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White Magic (しろまほう, Shiro Mahō?) is a skillset in Final Fantasy IV -Interlude-, which can be learnt and used only by Cecil, Rosa, and Porom. Most of the spells are identical to White Magic in the predecessor, and focus on healing and character boosts.

List of White Magic SpellsEdit

Name MP Cost Description Level Acquired Image
Cure 3 Restores HP. Cecil: Known
Rosa: Known
Porom: Known
Hold 5 Causes Paralyze. Rosa: Known
Porom: Known
Libra 1 Determines target's HP and weakness. Cecil: Known
Rosa: Known
Porom: Known
Slow 14 Slows the passing of time. Rosa: Known
Porom: Known
Sight 2 Opens world map. Cecil: Known
Rosa: Known
Porom: Known
Raise 8 Revives one target. Rosa: Known
Porom: Known
Protect 9 Reduces physical damage received. Rosa: Known
Porom: Known
Cura 9 Restores HP. Cecil: Known
Rosa: Known
Porom: Known
Silence 6 Causes Silence. Rosa: Known
Porom: Known
Berserk 18 Causes Berserk. Rosa: Known
Porom: Known
Teleport 10 Warps party out of a dungeon or a battle. Cecil: Known
Rosa: Known
Porom: Known
Esuna 20 Cures all status effects except KO. Cecil: Known
Rosa: Known
Porom: Known
Blink 8 Creates illusion of one's self to confuse the enemy. Rosa: Known
Porom: Known
Confuse 10 Causes Confuse. Rosa: Known
Porom: Known
Shell 10 Reduces magic damage received. Rosa: Known
Porom: Known
Mini 6 Transforms target to Mini or restores state. Rosa: Known
Porom: 31
Dispel 12 Dispels magic effects. Rosa: 31
Porom: 31
Curaga 18 Restores HP. Rosa: Known
Porom: 33
Haste 25 Hastens the passing of time. Rosa: 33
Porom: 38
Float 8 Levitates target. Rosa: 35
Porom: 40
Reflect 30 Reflects magic cast at target. Rosa: 36
Porom: 44
Curaja 40 Restores HP. Rosa: 38
Porom: 48
Holy 46 Causes holy damage. Rosa: 55
Porom: 52
Arise 52 Revives and restores full HP to a single target. Rosa: 45
Porom: 56


White magic has traditionally referred to the use of supernatural powers or magic for good and selfless purposes. With respect to the philosophy of left-hand path and right-hand path, white magic is the benevolent counterpart of malicious black magic. Because of its ties to traditional pagan nature worship, white magic is often also referred to as "natural magic".

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