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The Wurtzitoise is a dummied enemy in Final Fantasy XIII. If one edits their Final Fantasy XIII save file to have the full Enemy Intel, a dummied Oretoise can be found. It appears in between Adamanchelid and Left Foreleg within the Enemy Intel. It seems to have been removed late in production as its Datalog is present and translated in the Western localizations.

It is a variation of the Adamantortoise model with shiny blue-green bits on the sides with broken tusks, being a level 8 enemy boasting 1,644,000 HP. Its two forelegs can be disabled like with the bigger Oretoises and it would have dropped a Platinum Ingot and a Dark Matter. The only remnant of this enemy in the game may be the Wurtzite Bangle, which is an improved version of the Adamant Bangle, perhaps alluding to the names of Adamantortoise and Wurtzitoise. Wurtzitoise may have been intended to be what Adamantortoises become when Adamantoises become Long Gui and Adamanchelids become Shaolong Gui. In the final game, Adamantortoises become Long Gui, same as with Adamantoises.

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