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FFMQ Wintry Cave

Wintry Cave on the world map.

The Wintry Cave (こおりのどうくつ, Kōri no Dōkutsu?) is a location from Final Fantasy Mystic Quest. Located east of Aquaria, it is visited by Benjamin and Phoebe, who are searching for the stolen Libra Crest.

Benjamin falls off a cliff in an accident, but Phoebe climbs down and revives Benjamin, giving him a Cat Claw to allow him to climb about as well. The two eventually find that the Libra Crest is being held by a Squidite. They defeat the monster and take the crest.

Treasure Edit

  • 9x Cure Potions
  • 6x Heal Potions
  • 3x Refreshers
  • 40x Arrows
  • Libra Crest

Enemies Edit

Gallery Edit