FFRK Witch (魔女, Majo?) is an ability type in Final Fantasy Record Keeper focused on multi-hit single target spells that are mainly used in conjunction with Chain Soul Breaks. All Witch abilities can achieve the maximum rank of 5.

List of Witch abilitiesEdit

Rarity 4Edit

Availability: FFRK Matoya FFIFFRK MariaFFRK Cloud of DarknessFFRK Child Rydia SpriteFFRK KrileFFRK Terra SpriteFFRK RinoaFFRK EdeaFFRK LuluFFRK ShantottoFFRK AsheFFRK SerahFFRK JihlFFRK RaphaFFRK ReynnFFRK Tyro Sprite

Rarity 5Edit

Availability: FFRK Matoya FFIFFRK Cloud of DarknessFFRK RinoaFFRK EdeaFFRK LuluFFRK ShantottoFFRK RaphaFFRK Tyro Sprite

Record Spheres: FFRK Jihl


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