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How can ya make a GP in a world like this?
Albrook resident, Super Nintendo version

The World of Ruin (世界崩壊後, Sekai Hōkai-go?, lit. World after Destruction), also called WoR or Post-C (Bonus section), is the second of two worlds in Final Fantasy VI.


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Final Fantasy VI World of Ruin (thumb)

Appearance in-game.

The World of Ruin was created when Kefka Palazzo moved the Warring Triad out of alignment on the Floating Continent. This delicate balance was the key to sealing the World of Balance in place. When Kefka moved them out of this balance, they went haywire and began destroying the world. The result was the World of Ruin.

At the center of the former imperial continent, a monument to destruction was formed with all of the debris, and it was at the top of this monument that Kefka used his Light of Judgment to exert his will on the world and destroy those who disobeyed him. Many monsters of legend were also released at this time, including Humbaba, Deathgaze, and the Eight Dragons, and they were invited to wreak havoc on the world at will. Lastly, many of the weaker monsters had mutated into stronger, more violent beasts.

Celes Chere wakes up on the Solitary Island and takes a raft to the Southern Continent, where from there, she travels to regain all her lost companions.

The World of Ruin is characterized by barren wastelands, deserts, burnt forests, and polluted water. It consists of a series of small islands that dot the world, and those islands are where most people live.

List of Locations in the World of RuinEdit

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VI-worldofruin map

The World of Ruin.

Individual IslandsEdit

Main ContinentEdit

Serpent TrenchEdit

Figaro IslandEdit

Veldt IslandEdit

Doma IslandEdit

Western IslandEdit

Northwestern IslandEdit

Northern IslandEdit

Northeastern IslandEdit

Southeastern IslandEdit

Other LocationsEdit

Other AppearancesEdit

Theatrhythm Final FantasyEdit

TFF Narshe 2

The World of Ruin in Theatrhythm.

The World of Ruin serves as the background for the Field Music Sequence for Searching for Friends. Narshe and the northern mountains and Figaro Castle and the outlying desert appear as specific features in the scenery. Reflecting the World of Balance that serves as the background for Terra's Theme, where the World of Balance background featured the Phantom Forest, in the World of Ruin it is replaced with a desert.

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain CallEdit

World of Ruin

The World of Ruin in Curtain Call.

The World of Ruin appears in a Field Music Sequence.

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Musical ThemesEdit

The overworld theme for the World of Ruin is "Dark World" until the party acquires the Falcon, after which the theme turns into "Searching for Friends".

A live recording of "Dark World" is included on the A New World: intimate music from Final Fantasy album.


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