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I devoted all my time to the Garden Festival, my passion...
—Wimbly Donner

Wimbly Donner, only mentioned once in Final Fantasy VIII, was the organizer of the Garden Festival before Selphie took over. Wimbly's journal is only visible in the beginning of the game, from the Study Panel of the 2F classroom. After reading the journal before going to the Fire Cavern, Wimbly is never again referenced nor heard about.

In the German version, his/her name is Wembly Danner.

Text of Wimbly Donner's JournalEdit

Thanks for looking at this page.
But there won't be any updates for a while.
That's because I, the Garden Festival chair,
will be leaving Garden.
I did not strive to be a SeeD, and
I won't even graduate.
I devoted all my time to the Garden
Festival, my passion...
But in the end, there was no Garden
Festival. That's 'cause no one
volunteered to help out.
But I have only myself to blame.
I thought I alone could pull it off.
I'll be starting a new life,
but I sincerely hope someone will
take over the Garden Festival committee!
Good-bye Balamb Garden!
—Wimbly Donner

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