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White Mage
FF4TAYPSP White Mage Portrait
Sprite(s) WhiteMageFF4TAY
TAY White Mage Field TAY PSP White Mage Field
Japanese Name White Mage
Kana 白魔道士
Romaji Shiromadoushi
Job White Mage
Skill White Magic
Birthplace Mysidia
Laterality Right-handed
Final Fantasy IV: The After Years Character

The White Mage is a generic White Mage temporary party member in Final Fantasy IV: The After Years. She is Porom's aide and is sent by her to assist Ceodore.


The White Mage, along with the Black Mage, is ordered by Porom to accompany Ceodore and the Hooded Man to Baron. The White Mage opens the Devil's Road for the party and they arrive in Baron. When they reach the castle, they are denied entrance by the guards and are forced to enter the castle by using the Ancient Waterway. After they sneak into Baron Castle, the mages leave Ceodore and the Hooded Man to fend for themselves and head back to Mysidia.

Later in the story, the White Mage accompanies Porom and the Black Mage to Mount Ordeals so they can request help from Kain. When they reach Mount Ordeals, they find the tomb of Cecil's and Golbez's father Kluya. After having a brief conversation with his spirit, they exit the tomb and are attacked by numerous monsters. Kain rescues them and together they head back to Mysidia. When they reach the city they find it under siege by monsters. They rescue the Elder and treat his wounds. The White Mage is last seen overseeing the Elder's healing process while the Black Mage stands guard nearby.


The White Mage is able to cast White Magic. She knows Hold, Libra, Protect, Silence, Esuna, Slow, Cure, Cura, and Raise. She learns no new spells as she levels up and has no Band abilities. During Ceodore's Tale, she is at level 10 and cannot level up. During Porom's Tale, she is at level 15 and her level cap is at 20. She is usable during Porom's Challenge Dungeon.


Level HP MP Strength Speed Stamina Intelligence Spirit
10 270 140 10 11 14 14 24
15 380 165 13 13 15 14 26
20 520 192 15 15 17 15 29


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  • The White Mage is the only character in the game who's portrait image faces right, and away from the player's view.

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