The Wyrmhero Blade, known as Tolo's Sword (トロの剣, Toro no Tsurugi?) in Japan, is a recurring weapon in the series. The Wyrmhero Blade is a tribute to Square Enix's other game series, Dragon Quest, which has an identical-looking sword called Erdrick's sword (ロトの剣, Roto no Tsurugi?), wielded by Erdrick (aka Loto), the recurring legendary figure.


Final Fantasy XIIEdit

XII The Wyrmhero Blade is a powerful greatsword. Unlike most weapons, the Wyrmhero Blade has no license and is considered a key item rather than a piece of equipment, like the Sword of Kings and the Treaty-Blade, and therefore anyone can equip it.

It has an Attack power of 130, third only to Tournesol and Zodiac Spear, and has a high combo rate of 80%. The user is bestowed with constant Faith and Bravery, and +50 to Evasion, which is the highest of any weapon. It is, by far, the slowest weapon, having the longest charge time at 8.15s.

Wyrmhero Blade is known as the "Dragon Crest" in the bazaar price list, and costs 65,535 gil. The value is a reference to the maximum total experience points attainable in the original Dragon Quest games. Obtaining 65,535 experience points was seen as a popular, if optional, challenge (see also Wikipedia's entry on the number for its occurrence in other games).

Wyrmhero Blade is one of the swords wielded by Gilgamesh who refers to the sword as the "Blade of Legend". The weapon emits sound effects from Dragon Quest when it either hits an enemy or misses them. Wyrmhero Blade is the one left behind after Gilgamesh is defeated, and if the player inspects it they get the following message: Appears to be just an ordinary sword of legend. When the player leaves the room Gilgamesh rushes back to retrieve the sword.

Despite being one of the most powerful weapons in the game, the Wyrmhero Blade is rendered almost useless by its excessive charge time, and if the player can meet the requirements to acquire the sword (some of which require the player to beat all superbosses), it could be argued that the sword no longer has practical use besides making the final dungeon even easier. As such, the sword is mostly a trophy item.


The Wyrmhero Blade can be acquired via trading rare loot from three sidequests:

Loot Acquire
Lu Shang's Badge Awarded for completing the Den Of The River Lord section of the fishing minigame at Dalmasca Estersand/South Bank Village.
Godslayer's Badge Awarded for completing the hunt "Farewell to a Legend" (Yiazmat, Bill #45, Rank VIII Elite).
Omega Badge 100% loot drop from Omega Mark XII (missable should players leave the area without collecting the loot icon).

Dissidia Final FantasyEdit

Dissidia The Wyrmhero Blade is one of the strongest swords, boasting an Attack score of +67.

Dissidia 012 Final FantasyEdit

Dissidia012 Wyrmhero Blade returns as a level 100 sword that provides +67 Attack.

Final Fantasy Airborne BrigadeEdit


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Wyrm is an alternative name for mythological European dragon. They appear mostly in Celtic and German mythology. They are depicted as flying, fire-breathing reptiles, with magical properties. The word wyrm is the original Germanic-based term for a serpent or dragon, draca being adopted from the Latin draco at an early time.