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Xelphatol (ゼルファトル, Zerufatoru?) is a dungeon in Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward, released in Patch 3.4, Soul Surrender. The homeland of the Ixal, it can be found on the map to the northeast of Coerthas, north of the Black Shroud, and northwest of Gyr Abania.

Story Edit

Forced to flee the Black Shroud for fear of the elementals and their boundless wrath, the Ixal settled the windswept mountains of Xelphatol more than five hundred and fifty years ago. Since that day, they have labored tirelessly to eke out an existence in these harsh and unforgiving lands, slowly but surely expanding their dominion over the entire region. Yet the Ixal have never forgotten that which was once denied them, and so they seek divine intervention once more─to summon Garuda and beseech her strike down their enemies. In the shadow of the First Mountain, the ritual nears completion, as a brave hero once more races against time to deliver the realm from destruction.
—Duty Finder

Objectives Edit

  • Arrive at the Cage.
  • Defeat Nuzal Hueloc.
  • Arrive in the Tiachtli.
  • Defeat Dotoli Ciloc.
  • Eliminate impending enemies.
  • Defeat Tozol Huatotl.

Progression Edit

Enemies Edit

  • Abalathian Slug
  • Chasm Cobra
  • Chasm Harpeia
  • Swiftwater Hakulaq
  • Velodyna Toad
  • Nuzal Hueloc
    • Ixali Stitcher
    • Airstone
    • Floating Turret
  • Siege Goobbue
  • Xelphatol Skycaller
  • Xelphatol Fogcaller
  • Xelphatol Windtalon
  • Xelphatol Swiftbeak
  • Dotoli Ciloc
  • Xelphatol Watchwolf
  • Xelphatol Fatecaller
  • Xelphatol Whirltalon
  • Xelphatol Strongbeak
  • Xelphatol Bravewing
  • Warballoon
  • Abalathian Hornbill
  • Tozol Huatotl

Treasure Edit

Gallery Edit

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