Wiz Forlane runs the eponymous Wiz Chocobo Post in Final Fantasy XV. The chocobo post is a rural outpost in the Duscae region that has a shop, a restaurant, caravan, chocobo stables, and a racing track. Wiz handles the restaurant while his workers run the other attractions.

When the party visits Wiz Chocobo Post the first time, Wiz gives them the mission to hunt down Deadeye, a behemoth blind in one eye that his chocobos are terrified of. Once the threat has been dealt with, the player can rent Wiz's chocobos.



Wiz is an older man with a stout build and gray hair and beard. He wears a gray flat cap, a gray shirt with sleeves rolled up, a brown vest, a yellow scarf and white trousers.


Wiz is a kind man who loves chocobos. He cares for both wild chocobos and the tame birds in his care. He keeps tabs on the wild birds that roam about the area, becoming worried if he doesn't see some of them for a time. Although he does his best to ensure the chocobos in his care are well cared for, he sometimes wonders if it is right to keep animals meant to roam in the wild in a domesticated setting, such as what he does with his chocobos.



Wiz runs the outpost's restaurant and thus is the local tipster. He can tell the player about the nearby area, uncovering local procurement points, treasures, and other landmarks. He serves food and offers hunts.




Wiz hands out several chocobo-related quests, giving chocobo-related rewards for completing them, and is first met by Noctis's group when Prompto wishes to take up chocobo racing. However, races and riding are suspended as a hulking behemoth (Deadeye) roams about the area. Noctis's party sets out to slay the beast, tracking it back to its den and slaying it. Afterward, Wiz will let the party rent chocobos and use the chocobo-grooming services to customize their looks.

Wiz will ask the group to find missing and possibly injured chocobos and heal them, or photograph them for Wiz to determine their condition. On another instance, he asks the group to find ingredients for a recipe which he believes would attracts more visitors to the ranch. From the ingredients Wiz makes servings of stacked club sandwiches from which Ignis can learn a similar recipe.


Wiz introduces the newly hatched chick.

Wiz's final quest tasks the player with finding a rare female black-feathered chocobo that has fallen under attack. Noctis's party saves the egg but can't find the mother bird. They take the egg back to Wiz who notifies the group once it hatches.

Other appearancesEdit

Final Fantasy XV Episode DuscaeEdit


Wiz in Episode Duscae.

Wiz was introduced in the demo where he runs the shop rather than the restaurant, as the restaurant cannot be visited in the demo. He is found either behind the shop counter or about the outpost grounds, but even when not in the shop stall talking to him allows the player to buy items. Noctis's voice actor Ray Chase voices Wiz for the demo.[1]



Wiz at the Moogle Chocobo Carnival.

  • Wiz was found near the chocobo races at the Moogle Chocobo Carnival, but he cannot be interacted with.
  • When the player rests at Wiz Chocobo Post, they might get a lodging scene where Wiz joins the party outside the caravan.
  • There is a drawing of Wiz at the outpost's window drawn by the artist in Altissia.