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A hooded outfit often worn by mages.
—Description, Final Fantasy Tactics.

Wizard Clothing (魔術師の服, Majutsushi no Fuku?, lit. Mage Clothes), also known as Sorcerer's Habit, Wizard Outfit or Magician Cloak, is a recurring armor in the series.


Final Fantasy IXEdit


Cloak that holds magic powers.

Magician Cloak is a mid-ranked clothes that provides 15 Defense, 2 Magic Defense, +1 Magic, increases the damage of the user's Ice-elemental attacks, and teaches the abilities Insomniac and MP +10%. It can be equipped by Vivi, Dagger, Quina, and Eiko. It can be bought for 1,850 gil at Treno (disc 3 and 4), Lindblum (disc 3 and 4), Conde Petie, Black Mage Village (disc 2 and 3), and Alexandria, or stolen from Soulcage.

Final Fantasy XIIEdit

XII Sorcerer's Habit is a mid-ranked mystic armor that requires the Mystic Armor 6 license to equip, and provides 24 Defense, +20 MP, and +8 Magic. It can be obtained by buying it for 4,000 gil at Rabanastre, Nalbina Fortress, and Mt Bur-Omisace, or stolen from Silver Lobo (3% chance).

In the International version, it now provides 29 Defense, +63 MP, and +8 Magic, and can now be bought for 4,000 gil at Mt Bur-Omisace and Mosphoran Highwaste, stolen from Silver Lobo (3% chance), or found as treasure at Phon Coast (Pora-Pora Sands).

Final Fantasy TacticsEdit

FFT Wizard Clothing is a low to mid-ranked clothing that provides +42 HP and +15 MP. It can be bought for 1,900 gil at an Outfitter after meeting with Alphonse Delacroix at Lionel Castle in Chapter 2 or found as rare treasure at Lionel Castle.


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