Unlimited Episode 1

Wonderland: Journey into the Darkness.

Wonderland: Journey into the Darkness is the first episode of Final Fantasy: Unlimited.



Episode 1 Two dragons

The two dragons.

A dock worker is annoyed when his radio broadcast fades to static. Moments later a strange black pillar appears on the horizon, stretching into the sky. While science labs nearby are thrown into chaos, the rest of the town freezes to watch.

Two scientists observe the pillar from a balcony; Joe and the pregnant Marie Hayakawa. There is a sudden flash of light and the pillar branches off with a small appendage. A red dragon appears, hovering nearby.

The navy and the air force arrive to destroy this threat, but the fleets are destroyed. A second appendage and a second dragon appear, white this time. The two dragons engage and destroy each other.

The SubwayEdit

Several years later, the town has continued on, despite the destruction faced at the appearance of the pillar, which still stands off the coast.

Two children explore an abandoned subway station to look for their parents, discussing rumors of subway workers' disappearances. They sit and wait for a train in the ruined station, and are amazed when a bizarre looking train appears and its doors open for them. After a moment's hesitation, they board it. Just before it departs, a dark figure boards further down. The train speeds off, vanishing in a flash of light; it is empty of people, and not a sound but the engine is heard.

The StationEdit

Episode 1 Subway Station

The subway station.

In the car behind the children a female hides in the shadows. She attempts to report to someone, but doesn't get a response. As she attempts to regain the signal, she's noticed by the girl, who calls out to the boy. While the girl remains suspicious of this woman, the boy explains they're following their parents. Reaching into his bag, he draws out a book on Wonderland his parents had written with Joe and Marie on the cover. He introduces himself as Yu Hayakawa, and the girl is his sister, Ai. The woman gives her name as Lisa.

Ai expresses her misgivings about Lisa, but the train begins shaking. When the train stops they discover it's parked vertically in a strange station consisting of a spiral staircase and four support pillars. As they disembark and climb to the surface, Lisa avoids answering why she's in Wonderland in the first place.


Episode 1 Kazes 1st encounter

Kaze's first appearance.

The children emerge in a city devoid of people made of plants and bugs, with man-sized bugs living within the buildings. Yu comes across an ostrich-sized yellow bird which he attempts to befriend with a chocolate bar, but when Ai turns up it attempts to eat her hair instead.

After shaking Ai around and dazing her the bird flees. Yu gives chase, recalling an entry for it in their parents' book. He comes face to face with a man dressed in black, bound to a wall by roots. Ai and Lisa catch up to Yu, and the man opens his eyes, asking where he is. He is searching searching for someone, but has forgotten his name.

A blimp-like ship appears in the sky and dropps bombs on them. Rather than exploding, the bomb releases a mushroom-esque creature that attacks Lisa and the children, though Lisa stops the creature's blows and sends it flying. She describes this as her Kigen Arts, similar to a martial art. The creature rises again, this time larger. Lisa claims it's too large for her to defeat, and they run for it, the monster hard on their heels.

The man in black reveals a strange golden tube covering one arm. He calls out "Soil is my power," causing the tube to sprout four turbine fan blades, then reassemble itself into a three-barreled gun with a beating black heart at its core. He calls it the Magun.

Loading three bullets into the gun, he aims and fires. A cloud of smoke erupts from the barrel, followed by three shafts of light which spiral towards the creature. It attempts to block them, but the creature's body begins to twist and distort until fire erupts from within it, and a fiery bird emerges from its ashes.

As the group admires the man's power, another strangely dressed man watches from afar. He utters a single word: "Unlimited."


Episode 1 Phoenix arrives

The first summon; Phoenix.

The Soil and Magun are introduced in this episode, with the first combination used being:

Origin of all /The origin of all things - Mother Black
Burning all to ashes /A heat that will scorch all creation - Fire Red
The critical point of all/The critical point of everything - Burning Gold

This summons Phoenix; a fiery bird that enters the target's body then explodes in a brilliant flash of fire.