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As a natural historian, the opportunity to explore an unknown world fills my heart with excitement! I'm going to stay here a while and so some more research! If you adventurers have anything you'd like me to investigate, just let me know!

Y'jhimei is a guest in the Final Fantasy XV-Final Fantasy XIV collaboration quest Adventurer from Another World added to Final Fantasy XV in December 2018 in patch 1.27. She is a wayward Miqo'te who was transported from Eorzea to Eos and teams up with Prince Noctis and his retinue in solving the mystery of Perpetouss Keep.



Y'jhimei has chin-length red hair and fluffy feline ears. She has golden eyes with narrow feline pupils and the facial markings of a Miqo'te. She has a fluffy red cat's tail. Y'jhimei dresses in a typical Eorzean manner, wearing a halter top, white sleeves with leather guards on her forearms and leather cuffs. She has a small leather messenger bag and a large tome of a book on her hip. She wears a red miniskirt and a black leather belt as well as thigh-high black socks and heeled leather boots.


Y'jhimei is peppy and excitable, expressing many cat-like qualities, such as curiosity on various objects of interest. She feels responsible for the disaster befalling Eos if the Ixal she inadvertently brought to Eos will summon their primal and does all she can to prevent it from happening.


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The party heads to Cauthess Rest Area where they hear a voice calling for help and find Y'jhimei in the warehouse stuck under a gargantuan chocobo who doesn't want to move. The party brings it some premium gysahl greens to move it, and Y'jhimei is freed. Noctis introduces the party as hunters, people who help those in need. Y'jhimei recognizes them as the same as what adventurers are in her world, and asks for their help in preventing the summoning of a primal going on in the nearby Perpetouss Keep. The retinue think her weird and her feline ears unlike anything they have seen before, but are pushed into helping.

At the Perpetouss Keep Y'jhimei climbs to a high vantage point from where she can observe the entire imperial base, now abandoned and taken over by the Ixali beastmen from Eorzea. When Noctis makes his way over to her, she hands him a telescope to scout the area and pinpoint various points of interest. They regroup and head to investigate a statue the empire had quartered off and Y'jhimei begins to help the party with arcana magic, impressing everyone. She finds the statue of the Messenger of the Winds interesting because she senses a power emanating from inside it, but the others want to head onward.

After fighting more battles the party makes it to the teleporter where Y'jhimei reveals she was the one who had brought the Ixal to Eos. After "borrowing" valuable scholarly documents from their camp she had escaped to some ancient ruins where she had accidentally teleported herself, as well as the Ixal pursuing her, to Eos. She apologizes for not being upfront about the truth, but the others still want to help her, seeing how she wants to amend her mistakes. Y'jhimei is moved by their willingness to aid her and promises to do her best as they head to stop the Ixali summoning ritual.

They are too late and the meteorshard in the middle of the base vanishes, calling forth Garuda who wants to shroud the world in perpetual storm. As Noctis and the others rush to the site, Y'jhimei stays back, sensing something happening with the statue. During Noctis and his retinue's battle, Y'jhimei contacts the former about the statue, and the Messenger of the Winds emerges from the sky and lends her powers to the prince to put a stop to the primal's rampage.

Everyone is relieved when Noctis reappears after having disappeared in the wake of the Messenger's summoning and Garuda's vanishing. Y'jhimei realizes she had never asked for her helpers' names and the guys rush over to introduce themselves. Y'jhimei decides to stay in Eos for a time to learn more about it and opens a trading post at Perpetouss Keep.

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I just so happen to know a little bit of arcana. Leave the healing to me!

Y'jhimei accompanies the party as a guest after the player discovers the points of interest by using a telescope, but she does not appear in the menu or in the user interface, and thus has no HP value or other visible stats or equipment. She stands aside while the others fight and uses healing spells.

Trading postEdit

Exchange materials earned in combat for powerful arms inspired by the Lady of the Vortex