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Yakusoku no Basho / Tatta Hitori no Mikata is a single for the theme song for Final Fantasy XIII-2. The single includes two vocal tracks by Mai Fukui including both the 2 tracks' respective instrumental versions.

A limited edition DVD features the music video for "Yakusoku no Basho" as well as a promotional video for Final Fantasy XIII-2.

Track listEdit

  1. "約束の場所" ("Yakusoku no Basho")
  2. "たったひとりの味方" ("Tatta Hitori no Mikata")
  3. "約束の場所 (Instrumental)" ("Yakusoku no Basho (Instrumental)")
  4. "たったひとりの味方 (Instrumental)" ("Tatta Hitori no Mikata (Instrumental)")

Bonus DVDEdit

  1. "約束の場所 (Music Video)" ("Yakusoku no Basho (Music Video)")
  2. FINAL FANTASY XIII-2 Promotion Video TGS 2011 Ver.


Yakusoku No Basho entered the Oricon Singles Chart Top 30 at number 26 on the 5th of December.[1] The single had sold 6,615 copies within its first week of release[2] and peaked at number 24 by the 26th of December.[3]




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