of Fenrir The Pass of Paddra (Box) None

1X AFEdit

Item Location Requirements
'Encounters' Gate Seal (Box) The Pass of Paddra None
Ivory Crystal The Pass of Paddra None
Onyx Crystal The Pass of Paddra Moogle Hunt
Emerald Crystal The Pass of Paddra Moogle Throw
Old Battery The Paddraean Archaeopolis Moogle Throw
Academic's Hat/Red Silk Hat The Paddraean Archaeopolis All Live Triggers
Mysterious Artefact The Paddraean Archaeopolis Moogle Hunt
600 gil The Paddraean Archaeopolis Moogle Hunt

100 AFEdit

Item Location Requirements
'Reminiscence' Gate Seal The Paddraean Archaeopolis Moogle Throw
Comm Device The Pass of Paddra Moogle Hunt
Picture Frame The Pass of Paddra Moogle Hunt
Blessed Blade The Pass of Paddra None
Graviton Core Epsilon The Pass of Paddra Moogle Hunt
Bulb of Hope The Paddraean Archaeopolis Moogle Hunt
Sealed Tablet The Paddraean Archaeopolis Moogle Throw

110 AFEdit

Item Location Requirements
'Maleficence' Gate Seal The Paddraean Archaeopolis (Box) None
Service Manual The Paddraean Archaeopolis (Box) Moogle Hunt
600 Gil The Paddraean Archaeopolis Moogle Hunt
Terrorists' Mark The Pass of Paddra (Box) Moogle Hunt
Outdoor Watch The Pass of Paddra (Box) Moogle Throw


Final Fantasy XIIIEdit

Final Fantasy XIII-2Edit

Musical themesEdit

Final Fantasy XIIIEdit

"The Yaschas Massif"
FFXIII - The Yaschas Massif
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The eponymous theme, "Yaschas Massif", plays here. It has the style of bossa nova. When played in-game, the tune comes to a distinct end before starting up again, as opposed to the normal practice of continuous looping.

Final Fantasy XIII-2Edit

Trouble with the audio sample?

"Eclipse" and "Eclipse ~Aggressive Mix~" are associated with the Yaschas Massif in 10 AF, and are composed by Mitsuto Suzuki with vocals performed by Michiyo Honda. The "~Aggressive Mix~" version plays whenever monsters appear. "Parallel Worlds" and its aggressive mix play in 1X AF.

All your dreams come true
In another dream you live
Everywhere you go
Would be the place where you belong

"Eclipse" from Final Fantasy XIII-2 also appears in Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call. It also plays in the Jagd Woods near the Moogle Village at night in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, The "~Aggressive Mix~" also plays when near an enemy.


Final Fantasy XIIIEdit

A map of the Archylte Steppe (the top), the Vallis Media (the middle) and the Yaschas Massif (the bottom) for Final Fantasy XIII.

FFXIII ArchylteSteppe YaschasMassif Map

Final Fantasy XIII-2Edit

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Other appearancesEdit

Final Fantasy Airborne BrigadeEdit

FFAB Yaschas Massif -AF110- FFXIII-2 Special
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Final Fantasy Record KeeperEdit

Yaschas Massif, Part 1Edit

FFRK Yaschas Massif, Part 1 FFXIII
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Yaschas Massif, Part 2Edit

FFRK Yaschas Massif, Part 2 FFXIII
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Final Fantasy XIII
Final Fantasy XIII-2 - 10 AF
Final Fantasy XIII-2 - 1X AF
Final Fantasy XIII-2 - 100 AF
Final Fantasy XIII-2 - 110 AF


  • Some of the Paddraean architecture resembles the remains of modern skyscrapers.
  • The Paddraean Archaeopolis is a segment of a ruined cityscape. Should the player undertake the Cie'th Stone missions sidequest, various entries under the Datalog/Analects section of the main menu attribute their text to Yeul.
  • The scenes of Lightning fighting from the Oracle Drive of 10 AF are from the beginning of the Siege of Eden when she, Vanille, Odin, and Hecatoncheir are battling PSICOM on the race track.
  • When the player presses Triangle/Y during Live Trigger in 1X AF while talking with Hope, Serah will reveal that Paddra was constructed 670 years before the events of Final Fantasy XIII. No one asks how Serah knows that, but it is possible that the Eyes of Etro she possesses let her have memories that once belonged to Yeul.
  • In Final Fantasy XIII-2 in the Pass of Paddra area where the searchlights are employed to secure safe passage to the ruins, when an enemy group appears and the player character is within the light provided by the search light, the clock hand on the Mog Clock will stay still.
  • In Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy, there is a trade material called "Yaschas Massif Gravel".

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