Final Fantasy X-2 Enemy
砲機兵71型 (Houkihei 71 Kata)
YAU-71 ffx-2
Level HP MP
34 3,800 0
Strength Magic Defense
42 52 0
M. Defense Agility Accuracy
36 89 0
Evasion Luck
0 0
255 1 94
Elemental affinities
Fire Lightning Water
- - -
Ice Gravity Holy
- Immune -
Location Kilika Woods
Bevelle Underground
Via Infinito Floors 44 - 46
Chapter(s) 3, 5
Common Steal Silence Grenade
Rare Steal Sleep Grenade
Gil Steal 300
Common Drop Sleep Grenade
Rare Drop Silence Grenade
Bribe Amount {{{Bribe Amount}}}
Common Bribe None
Rare Bribe None
Abilities Physical attack, Thrust Kick
Blue Bullet None
Status Resist Eject (18), Zantetsu (4)
Status Immunity Death, Petrification, Sleep, Silence, Poison, Confusion, Berserk, Curse, Stop, Doom, Multiple Damage
Other Information This enemy does not Oversoul.

YAU-71 is an enemy from Final Fantasy X-2. It is slightly more powerful than the YAC-62, but is still an easy enemy to contend with. Physical attacks are more than enough to bring it down.

When it is defeated it tries to eject a party member using Thrust Kick.

Creature CreatorEdit

In the International or HD Remaster versions of the game, this fiend can be caught using the Creature Creator system. When this ancient Machina is captured in a Trap Pod M, starting Chapter 3 and from the following locations: Bevelle and Kilika Woods. YAU-71 has high Strength, Defense, Agility, and Accuracy, but low Magic, Magic Defense, Evasion, and Luck. It is armed with Ailment Def., Attack, and Cure.

As its' AP goes up, it learns the Heel Drop.


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