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Following the Admiral's reformation of this guild and the purging of its pirate influences, I was invited to don the mantle of "Axemaster." It is an honor I accepted with a gratitude I continue to feel. Thanks to the Admiral's offer, I can now share my combat experience and skills with a new generation of marauders, instead of sitting in an alehouse and bemoaning the injury that removed me from the front lines of battle.

Wyrnzoen is a non-playable character from Final Fantasy XIV. He is the Guildmaster for marauders at the Coral Tower in Limsa Lominsa.



Wyrnzoen is a Sea Wolf Roegadyn with dark green skin and silvery hair.

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Wyrnzoen is the taskmaster for all the Marauder class quests. On many training tasks, his sister Solkwyb provides on-field healing support for the player as part of the training.

Much of the marauder's training is focused on preparing to take down a rampaging auroch called Kujata, on behalf of a young boy from Red Rooster Stead who lost most of his family to the beast. Though normally the training is done by officials at the guild, Wyrnzoen sometimes poses as a masked marauder to conduct surprise tests of the player's mettle.

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