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Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings Enemy
ワイバーン (Waibān)
Ffxiirw Wyvern icon
Level HP
1 - 99 230 - 1,022
Str Mag Stm Mnd
13 - 607 13 - 409 11 - 605 13 - 508
Atk MAtk Def MDef
15 - 163 15 - 114 2 - 151 3 - 127
Speed AtkSpd MvSpd Sight
15 - 708 60 .714 3.5
Location {{{Location}}}
Type Flying
Nature Fire
Weak Against Water
Resistant to Fire
Immune to Disable
Wyrm that has taken wing, snapping fiery jaws at its quarry.

Wyvern is an Esper in Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings. A Rank II Fire Flying summon, it costs 14 Affinity Points to summon. Its normal attack, Gnaw, deals damage to one foe. Its special attack, Fire Breath, deals Fire damage to multiple foes in range.



A wyvern is a medieval European mythological winged creature with a dragon's head, reptilian body, two legs (sometimes none), and a barbed tail. They appear in many crests of Europe's ancient families, symbolizing strength. The word wyvern comes from wivere, which means serpent. They are based on Pterosaurs, flying reptiles which lived during the time of the dinosaurs.

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