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FFT Gusty Wind

Wind Blast in Final Fantasy Tactics.

A geomancy skill that inflicts damage with the power of wind.
—Description, Final Fantasy Tactics.

Wind Blast (とっぷう or 突風, Toppū?), also known as Gust, Gusty Wind, or Buffet, is a recurring ability in the series. It is often a Wind-elemental ability usable through the Terrain command by the Geomancer.

Appearances Edit

Final Fantasy V Edit

V Gust is an ability used through the Gaia command while at Plains, Drakenvale, North Mountain, Fire-Powered Ship, Castle Exdeath, Tule Area, The Void, Castle Basements, and Big Bridge. It deals Wind-elemental damage to one enemy with a power of 38.

Final Fantasy VIII Edit

VIII Wind Blast is an enemy ability used by Thrustaevis which deals Wind-elemental damage to the party. It is only used when Thrustaevis is below 30% Max HP.

Final Fantasy XIV Edit

XIV Buffet is an enemy ability used during the first battle in the "Battle at the Big Keep" trial. The ability summons small tornadoes to appear on the field whenever Gilgamesh inflicts any party members with the Chicken status effect. When players step into a Buffet tornado, it will prevent more from appearing on the field. Buffet deals no damage if the player entering it is under the Chicken status, but will deal around 4000 damage to a player entering without the chicken effect.

Final Fantasy Tactics Edit

FFT Wind Blast is an ability that can be learned by the Geomancer job. A Geomancer standing on either the Roof and Chimney terrain tile will use Wind Blast to deal Wind-elemental damage and a chance of inflicting Slow to any enemy units within five squares. It costs 150 JP to learn.

Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade Edit


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Final Fantasy Explorers Edit


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Gallery Edit

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Etymology Edit

A gust is a short blast of wind.

A buffet is an aerodynamic turbulence on a fixed-wing aircraft prior to and during a stall.

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