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White Mousse
ホワイトムース (Howaito Mūsu?)
Level HP
? 298
Strength Defense
66 254
Magic Magic Defense
0 12
1,808 384
Elemental affinities
Fire Ice Lightning Dark
100% 200% 100% 100%
Holy Earth Water Wind
100% 100% 100% 100%
Projectiles Restorative Drain/Osmose
100% -100%Absorbs 100%Damages, supplies to the caster
Statuses and immunities
Poison Blind Silence Pig Mini
- - - - -
Toad Petrify Death Gradual Petrify Berserk
- - - - -
Confuse Sleep Paralyze Float Curse
Immune - - - -
Libra / Analyze Tornado
- -
Location Lunarians: Lunar Surface, Lunar Tunnels, Lair of the Father, Challenge Dungeon
Palom: Challenge Dungeon
Type Flan
Steal Potion
Item dropped (0%) [100%]Potion
Abilities None
Other Information Deals 1/4 damage to Flan Ring.

The White Mousse is an enemy in Final Fantasy IV: The After Years. It is not a very powerful enemy, but is resilient to all physical attacks. Attack it with Ice-elemental attacks such as Blizzara and Antarctic Winds to defeat it quickly.

Etymology Edit

Mousse is a pudding-like dessert made of sugar, eggs, and usually some kind of flavoring, such as chocolate. It can also be made non-traditionally with cream as an ingredient.

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