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White Mage
Whitemage-ff1-nes Whitemage-ff1-msx Whitemage-ff1-wsc Whitemage-ff1-psx Whitemage-ff1-gba WhiteMage-ff1-psp
FFI NES White Mage Map FFI MSX White Mage Map FFI PS White Mage Map FFI PSP White Mage Map
Although physically weak, the White Mage can choose from a broad array of healing and defensive magic spells.
Dawn of Souls Instructions

The White Mage (しろまじゅつし, Shiromajutsushi?) is the peaceful healer of the Warriors of Light. She uses her knowledge of White Magic to ease the suffering of their wounded companions. Although in most cases she fights with staves, she can also fight with hammers.

Unlike the other five jobs, which are all largely meant to be male, the gender of the White Mage class is never specified. Fans have typically asserted over the years that the character depicted is female, though the game sprites, particularly in earlier versions of the game, are androgynous, leaving the decision ultimately up to the player. This concern was finally addressed in the PSP port, where the promoted White Wizard is significantly "feminine" in comparison to the other sprites.

Statistics Edit

Equipment and Magic usable by White Mage
Weapons Hammer | Healing Staff | Masamune | Mythril Hammer | Power Staff | Sage's Staff | Staff
Armor Bard's Tunic | Clothes | Light Robe | Sage's Surplice
Equipment Angel's Ring | Copper Armlet | Diamond Armlet | Protect Ring | Ruby Armlet | Silver Armlet
Shields Elven Cloak | Protect Cloak | Zephyr Cape
Helmets Leather Cap | Ribbon | Sage's Miter | Wizard's Hat
Gloves Leather Gloves
White Magic Blindna | Blink | Cure | Cura | Curaga | Dia | Diara | Diaga | Diaja | Fear | Heal | Healara | Healaga | Invis | Invisira | Life | NulBlaze | NulDeath | NulFrost | NulShock | Poisona | Protect | Protera | Silence | Stona | Vox

*All names from Dawn of Souls release.

White Wizard Edit

White Wizard

White Wizard (Final Fantasy) FF1-WhiteWizard-MSX FF1-WhiteWizard-PS White Wizard GBA WhiteWizard-ff1-psp

FFI NES White Wizard Map FFI PS White Wizard Map FFI PSP White Wizard Map

After completing the Citadel of Trials, the White Mage becomes the White Wizard (しろまどうし, Shiromadoushi?). In all versions, the White Wizard removes her hood, allowing her full face and hair to be seen. The White Wizard can cast all the White Magic spells, and from the Dawn of Souls remake on, use unique White Wizard weapons.

Statistics Edit

Equipment and Magic usable by White Wizard
Weapons All White Mage Weapons | Rune Staff* | Thor's Hammer | Golden Staff | War Hammer*M | Ultima Weapon*M
Armor All White Mage Armor | White Robe
Equipment All White Mage Equipment
Shields All White Mage Shields
Helmets All White Mage Helmets
Gloves All White Mage Gloves
White Magic All White Mage Spells | Dispel | Exit | Full-Life | Holy | NulAll

*All names from Dawn of Souls release.
*M Dawn of Souls release and on.
^20th Anniversary edition only.

Name Origins Edit

In the Dawn of Souls version and subsequent remakes, there are ten optional auto-names for each of the different character classes. Each name is a reference to another character or place name in the Final Fantasy series. The ten names for the White Mage class are:

In addition, the name Rosa from Final Fantasy IV was used in screenshots for the Final Fantasy Origins manual.

In the Final Fantasy: Memory of Heroes novelization, the White Mage's name is given as Floe.

In addition, the name Tomy was used in screenshots for the original NES manual.

Other appearancesEdit

Triple Triad (Portal App)Edit

005a White Mage

White Mage from the original Final Fantasy appears on a Triple Triad card.

Gallery Edit

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