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Dissidia Y'shtola is a playable character in the upcoming reboot of Dissidia Final Fantasy. She serves as a representative of Final Fantasy XIV.



Y'shtola's appearance is identical to that of her Final Fantasy XIV incarnation. She has tan skin and white hair, and she wears a white dalmatica with blue trousers.

This attire is titled "Sage of Dawn" (暁の賢人, Akatsuki no Kenjin?), and has two additional colour variations. "Sage of Dawn B" gives her a cyan dalmatica with grey patterns, black trousers and white shoes, a costume resembling that of her sister's, Y'mhitra, while "Sage of Dawn C", has a black dalmatica with brown patterns, black trousers and brown shoes with red laces and soles.

Her first alternate costume is titled "Scion Healer & Truth Seeker", based on her appearance in Heavensward: Final Fantasy XIV. "Scion Healer" refers to her costume; she wears a long-sleeved white top, short black shorts with black thigh-high boots and a black bolero shrug over her shoulders. Her hair has slightly longer pigtails in the front, and her eyes are pale white. "Truth Seeker" refers to the exclusive weapon in the costume; a long two-handed staff. However, these changes do not affect her playstyle and she functions as she did in A Realm Reborn.

Her default weapon is the Budding Wand, the weapon she wields in A Realm Reborn. Her first alternate weapon is the Alkalurops, while her second alternate weapon is the Thyrus, both used Conjurers in XIV.


Type: Shoot

Y'shtola is skilled at long-range combat using a variety of spells to attack enemies from the distance, with an added effect that will hinder the opponent. Y'shtola's Bravery attacks include numerous Conjurer abilities. Her HP attacks are Lance of Life, Spiritual Ray, Burst Holy and Holy.

Y'shtola acts as more of a 'support' role, fitting the role of the Conjurer from Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. She uses her attacks to weaken the opponents with quick magic barrages, debuffs, crowd control and traps.


Move Damage Input Type Power Frame Data Image
Stone Bravery DFF2015 II Icon Ground DFF2015 Stone
Summons small stones that are quickly launched at the target. Lowers target's movement speed by 20% for 5 seconds.
Virus Bravery DFF2015 Up + II Icon Ground DFF2015 Virus
Casts virus magic toward the target. Lowers target's attack and defense by 30% for 25 seconds. Can also stack 2 shots at a time.
Blizzard II Bravery DFF2015 Down + II Icon Ground DFF2015 Blizzard II
Close range Area of Effect attack that summons ice spikes at the target's position (or general direction if they are not close to Y'shtola). Leaves behind a sheet of ice that interrupts enemy movement. Targets hit by the attack are stunned for 5 seconds.
Stone II Bravery DFF2015 II Icon Ground Dash DFF2015 Stone II
Sets an earth trap that bursts when a target approaches. Apart from being a trap ability, it does not with any additional debuffs, but does deal heavy damage.
Ruin Bravery DFF2015 II Icon Aerial DFF2015 Ruin
Sends out three fast moving homing shots. Does not come with an additional debuff.
Aero Bravery DFF2015 Up + II Icon Aerial DFF2015 Aero
Fires wind magic that hones on on the target before bursting. Slowly drains target brave points for 10 seconds. Bravery points decrease by 30 per second overtime.
Fluid Aura Bravery DFF2015 Down + II Icon Aerial DFF2015 Fluid Aura
Mid-range attack that quickly sends out water that knocks away the target. Stuns targets for two seconds
Aero II Bravery DFF2015 II Icon Aerial Dash DFF2015 Aero II
Sets a close range AOE wind trap that attacks nearby targets when activated. Slowly drains target's bravery points for 10 seconds. Bravery decreases by 30 per second overtime.
Holy HP DFF2015 IV Icon - DFF2015 Y&#039;shtola Holy
Releases an intense burst of light above Y'shtola. Draws in targets and stuns enemies for 6 seconds. Deals no additional bravery damage.
Lance of Life HP DFF2015 IV Icon - DFF2015 Lance of Life
Shoots a mid range 'lance'-like projectile in front of Y'shtola. Can heal team members by one-third of the damage dealt to the opponent.
Burst Holy HP DFF2015 IV Icon - DFF2015 Burst Holy
Leaves an orb that, when an opponent walks into it, will leave them trapped and taking damage. Y'shtola can stack up to 4 Burst Holy traps at a time and can also slow opponent's moving speed by 20% for 20 seconds. Burst Holy also deals additional bravery damage.
Spiritual Ray HP DFF2015 IV Icon - DFF2015 Spiritual Ray
Y'shtola's ultimate HP Attack, first seen in a quest on Heavensward. It is a long range 'timed' trap attack that can also absorb opponents into its radius. It explodes 5 seconds after being cast, so opponents can easily escape from it before the massive explosion occurs. If Y'shtola keeps attacking with Bravery Attacks during the five-second countdown, they will add up to the damage of Spiritual Ray's explosion, but Spiritual Ray itself does not deal any additional bravery damage.
Aetherial Pulse EX Skill DFF2015 I Icon - DFF2015 Aetherial Pulse
Restores 150 Bravery points and HP for her and nearby allies per second as long as DFF2015 I Icon is held down. Aetherial Pulse can only he held down for 5 seconds and has a 60 second cooldown.

Creation and developmentEdit

Y'shtola was chosen to represent Final Fantasy XIV because she is recognizable, can fight, and has some individuality in her skills. Minfilia and Gaius Van Baelsar were also considered to fill Y'shtola's position, but she was selected because she has not appeared in many games.[1]



  • Many of Y'shtola's Bravery attacks are spells usable by a Conjurer in Final Fantasy XIV or by White Mages, such as Holy. Even other spells, such as Blizzard II, as well as Virus and Ruin belong to Thaumaturge and Arcanist respectively and could be cross-classed by Conjurers and White Mages in-game.
  • Y'shtola's running animation is identical to the Miqo'te's sprint animation in Final Fantasy XIV.


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