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Wiz Chocobo Post is a location from Final Fantasy XV that also appears in the Final Fantasy XV Episode Duscae demo. It is a chocobo stable situated at the Duscae region owned by the man Wiz. At the post chocobo riders can rest their chocobos and Wiz sells merchandise, much of it chocobo-related. In the final game, the player will be able to rent chocobos, but this is not possible in the demo. There is a caravan at the site the player can use for resting.

Shops Edit

In Final Fantasy XV Episode Duscae demo, the player can buy healing items and cooking ingredients from Wiz's shop. If he is not at the shop counter there will be a "be right back" sign, but talking to him on the outpost grounds opens the shopping option.

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  • A "chocobo pen" dubbed Wiz Chocobo Post was present at Square Enix's booth in EGX 2016 where attendees could pet "real" chocobos.[1]

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