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FFRK Winged Boots FFT

Winged Boots in Final Fantasy Record Keeper [FFT].

Fancy boots adorned with wings.

Winged Boots (フェザーブーツ, Fezā Būtsu?), also known as Feather Boots, are a recurring accessory in the Final Fantasy series. They are associated with enhancing the user's movement abilities, often by casting Float status.


Final Fantasy IXEdit


Boots that area light as a feather.

The Feather Boots teach the abilities Auto-Float, Float, and Mini. They can be found at the Abandoned Lagoon Chocograph, synthesized at Daguerreo, Lindblum, Alexandria, and Treno (disc 3) for 4,000 gil and Magician Shoes and a Phoenix Pinion, bought from the Treno Auction House, or stolen from Tiamat.

Final Fantasy XIEdit


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Final Fantasy XIIEdit

XII The Winged Boots grant Auto-Float to the wearer. They can be equipped with the Accessories 13 License, and purchased for 500 gil in Old Archades.

Final Fantasy XII: Revenant WingsEdit

FFXIIRW The Winged Boots immunize the team to Immobilize, and can be purchased in Tomaj's Sky Saloon shop for 1,600 gil after completing Mission 3-1.

Final Fantasy TacticsEdit


FFT Winged Boots
Lightweight boots decorated with fluffy feathers.

The Winged Boots are an accessory that cast Auto-Float on the wearer. They can be purchased for 2500 gil in any outfitter, starting in Chapter 3.

Final Fantasy Tactics AdvanceEdit


FFTA Feather Boots
Feather boots. Their wearer can walk on water.

The Feather Boots allow the wearer to walk on water, and also increase Weapon Defense by 3. It can be obtained as a Clan Reward or as a Mission reward.

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the RiftEdit


An entire flock of pigeons was plucked to make these boots; so light their wearer may walk on water.

The Winged Boots retain their ability to allow the user to walk on water. They give +3 Defense and can be bought for 3,600 gil.

Dissidia 012 Final FantasyEdit

Dissidia012 The Winged Boots increase Warp Defense by 50% and Banish Trap Defense by 100%. It can be bought for 3,500 gil after trading Reaper's Desire x3 and Reaper's Dream x3 at the shop.

Final Fantasy Record KeeperEdit


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