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Window on the Past was a continuous quick-play Challenge Event in Final Fantasy Record Keeper.


The player journeyed back into Spira's recent past. Ten years before the events of Final Fantasy X, Jecht, a drunkard wanderer claiming to be from Zanarkand, is locked up in a holding cell in Bevelle for being disorderly according to the Yevon faith. As he pleads for a way out, a young warrior, Auron, and a summoner, Braska, enter the prison chamber. Both men also having been disgraced for violating unwritten precepts of Yevon, they are inclined to hear Jecht's story. Braska must leave on a pilgrimage to the temples of Yevon in hopes of defeating the entity called Sin. Despite his demeanor, Jecht is a skilled swordsman, and so the three agree to travel together. This event is a record of their adventure.

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